16+ Stellar Games To Play Before Starfield

A person walks towards a mysterious object in dwelling.

Describe: Bethesda Sport Studios / Kotaku

Starfield, the extremely anticipated science-fiction RPG from Bethesda is in terms of upon us. While September 6 isn’t any longer that a ways off, for sci-fi followers, and those who enjoy a Bethesda romp, the it’s been a painful wait since the sport’s first announcement wait on in 2018.

However we clean have about a extra parsecs to lope earlier than we launch a touchdown sequence on this inaugurate-world dwelling tale. Why no longer utilize the time with some various, mammoth dwelling-themed science fiction video games?

Right here you’ll ranking standard classics, veteran throwbacks, and even a pair of multiplayer video games that’ll send you adventures available within the shadowy. All these video games will even offer a stage of deep dwelling simulation that you just merely won’t ranking in Starfield when it hits consoles and PC later this year.

All systems are a lope. Let’s test out about a of the most productive dwelling-themed science fiction video games it’s likely you’ll presumably play earlier than Starfield.

Commander Shepherd looks out at a huge synthetic being.

Describe: BioWare

Availability (Legendary Edition): Windows (Steam Deck YMMV*), Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS4, PS5

So you wanna stumble on the vastness of dwelling and meet all kinds of latest of us and establish choices that would possibly have lasting implications throughout your gaming journey however you’re bummed it be vital to wait on till September for Starfield? Lady, Mass Enact is merely there. And with Mass Enact Legendary Edition, the fresh re-free up of the video games bundled together and up to this point with transformed visuals and faster loading cases, dropping 100+ hours to a on-line sport has never been less difficult.

BioWare’s dwelling-faring trilogy has it all: malevolent creators of the universe hell-twisted on restarting its biological clock and wiping out all organic life, a ragtag, various community of heroes fucking and combating their manner via dwelling, and a frontrunner it’s likely you’ll presumably mold and shape to your liking in Commander Shepard. Must you doubtlessly can clean be an asshole in Mass Enact, that’s your prerogative, however please be obvious that that you just play as FemShep for Jennifer Hale by myself.

Obtain Mass Enact up while you’re a fan of ultimate, fleshed-out characters and tale, beautifully written tales, or while you’re within the mood to stumble on every readily accessible corner of the galaxy while verbally sparring with an alien you behold extremely dazzling. However while you’re buying for a stable third-person shooter you doubtlessly would possibly also want to determine on a sec to determine on into fable. While many don’t mind Mass Enact’s barely gluey shooting and proceed mechanics, this isn’t any longer going to feel like Fortnite. In my thought, I ranking playing via the series as a Vanguard (half gun-toting soldier, half switch-shit-with-your-mind biotics) makes the gunplay feel a ways less offensive, and hurling enemies via the air with blue magic is fun as hell.

Mass Enact 2 is one amongst my popular video games of all time, and you’d be remiss while you didn’t are trying it out sooner than Starfield. The characters and their tales will ranking you entirely invested earlier than you be taught the deep secrets and tactics of the celebrities, the revelations of which have profound implications for the destiny of the galaxy. — Alyssa Mercante, Senior Editor

*Your Mileage Can also Vary

A survivor from Vault 111 walks into a desolate tract.

Screenshot: Bethesda Sport Studios

Fallout 3: Windows (Steam Deck YMMV), Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS3
Fallout 4: Windows (Steam Deck YMMV), Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS4, PS5
Fallout: New Vegas: Windows (Steam Deck YMMV), Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS3

There’s a motive Starfield has a lot hype on the wait on of it: Bethesda’s decades-long oeuvre of freeform, inaugurate-world RPGs has kept us all fortunately occupied exploring, conquering, and modding for years.

With Fallout, Bethesda introduced its inaugurate-world RPG system to an established science-fiction setting, one where you stumble on the remnants of a post-nuclear fallout world at your possess tempo as you traverse wonderfully immersive environments, meet animated NPCs, and resolve on quests which will be customarily seamlessly integrated into the pure ebb and float of exploration.

That mannequin is extremely a lot what we search info from of Starfield to put together, merely on a grander scale and with spaceships. Must you haven’t played any of the Fallout video games, which comprises the Obsidian-developed fan-popular New Vegas, these are all ultimate, giant RPGs that would possibly be pleased all of your free time while you so catch.

