This $200 bourbon is crafted to pair with a fair correct cigar

The bottle

Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Bourbon, $199.ninety nine

The wait on memoir

People proceed to like their bourbon and other domestic-made whiskeys. Gross sales possess soared for the class in most up-to-date years, with the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States reporting that they reached nearly $5.1 billion in 2022.

Meanwhile, many People possess additionally continuously beloved a fair correct cigar. And for the time being, they’re exhibiting their appreciation better than ever. Imports of top class (or hand-rolled) cigars possess grown from 330 million stogies in 2017 to 464.5 million in 2022, in accordance with the Top rate Cigar Affiliation.

All of which makes a cigar-pleasant bourbon a natural, no?

Indeed, Joseph Magnus, a Michigan-primarily based distillery whose roots return to the pre-prohibition technology, has been promoting this form of bourbon (and a moderately high-stop one) for the final few years. It’s released continuously in restricted quantities and batches are usually long past moderately rapid, in accordance with Matt Overway, production supervisor for the emblem.

So, how attain you craft a bourbon that pairs with a cigar? Overway says it’s all about having a sip that’s rich ample to withstand these potent tobacco flavors.

Allotment of that is ready the proof — meaning it desires be boozy ample to holds its possess (the Cigar Blend we tried clocked in a moderately alcoholic 114 proof). However it’s additionally about rising old the spirit to a certain maturity, so it will probably presumably well perchance additionally level-headed near as no shock that Cigar Blend is a mix of whiskeys old between roughly 10 to 18 years. Plus, the whiskey is accomplished in barrels that formerly held Armagnac, so the French brandy provides its possess notes of candy complexity to the combine, Overway explains.

What we mediate about it

I’m a cigar-loving whiskey drinker so I modified into once especially weird about this one. To Overway’s point, it’s a colossal, plucky bourbon that can presumably well with out problems meet the divulge of pairing with a colossal, plucky stogie. You’ll bag notes of vanilla and dried fruit, a piece of designate of spice and a boozy kick with every sip — in all, moderately hearty and satisfying.

My handiest quibble is that you don’t primarily must exhaust $200 to search out a fair correct whiskey (or other spirit) to experience with a cigar. I particularly like old rums and Calvados, a French apple brandy, with my smokes — and these can even be learned for wisely below $100, to speak nothing of different flavorful bourbons that can even be had for plenty no longer as much as $200. Aloof, the Magnus Cigar Blend in all fairness a delight.

Easy pointers on how to experience it

Overway suggests having this dazzling will possess to you’re pairing it with a cigar, so the proof stays high. However will possess to you may presumably well perchance take to sip it sans stogie, he suggests attempting it with some ice and letting it slowly blend into the whiskey. “I like the high-tail of the proof change as the cube melts,” he says.

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