Trezor unearths 66,000 users would possibly per chance perchance also face phishing attacks

  • The security incident took place on January 17, 2024, Trezor disclosed in a blog post published on January 20.
  • It fervent a third-receive together make stronger ticketing portal that Trezor makes use of.
  • Contact details integrated names and email addresses for as a lot as 66,000 users were compromised.

Hardware pockets Trezor has announced that a security breach at a third-receive together make stronger portal would possibly per chance perchance also fair beget uncovered as a lot as 66,000 users. Investigations and an audit of the incident indicates that contact details doubtless uncovered are little to email addresses and user names /nicknames.

 “On January 17th, 2024, 20:20 CET, we known unauthorized receive admission to to the third-receive together make stronger portal we use. This breach came about at the level of that third-receive together service provider we are for the time being engaged with,” Trezor famed.

The breach would possibly per chance perchance also list the 66,000 contacts that had interacted with the hardware pockets maker’s buyer make stronger since December 2021 to doable phishing attacks.

Even supposing unconfirmed, we consider it our accountability to announce our affected users of the chance of their contact details having been uncovered, and at possibility of a phishing attack,” Trezor added of the incident.

In step with Trezor, 41 users beget got emails asking for recovery seeds. Alternatively, no user pockets has been compromised. 

Screenshot of 1 in all the emails despatched to users. Source: Trezor

Trezor has moreover contacted eight participants that created accounts on Trezor’s trial dialogue platform. The compromised third-receive together provider hosted this specific platform.

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