A primary-person standpoint presentations a ringed world on the horizon of an alien planet.

Describe: Obisidian Entertainment

The Outer Worlds: Windows (Steam Deck YMMV), Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS4, Nintendo Switch
The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Alternative Edition: Windows (Steam Deck YMMV), Xbox Sequence X/S, PS5

In 2019 Obsidian Entertainment proved that it would possibly decide Bethesda’s first-person inaugurate-world RPG system and establish its possess new sport from it. Rather smaller in scale however no less fascinating, intelligent, and spectacular, The Outer Worlds is a mammoth sci-fi RPG.

Dwelling in a miles-flung future based on our possess history (with some key alterations), The Outer Worlds provides you a exiguous famous person plot to again because the backdrop in your adventure. You’ll ranking your possess ship which acts as a extra or less swiftly-lope back and forth instrument to the many inaugurate hubs. Once planetside, you rob with an eccentric solid of characters, utilizing skills in every fight and social eventualities, and would possibly have heaps of major and facet quests to project via. The Outer Worlds isn’t mammoth deep, however customarily amusing and fun.

An enormous dwelling web online page floats above the Earth.

Describe: Blackbird Interactive

Availability: Windows (Steam Deck YMMV), Xbox Sequence X/S, PS5

On the bottom, you doubtlessly can think Hardpsace: Shipbreaker has a reasonably mundane premise: You’re a “shipbreaker,” tasked with salvaging veteran spaceships within the distant future, breaking them up with excessive-tech vitality tools and sorting the provides for mandatory processing. However don’t let that idiot you. Hardspace delivers some mammoth dwelling-themed science fiction with a stable yarn a pair of miles future firmly below the defend watch over of profit-looking out for corporations which have factored your probable bodily damage and destruction into an acceptable stage of loss for their balance sheets. (Um, we are talkin’ the future right here, merely?)

Tearing apart the sport’s procedurally generated ships ends in a scrumptious stage of destruction. Love No Man’s Sky lets you reduce up planet surfaces, Hardspace provides you a laser cutter to cube up ships, deciding on apart what’s precious while attempting to dwell away from reasonably about a hazards as you float spherical in dwelling.

There’s a scrumptious sense of scale as smartly. Planets orbit off within the gap, big constructions float spherical you, dwarfing and impressing you with the myth of excessive-tech industrialization. Add to that a nice light, Firefly-esque soundtrack, and Hardspace provides compelling science fiction wrapped up in some mammoth aesthetics. Right here’s a sport that it’s likely you’ll presumably, forgive the pun, dwelling out to as you ranking to work wiping out your extraordinary corporate debt.

Isaac Clarke stands aboard the Ishimura.

Describe: Motive

Availability (2023 remake): Windows (Steam Deck OK), Xbox Sequence X/S, PS5

EA’s standard Resident Sinister 4-alike Slow Status returned by manner of a extraordinarily faithful remake this year. And while it’s a creepy and no longer easy romp via a ravaged dwelling web online page where the useless have transformed into unspeakable horrors, it’s also a stable sci-fi journey. Must you’re up for some leap scares and focused zombie mutilation, Slow Status is worth a tryst earlier than braving whatever would possibly reach in Starfield.

Starfield isn’t billed as survival apprehension, however, I point out, have you ever played a Bethesda sport? The builders are never too panicked to insert spooky, unnerving moments in its mammoth, inaugurate-world RPG romps. Whether or no longer it’s getting concerned with the creepy Dark Brotherhood within the Elder Scrolls video games or braving feral ghoul-infested spaces in Fallout, it’s no longer unreasonable to search info from of that Starfield would possibly need extra than a pair spooky moments. nonetheless it’s no longer going to lope all of the manner towards apprehension. Factual thing it’s likely you’ll presumably test out Slow Status for that. However don’t merely reach for the apprehension: The game has a mammoth science-fiction premise too.

Slow Status takes put in a miles-flung future in which humanity has resorted to destroying entire planets, a process known as planet cracking, to mine for property. Topics of destruction, harmful scientific dispositions, and the phobia of what lies out within the darkness is central to this yarn of gory apprehension.

