The Science of Making Honest AI

February 07, 2024

Artificial Intelligence is on every commercial chief’s agenda. How will we earn sense of the snappy-transferring new developments in AI over the past yr? Azeem Azhar returns to bring readability to leaders who face an advanced recordsdata landscape.

This week, Azeem speaks with Richard Socher, CEO and founder of, an AI chatbot search engine on the forefront of honest and verifiable AI. They explore approaches to building AI methods that are both honest and verifiable. The conversation sheds light on the serious breakthroughs in AI, the technical challenges of making sure AI’s reliability, and Socher’s vision for the manner ahead for search.

They furthermore discuss:

  • How AI’s future is tied to advancements in pure language processing.
  • The honest of scientific rigor in gargantuan language objects’ recent and future developments.
  • The founding of and its mission to revolutionize search.
  • Predictions for the subsequent worthy breakthroughs in AI.


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