Counter-Strike: World Offensive is reportedly getting a serious update soon

Valve’s on the precipice of launching a serious update to Counter-Strike: World Offensive, in step with a fable from esports journalist Richard Lewis (by strategy of Forbes). Sources almost about the misfortune expose Lewis that Valve would possibly possibly well within the fracture launch a novel model of the recreation on the firm’s Provide 2 engine as early as this month.

Lewis, who has damaged enormous CS:GO tales within the previous, says he’s knowledgeable that Valve already enlisted a community of skilled CS:GO avid gamers to examine out the updated recreation at the firm’s Seattle headquarters. Migrating the recreation to the Provide 2 engine, which is broken-down by some of Valve’s completely different games, like Dota 2 and Half-Life: Alyx, would possibly possibly well enable for greater performance and graphics.

That’s curiously no longer the handiest toughen Valve’s been working on. Lewis adds that the “unique” CS:GO would possibly possibly well come with an improved matchmaking machine that more carefully resembles the third-event platforms the put avid gamers can ranking and join CS:GO suits, like FACEIT or ESEA. Valve’s moreover expected to lengthen the tick payment of the servers damaged-down by the recreation from 64 to 128, doubtlessly making for less latency all the intention in which through on-line suits.

It’s hard to deem that over 10 years after the launch of CS:GO (and over 20 since the launch of the fashioned title) that Valve would spring a massive update on us with shrimp to no fanfare. But this isn’t the handiest proof of a imaginable toughen. Final week, u/DAOWAce on Reddit chanced on a suspect pair of executable files, named “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe,” included in unique drivers released by Nvidia.

Whereas it can well simply sound like Valve’s releasing an fully unique recreation, Twitter users @gabefollower and @aquaismissing designate that this can simply cloak that Valve’s transferring the recreation over to the Provide 2 engine and that developers would possibly possibly well simply respect been a bit lazy with the file-naming. We with any luck won’t have to support too critical longer to explore what the so-known as Counter-Strike 2 is all about, even when, as Lewis says the recreation’s “about ready to head.”

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