If looking ahead to Starfield has you within the mood for some journeys to dwelling, however you’re also a apprehension fan, you owe it to yourself to utilize some time with Slow Status.

An alien character talks about how polite and courteous they're.

Describe: Toys For Bob / Kotaku

Availability: Windows (Steam and GOG, Steam Deck YMMV)

First launched for PC DOS in 1992, it’s no exaggeration to insist that Essential person Shield watch over II is one amongst the ultimate video games of all time. And now not like some various mammoth video games of its technology, it’s no longer merely a form of curiosities that we can tag wait on on and revel in for its ambition and success however would fight to lope wait on to and revel in now. Must you’re inaugurate to what it’s doing, Essential person Shield watch over II, readily accessible on Steam and GOG (or as a free, upgraded offer port of the 3DO version), is clean eminently playable and fun this present day.

Solid as a human dwelling captain in a time when humanity and a good deal of different alien races have fallen to the vile Ur Quan, you might want to stumble on an big galaxy, recruiting disparate alien races and strengthening your swiftly till you’ve gotten what it takes to defeat your tyrannical oppressors. The gameplay is an fascinating mix of exploring a hazardous galaxy, gathering property from planets, interacting with alien races, customizing the ships in your swiftly, and having dwelling battles with alien aggressors.

The game swiftly pulls you in with an excellent sense of discovery as you lope back and forth the galaxy, encountering memorable new alien races and having smartly-written, animated exchanges with them, and it’s immensely fulfilling to produce up an intergalactic alliance to determine on the fight wait on to the Ur Quan.

Launched to vital acclaim in ‘92, its legacy has most productive grown within the decades since, as it’s customarily been listed amongst the ultimate video games of all time, in conjunction with right here at Kotaku. It became as soon as amongst the most important video games to point to how exploring the celebrities would possibly establish for unforgettable gameplay, and it helped attach the stage for what Bethesda is doing with Starfield this present day. — Carolyn Petit, Managing Editor

A player stands on a dwelling ship and appears out an alien world.

Describe: Hi there Games

Availability: Windows (Steam Deck OK), macOS, iPadOS, Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch

Starfield is promising an tale universe, with upward of 1,000 planets to stumble on. That’s spectacular, however what while you doubtlessly can rob to journey a somewhat of bigger scale? Love a quintillion planets mammoth? Oh, is that no longer ample? Okay, what about 18 quintillion planets? Must you haven’t checked out No Man’s Sky nowadays (or even ever), then you definately, the aspiring virtual dwelling explorer, owe it to yourself to leap into what is one amongst gaming’s ultimate comeback tales (and a stable dwelling sim, moreover).

Firstly launching in 2016 to lukewarm reception, No Man’s Sky would possibly’ve fallen tremulous of expectations in its early days, however such cases are lightyears on the wait on of us. The endless updates and stable toughen the sport’s received since have most productive improved and expanded the journey. And few various video games are in fact ready to purchase the fun and scale of seeing a distant planet, taking off in your ship, and touchdown there. In actuality, while Starfield guarantees many planets to stumble on, it won’t even have an environment-breaking, planet-touchdown animation. No Man’s Sky no longer most productive delivers that, however makes it one amongst the most productive and most immersive parts of the total journey.

There’s a lot to enact in No Man’s Sky too, whether or no longer that’s mining, crafting, going in dwelling dogfights with pirates, or merely exploring and taking within the sights. Recent challenge adjustments have also decreased the bar for entry, so while you merely desire a relax outing via the cosmos without investing too a lot time gathering a complete bunch property to gasoline your ship, there’s never been a greater time to hop into No Man’s Sky.

A primary-person standpoint presentations a personality drifting aboard the Talos I dwelling web online page.

Describe: Arkane Studios

Availability: Windows (Steam Deck OK), Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS4, PS5

I always felt Bethesda video games had a contact of the immersive sim to them. While firmly inaugurate-world RPGs, the manner that obvious encounters always had that light stage of unpredictability, particularly while you decide into fable how unpredictable character builds can ranking, became as soon as one thing I enjoyed reasonably a lot. Must you portion that enthusiasm, why no longer test out 2017’s reboot of Prey?

