“As Vain It Sounds”: Brandon Curry’s Shredded Throwback Physique Reminds Him of “Sultan of Symmetry” Flex Wheeler

Brandon Curry gained basically the most prestigious title in bodybuilding in 2019. Whereas he has never repeated the feat, fans private praised Curry for his wonderful physique and consistency. Fancy the 90s bodybuilding checklist Flex Wheeler, Brandon Curry has additionally centered on conserving the symmetry and balance of his body. In his most fresh Instagram put up, the used Mr. Olympia uploaded a video shot in November 2022. The used champ stated his physique reminded him of the 90s bodybuilding icon.


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Whereas most bodybuilders within the boys’s delivery category proceed to hasten muscle groups over symmetry and conditioning, the Arnold Classic winner stays the exception. In any other Instagram put up, Curry stated he wouldn’t defy his “genetic makeup” to position on size. In his most fresh put up, Curry additionally did some introspection. 

Brandon Curry reflects on his pre-Mr. Olympia physique

The 2019 Mr. Olympia winner uploaded a video shot on November 5, 2022. Within the video, the Arnold Classic winner performed a typical posing routine. Within the caption, Curry stated, “This one makes me take into fable @officialflexwheeler (Flex Wheeler).” The used Mr. Olympia additionally stated he felt blessed to private a physique treasure The Sultan of Symmetry“No longer all americans gets the chance in life to journey the formula they belief. As needless as this sounds, it’s clearly human.” wrote Curry.

COLUMBUS, OH – MARCH 07: Debbie Columbu, Maria Columbu, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brandon Curry present Mamdouh Huge Ramy Elssbiay with a check for $10,000 and the Franco Columbu trophy for a hit the inaugural Franco Columbu Most Muscular Award for the period of the Arnold Classic as phase of the Arnold Sports actions Festival on March 7, 2020, at the Elevated Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire OTHER: MAR 07 Arnold Sports actions Festival Icon2003070043

The bodybuilder additionally printed that Flex Wheeler once referred to Curry as “Soul Brother #1.” Even decades after retirement, many fans mediate Flex Wheeler was basically the most wonderful men’s delivery bodybuilder in history. Fancy Flex Wheeler, the used Mr. Olympia’s arrangement was never to develop into the splendid bodybuilder on stage. Curry knew his physique would lose its enchantment if he sacrificed symmetry and balance for muscle groups.

Whereas he has now not gained the Mr. Olympia title a 2d time, Curry’s way has paid off. Despite the gigantic traipse in placing at the 2022 Mr. Olympia, which saw defending champion Huge Ramy tumble to fifth web web jabber online online, Curry retained his top-five web web jabber online online, ending in fourth web web jabber online online.

Bodybuilding beast Michal Krizo additionally praised Curry

Even fellow competitors private praised Brandon Curry for his wonderful physique. Slovakian bodybuilding beast Michal Krizo was among basically the most talked about Mr. Olympia debutants closing year. Whereas Krizo didn’t crack the conclude ten, fans are fascinated with Krizo’s potentialities. In a fresh video, Krizo admired Curry’s physique and stated he deserved to web web jabber online online increased than fourth.


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The Slovak stated the used Mr. Olympia “has basically the most easy having a belief better body.” On the different hand, Krizo additionally pointed out Brandon Curry’s physique lacked conditioning at the 2022 Mr. Olympia.


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Does Brandon Curry’s physique within the video additionally remind you of The Sultan of Symmetry? Bid us within the comments.

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