Confluent expands Kafka Steams capabilities, acquires Apache Flink vendor

Vibrantly colored light trails invent a fancy conduit stuffed with streaming files in a image about expertise, communications, and the long flee.

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The ability to accelerate, prepare and route of files in real time is the enviornment of info streaming, which is largely dominated by a sequence of open-source applied sciences.

The ability to stream files is a core ability of the open-source Apache Kafka expertise. Among the leading vendors that supports Kafka with commercial providers is Confluent, which is led by the fashioned creators of Kafka. Confluent had its preliminary public offering (IPO) in June 2021, with search info from for real time files streaming continuing to grow.

Alternatively, the ability to stream files is purely one part of enabling mission functions, as organizations additionally can to find to be able route of streams so they could also additionally be helpful for alternate operations, alternate intelligence (BI) and files analytics. The Kafka Streams expertise that Confluent makes spend of enables some stream processing, but in step with Confluent CEO and Kafka co-creator Jay Kreps, there’s more that enterprises need.

“Streaming files has turn out to be very mainstream, and Kakfa is a platform now in almost every company,” Kreps suggested VentureBeat. “So, the next more or less logical location to resolve is, ‘What cease you cease with the streams of info and the device are you able to assemble it more straightforward and more straightforward to manufacture functions round?’”


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To relieve delay its files stream processing capabilities, Confluent at the present time announced its acquisition of privately held vendor Immerok, a number one contributor to the Apache Flink mission. The monetary phrases of the deal to find no longer been publicly disclosed.

Apache Flink is a popular open-source stream processing supported by more than one commercial vendors alongside side Aiven and Alibaba, which owns Vervetica.

Vervetica was as soon as formerly identified as DataArtisans and was as soon as got by Alibaba in January 2019 for $103 million. The DataArtisans founders had been the fashioned core creators of Apache Flink.

A sequence of the fashioned personnel participants from Vervetica left the company in 2022 to affix startup Immerok, which at the time had raised roughly $17 million in funding. Whereas the company is comparatively recent, Kreps acknowledged is has performed huge work on building a real cloud native provider round Flink.

In Kreps’ gape, the frequent belief with a cloud native interface is having an open, correctly established interface that builders can manufacture functions with. Here’s the route whereby Confluent had already been taking Kafka with its Confluent Cloud files in motion platform. And, that is a route that Immerok and Flink will match into.

Kreps explained that Confluent’s route will relieve enable a hub of streaming files, then provide users with diverse programs for working with that files.

A database typically has two most essential substances: a storage layer where files resides and a inquire of processing layer for executing queries against files. Kreps explained that in the archaic database world, storage and inquire of processing are fragment of the identical product. 

With Kafka, files streaming will also additionally be kept in diverse programs, alongside side with open source ksqlDB expertise led by Confluent. Querying files, which is what stream processor Apache Flink does, is in total a separate expertise.

“Kafka is kind of central replace of streaming files and we deem Flink will also additionally be the processing layer that folk manufacture functions against,” acknowledged Kreps.

The root of maintaining apart the tips layer from the inquire of engine is additionally frequent in the tips warehouse and files lakehouse markets. In Kreps’ gape, the mannequin that Confluent will manufacture out with Flink will also additionally be even handed a real-time files version of a files warehouse or files lakehouse.

Confluent’s modern Kafka Streams ability additionally enables stream processing, even though it works in a various device. Kreps explained that Kafka Streams is an embedded instrument library that builders can integrate into functions. In distinction, Flink runs as a provider at the cloud layer, enabling builders to manufacture SQL and diverse real time functions.

Searching forward, Confluent’s understanding is to integrate the Immerok Flink capabilities into its Circulation Dressmaker, which was as soon as announced in Oct. 2022. Circulation Dressmaker gives a level and click on on means to relieve builders join diverse Kafka files streaming sources with mission functions.

“We positively deem there are a amount of programs of the spend of streams of info and we need all of them to grow and thrive,” acknowledged Kreps.

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