Firmly an immersive sim, Prey would possibly be an ultimate dwelling-based science-fiction sport and story. It functions your frequent meditations on what happens when corporate-invested science goes presumably about a steps too a ways, however Prey imagines a various path for the dwelling flee, one in which humanity merely kept at it, rising and producing extra and extra industrial solutions to our seemingly determined must ranking available and stumble on.

And stumble on it’s likely you’ll, as Prey’s Talos I dwelling web online page provides every tale scale and a range of starry vistas to glimpse out on. Pretty be cautious, as its meticulously rendered science labs play host to about a of the ultimate leap-scares this facet of Slow Status. While Prey’s proceed is swiftly and brutal, the myth of dwelling-age technology amped up to impolite levels is kind of always front and center.

A primary person-standpoint presentations dwarves heading out on a dig.

Describe: Ghost Ship Games

Availability: Windows (YMMV), Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS4, PS5

Must you’re buying for a less-severe dwelling sci-fi outing and have about a guests who’d be inviting to be a half of in, then presumably it’s time to purchase the objective of dwelling-faring dwarves ready to plumb the depths of an alien world. There are untold riches to be had, and endless hazards and beasts to face in their pursuit.

A cooperative first-person shooter constructed throughout the “ranking in, loot, ranking out” loop of extraction shooters like Hasten from Tarkov, The Cycle: Frontier, or Call of Duty’s DMZ, Deep Rock Galactic will test your wits and ability to answer to unforeseeable conditions. That core gameplay journey is diverse fun, and its underground alien environments establish for a extraordinarily convincing and fascinating science-fiction journey.

With procedurally generated caves to stumble on and mine, no two video games are ever the same. And the category-based gameplay in fact forces you to reach together as a group for the most productive final result. Though it has a silly premise, it’s a fun planet-mining simulation in which to cause distress with guests.

Grasp Chief looks out on the fractured Installation 07 Halo ring.

Screenshot: Microsoft / Kotaku

Availability: Windows (Steam Deck YMMV), Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S

Halo has always taken diverse its lore and story beats from the broader world of dwelling-themed science fiction, and 2021’s Infinite campaign provides one amongst the most immense, vista-rich, and free-roaming Grasp Chief experiences yet. Solid out on a fractured portion of one amongst the series’ harmful Halo installations, Infinite’s panorama is a damaged, shapely, and mysterious sci-fi world and a mammoth first-person shooter journey that affords you freedom and room to stumble on.

Many will be instant to show that Halo has had greater campaigns within the past, and you doubtlessly can clean entirely test those out while you’re ; however the inaugurate world of Infinite is unfamiliar to this entry. The power to soak up the mammoth dwelling that surrounds you, scaling giant heights with Installation 07’s various half stretching into an everlasting loop above and spherical you, plunging into the depths of frail constructions from precursor civilizations, and allowing encounters with the Banished to happen reasonably organically in these spaces grants a stage of scale that’ll again as a nice appetizer for the even bigger and extra free-roaming Starfield journey we search info from of to be playing later this year. The added armor and tools upgrades in Halo Infinite also present a nice, though very uncomplicated, stage of character progression to scurry as smartly.

Must you in fact would like to ranking into the story of Halo Infinite, though, it would possibly serve to enact some homework. Steal up on some summaries of the campaigns in Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 to ranking a frequent sense of what’s happening. The put Halo goes one day with its galaxy-spanning lore is somebody’s wager, however Infinite provides stable FPS gameplay attach in an nice looking sci-fi world.

A Tenno floats in dwelling while aiming a weapon.

Describe: Digital Extremes

Availability: Windows (Steam Deck YMMV), Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch

What while you’re within the mood for a unfamiliar yet shapely sci-fi journey attach within the a ways future of our describe voltaic plot, however also must grind for some frigid loot with guests? Successfully, would possibly I introduce you to the extraordinary spectrum of sci-fi weirdness that’s Warframe?

