By Mike Webb

My first discover with the Beta 300RR modified into once supreme yr when my brother Tom and I ventured to Nampa, Idaho, to meet up with Beta’s media procure, Rodney Smith. We had been there to look at a trifecta of fresh Betas, one being the 300RR. I modified into once smitten. Within the Idaho terrain, I modified into once in actuality impressed with the balanced handling and the soft but responsive 300 two-stroke motor. The ergos had been on level, and the checklist of available within the market high-discontinue aftermarket parts for the machine shouted out that there modified into once excellent skill to hone this Italian steed into one thing special. At the time, I had a totally-equipped KTM 300XC-W TPI, and I started contemplating, “What if I will also consume the Beta to the identical stage?”

Mike Webb pilots his Beta 300RR. He has spent months dialing within the vitality and suspension the utilization of Slavens Racing to wait on him in his quest.

Immediate-forward to the discontinue of the yr. I purchased the tantalizing Italian and at once set a whereas on it to discover a shiny sense of what course I wished to consume the chassis and the powerplant. The sweet, soft, linear vitality modified into once going to need an toughen in confide in overcome the gigantic dyno climbs that litter my riding zone and to abet up with the bevy of Austrian 300s that my neighborhood rides; alternatively, rideability and a soft, torquey bottom pull would quiet be a must.

On the chassis side, the stock Sachs fork and shock had been surprisingly smartly balanced entrance to relief, though leaning in opposition to the soft side. I would want better bottoming resistance on each and every ends to tackle the gigantic rollers and shock G-outs. But, for the enduro hack, roots and rocks, I quiet wished a luxurious preliminary stroke that might presumably perhaps transition right into a thick but compliant mid-stroke, since that’s the do apart I exercise the large majority of my creep time. Most necessary, I wished the suspension to preserve up within the stroke. There’s nothing worse than a fork that bottoms when the entrance stopper is grabbed.

MX Tech remodeled the fork with their Fortunate equipment, which provides compression and rebound cartridges to each and every forks. Their National shock is a high-discontinue portion of art that is hugely adjustable and mild-weight.


There are a ton of gorgeous-qualified aftermarket shops to purchase from. I wished a one-discontinue shop with a contact individual that would relieve me by this possess. My resolution modified into once Slavens Racing out of Colorado. I’ve labored with Jeff Slavens and Alec Morefield within the past, and no longer most efficient does the shop lift every that you might presumably perhaps presumably also imagine phase wished, but Alec also had the whole answers for my motor and chassis need checklist.

We developed our motor spec in stages, starting with gearing. We at once went up one enamel on the rear sprocket to possess third equipment extra usable, having a closing force of 13/51. Alec then steered us to the sano Billetron 38mm carb. The Billetron facets a purple-anodized, billet-aluminum physique with a clear float bowl and a terribly trick meter rod to tackle jetting. To richen or lean the jetting, you neutral consume away the tip of the carb, pull out the spin, and rotate the meter rod counterclockwise for lean and clockwise for rich. Jetting is actually finished in minutes, and the most efficient thing required is a 4mm Allen wrench. Performance modified into once enhanced marginally all over the powerband and gasoline mileage improved. During our sorting out, we persisted to stride richer with our jetting, and the motor responded with a extra match mid and elevated pull at higher rpm. On an aspect expose, the Billetron lacks a TPS, essential to walk the oil injection. So, we drained the a long way-off oil tank came upon below the seat and disconnected the oil line from the reed block. We unscrewed the spigot, modified it with a shrimp poke, coiled up the oil line and positioned it within the bottom of the air box within the tournament we would ever stride relief to the stock carb.

A one-enamel-higher 51-enamel Beta Equipment rear sprocket modified into once fitted with a D.I.D X-ring chain.
Fastway’s aluminum peg is mild, tough and might presumably also be mounted lower for riders having a see for extra legroom.

Subsequent on the checklist modified into once to mount up an FMF Fatty (unplated, on legend of I bid it’s frigid) pipe with an FMF 2.1 Powercore silencer. I’ve ancient the FMF product line for years, and match and efficiency are very excellent. The Fatty and 2.1 added some wished bark to the Beta’s vitality shipping and quiet had excellent roll-on bottom vitality.

The little Italian modified into once starting to possess some muscle, but I wished extra increase in confide in dapper the mega climbs and hang with the Austrian steel. Alec acknowledged adding compression would wait on the whole powerband, so the stock head modified into once shipped to Slavens for the treatment. It’s a painless turnaround process. Inner per week, I had the fresh hi there-comp head relief ready for sorting out. The added compression enriched the total vitality, but it completely felt a chunk flat within the midrange and modified into once quiet soft on height increase. We went richer on the meter rod, and this helped, but it completely lacked the “smack” higher muscle that I modified into once in actuality hoping to search out lurking within the powerplant.