A third-person loot shooter, Warframe has you lope back and forth throughout all of the describe voltaic plot by inaugurate-world environments and procedurally generated dungeons generated from gorgeously detailed sci-fi tilesets. Oh, and it’s free to play! If truth be told, even while you’re no longer in fact buying for a loot shooter, Warframe isn’t any no longer up to worth the download to ranking a taste of the unfamiliar and alluring designs of its gorgeous sci-fi world,which have few parallels in various video games. However while you enact stick spherical after taking in its unfamiliar sights, you’ll ranking a prolonged, rewarding multiplayer journey with a wonderfully mysterious story.

You would possibly presumably also be awake Warframe as that one free sport you downloaded to your PS4 when there weren’t so many video games on it. However from its humble beginnings in 2013, the sport has grown and prospered to become a extraordinarily various and intelligent journey.

A panorama within the a ways future presentations a huge object.

Screenshot: Bungie

Availability: Windows (Steam Deck Very Unsupported*), Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS4, PS5

Starfield is clearly aiming for the extra plausible facet of futuristic science fiction, and we’re entirely right here for it. However what while you’re within the mood for one thing extra wonderful, however clean attach in dwelling and throughout various worlds, and you might want to group up with a bunch of guests? Successfully, spending some time in Future 2 would possibly bring merely what you stare.

First free up in 2017, Future 2’s new campaign and first few DLCs have since been vaulted, however in their put are heaps of very intelligent science-myth sagas about impending doom and the heroes who will attempt to thwart it. And heaps like we’ve reach to search info from of from Bethesda video games, your hero in Bungie’s Future is your character to produce. Grinding missions to establish new tools, taking on tale foes, and having a tag standard as you enact are all key functions right here.

And how about those vistas? I point out, I barely a lot have a rule for myself that I’m in a position to’t play Future while stoned because, uh, I’ll merely peek at these skyboxes for an eternity or two. Seriously, Future is free to play, so lope download it and park yourself on Nessus or Europa for some time: It’s pure sci-fi admire candy.

*Attempting to ranking Future 2 running on non-supported working systems can lead to a ban.

Characters enact fight with light sabders and melee weapons.

Screenshot: Disney / Kotaku

Essential person Wars: Knights of the Veteran Republic: Windows (Steam Deck Unsupported), macOS, iOS, Android, Normal Xbox, Nintendo Switch
Essential person Wars Knights of the Veteran Republic II: The Sith Lords: Windows (Steam Deck YMMV), macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Normal Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Essential person Wars: Knights of the Veteran Republic first arrived in 2003, and with it the mold for Mass Enact and a good deal of subsequent RPGs became as soon as born. Starting with BioWare’s (Mass Enact, Dragon Age) pioneering first entry and ending with Obsidian’s (The Outer Worlds, Pillars of Eternity) thrilling sequel, KotOR is an vital fragment of standard gaming history and a rattling mammoth sci-fi journey by manner of the Essential person Wars universe.

Working with offer subject subject that’s extra wonderful than what we seemingly search info from of to gaze in Starfield, you’ll ranking the series of being a Jedi or a Sith, with some room at hand spherical within the center as smartly—though as a ‘00-technology sport, about a of the morality picks feel a exiguous bit dated by this present day’s requirements. Given the sport’s age, that’s no longer the most productive component showing its age. Wrestle, in particular, feels a exiguous bit rigid, though it’s likely you’ll presumably dwell it to ranking a sense of what’s happening while you ranking yourself feeling overwhelmed. Must you’re down with its quicks, KotOR stays an dazzling Essential person Wars RPG.

Taking put 4,000 years earlier than Essential person Wars Episode I: The Phantom Risk, the occasions of the sport are eradicated ample from the flicks that it’s likely you’ll presumably in fact establish your possess story right here as you unravel the secrets and tactics of the Jedi and Sith.

Must you’re a Essential person Wars fan and haven’t played KotOR, you might want to terminate this tab and ranking to it. Must you’re merely buying for a mammoth RPG attach in dwelling, KotOR won’t disappoint in that category, both.

Two planets rise on an alien panorama.

Screenshot: Hourences / Grip Games

Availability: Windows (Steam Deck YMMV), Xbox One, PS4

What while you’re within the mood for some dwelling lope back and forth, however rob a smaller-scale yarn of exploration long gone impolite? 2016’s The Solus Mission is worth attempting out as a survival pioneer sim that has a a lot smaller scale than what we search info from of from Starfield, however clean sells the myth of being on a miles-off world. The game sees you shatter on a mysterious, alien world on which you might want to now dwell on towards the parts.