The Beta comes with a area of no longer necessary, lighter-vitality valve springs, and, in line with the ebook, the no longer necessary springs will amplify torque and high-discontinue efficiency (the vitality valve opens sooner) and are for “bustle” capabilities. As a supreme-gasp measure, I installed the fresh springs, area the vitality-valve adjuster at one flip in and went sorting out. Whoa! The discontinuance of the fresh springs on unlocking that missing mid “purple meat” modified into once completely unbelievable. This closing portion of the vitality puzzle unleashed the whole skill of the carb, pipe/silencer and hi there-comp head. The vitality retained soft, controllable roll-on, slipped right into a nice and meaty midrange, and pulled on high quite successfully. Now I modified into once gay that the powerplant had the ammo to hang with the Austrians.

With the engine and suspension mods, the Beta 300RR chews on a wider vary of terrain and has the lungs to tug some necessary hills.


With the motor spec in a cheerful space, I modified into my consideration to the chassis side, particularly the fork and shock. Once extra, it modified into once time to clutch Alec’s brain. He urged the MX Tech Slavens Mule Fortunate fork cartridge machine for the entrance. It is miles a full fork equipment that provides twin compression and rebound cartridges, helping to distribute valving equally between each and every forks. A leaf spring mid-valve optimizes the stress stability and creates a higher vary of efficiency. A extra controlled bottoming zone modified into once finished by the spin-sensitive MXT huck valve, which allowed the fork to be plusher with out sacrificing overall preserve a watch on.

The preliminary sorting out resulted in a luxurious preliminary feel that ramped up quickly right into a harsh mid-wall after which into excellent bottoming resistance. Fiddling with the compression and rebound did nothing to alleviate the cruel mid-stroke. The kitted Sachs fork affords adjustable spring preload and modified into once area at 7mm, so we backed the preload the whole manner out. This at once erased the mid-stroke harshness. Now, the plush preliminary fork lope eases right into a mid-stroke that’s reasonably on the firm side, which is tolerable. The fork stays up sweetly within the stroke, doesn’t existing any diving below braking and finishes with very excellent bottoming efficiency.

For the aid discontinue, Slavens area us up with the MX Tech Slavens Mule National shock. This damper is a portion of art and is equipped with the most recent technology, trickest coatings and improbable adjustability. At 1 pound lighter than stock, it also facets the huck-valve, spin-sensitive, anti-bottoming preserve a watch on machine. It has five choices of adjustment, a beautiful reservoir tank, and DLC and Kashima coatings.

It is miles a truly costly portion of technology, which fortunately makes for a formidable trek. No longer most efficient does the damper tackle a huge vary of off-road obstacles with a a lot bigger walk for food than the stock Sachs shock, but it completely’s practically infinitely adjustable to focal level the action on your terrain. In stock tidy, the shock is decently plush, but it completely labors as the speeds escalate. The MX Tech National shock has adjustable damping circuits, so I will also dial it in to chunk on tight, rocky canyons, but it completely stays up within the stroke and is smartly planted, bettering rear traction in zones the do apart the stocker suffers. The final analysis is that the MX Tech Slavens suspension in actuality enhances the very excellent Beta handling traits and evokes self belief.

Acerbis physique guards enhance the grip, and the MX Tech National shock offered a stronger damping action out relief, along with necessary quantities of adjustability.
The 38mm Billetron carburetor did possess a extra vitality possess. It’s lovely adjustable, jetting-wise, since all is controlled at the needle. With no TPS, you lose the flexibility to walk the oil injection.


We selected sano Fastway adjustable footpegs thanks to their quality discover and area topic, besides to the adjustable feature that enables for added room for taller pilots. Acerbis physique guards present added grip and protection whereas updating the appears to be like to be. Enduro Engineering handguards are my stride-to, as they’re lovely-tough shields and mount to the stock perch mounts, saving on handlebar exact estate. For the saddle, it’s Seat Ideas the whole manner thanks to the usual and craftsmanship coupled with fanny traction and consolation.

Dunlop MX33s had been match up entrance and relief with Dunlop heavy-responsibility tubes that had been like minded for the challenges of our riding zone. Our closing force duties rely upon the mega-tough D.I.D X-Ring chain. After installation, we adjusted it one time in over five months of sorting out and riding. TM Designs offered the Manufacturing facility Forward 2 chainguide and the sano TMD countershaft sprocket veil. We are die-laborious Maxima lubricant guys and walk the Formula K2 two-stroke oil and MTL transmission fluid. In the end, we dressed the Italian up with BRG graphics. I modified into once in actuality stoked on the dapper, understated see.


Smartly, mission finished. We took the unassuming Beta 300RR and gave it some great-wished increase the do apart it modified into once skittish and match with some improbable terrain eaters within the possess of MX Tech Slavens Mule suspension upgrades. It modified into once an real pleasure engaged on this venture, and now I’m no longer shoehorned into an Austrian avalanche of 300s. I stand quite proudly with my Italian.

All the pieces we tested totally different than the FMF silencer (available within the market out of your Beta vendor) and the BRG graphics came to us from Slavens Racing


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