You’ll utilize diverse time by myself in The Solus Mission, as it’s up to you to establish the most productive of an alien world’s property—as well to repurposed parts out of your crashed spacecraft—to outlive day to day. As a survival sport, this may possibly occasionally tax you with extra determined eventualities than what we generally ranking in a Bethesda sport, however as an appetizer to Starfield, it works to sell the gritty journey of needing to outlive towards all odds on an alien world.

The scale of the planet that orbits the sphere, and the impolite storms that extend and lope, in fact sell the atmosphere as a put located somewhere in dwelling. That journey is most productive heightened in VR, which The Solus Mission supports on PC.

A swiftly of ships pushes forward into deep dwelling.

Describe: Paradox Trend Studio

Availability: Windows (Steam Deck YMMV), macOS, Linux, Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS4, PS5

Stellaris is a sport I in fact have lost every single time I’ve played, however I clean return to it no no longer up to as soon as or twice a year for the pure pleasure of sci-fi dwelling simulation it provides. Must you’re a 4X approach vet, then you definately in all likelihood already be taught about this sport (and are seemingly critically greater at it than I am), however if no longer, right here’s the basic gist: You would possibly presumably also very smartly be to blame of the destiny of a interstellar civilization, accountable for its maintenance and expansion throughout the cosmos. It’s a mammoth galaxy available, and you’ll reach into contact with various civilizations, about a of which would possibly provoke tale battles within the vacuum of dwelling.

However even while you’re no longer up for the subject of managing a complete-ass civilization, the myth of dwelling exploration is in point of fact smartly happy by Stellaris. It’s why I defend coming wait on regardless of cratering diverse ambitious civilizations at this point. The visuals by myself are gorgeous, with an ultimate stare of a complete famous person plot that also lets you zoom in and ranking up terminate to reasonably about a planets and ships. It’s also accompanied by a soundtrack that has since chanced on its manner into my reasonably about a ambient and digital playlists as it’s merely ideal to zone out to.

Though very various from what Starfield aspires to enact, Stellaris has become one amongst my popular techniques to utilize time in dwelling. Perchance this time my civilization will in fact—nope, sorry, that one’s been snuffed out by militaristic expansionists all any other time. Oh smartly…

A primary-person stare from a cockpit presentations a dwelling fight.

Screenshot: Frontier Trend

Availability: Windows (Steam Deck Unsupported), macOS, Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PS4, PS5

What while you in fact must lope to dwelling? Successfully, I’m in a position to’t will permit you to there, however I’m in a position to counsel a sport that’s presumably about as terminate as you doubtlessly can presumably ranking. Elite Dreadful functions a 1:1 sport of the Milky Intention Galaxy. Yes, you be taught that merely. With ship controls that ranking terminate to flight sims by manner of intricacy and the flexibility required to connect dawdle without crashing and dropping your guts to rapid demise spirals, Elite Dreadful provides a outstanding stage of realism that’ll give you an unmatched stage of immersion, while you’re up to its subject.

We all know that Starfield is going to be light on realism parts, aiming to prioritize the fun and myth of dwelling flight extra than a scientific simulation of what dwelling lope back and forth would possibly also very smartly be like. However that’s what makes Elite Dreadful such an exhilarating sport to play merely now in preparation for it. While it doesn’t will permit you to land on every single planet, even No Man’s Sky can’t offer a scale and depth of simulation reasonably like this.

Elite Dreadful functions intricate dwelling exploration, opportunities for PvP, and the size of it all in fact delivers a taste of that unfamiliar mix of dread and apprehension that William Shattner described throughout his outing up there in 2021. With ultimate visuals and sound effects, a becoming web, and an tale scale, Elite Dreadful is a commitment, however a purposeful one with a scale that few video games can match.

Promising a scale that’s nearly too mammoth to imagine, time will expose whether or no longer Starfield will land amongst the ranks of the most productive and most animated sci-fi dwelling journeys available. Till then, there’s no scarcity of spacey video games, mammoth or exiguous, AAA or indie, to occupy our time with. What various starbound video games have caught your consideration nowadays?

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