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Pushed by the limitless possibilities of music, Melanie Jag is an out of this world example of representation for females guitarists in jazz. She has been playing guitar for eight years and has no intentions of forestalling her grind as she continues to pursue her targets of writing and producing for commerce artists. Being attentive to Jag regurgitate Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s guitar solo for “Didn’t It Rain?” it’s evident that she plays from the center as she creates a whirlwind of nostalgic riffs whereas leaving room for quite distorted undertones and reverb. 

This Toronto native is a graduate of the York College Jazz program and uses guitar improv to insist her ardour of highlighting females guitarists for the length of the music commerce. Using social media because the stomping ground to connect musicians, Jag believes that representation issues and that it is extreme for females to gaze themselves as they sight their calling in existence.

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Enlighten us a tiny of about your musical background. How faded had been you if you started playing guitar, and what impressed your ardour for music? 

I used to be 12 years faded when my fogeys agreed to do away with me a guitar and signed me up for classes. I used to be in like with the music I used to listen to on the Disney Channel (particularly the Jonas Brothers), but I used to be also being attentive to Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, and hundreds country albums from my fogeys’ music collection. I cherished how the guitarists looked free and like they had been having so vital fun when they had been playing. As a tiny of 1, I watched them and wished to be reliable like them one day. All over time, I stopped up selecting up assorted instruments, just like the bass guitar and the bass clarinet, but it indisputably wasn’t till I used to be 16 that I started to preserve playing the guitar severely. I enrolled at York College when I used to be 19, where I studied music and finally perfect in jazz guitar. I presently play in an electro-acoustic orchestra, where I’m finding out to play my guitar in unconventional ways whereas extracting extraordinary sounds from it, associated to “ready guitar” tactics. 

What truly impressed my ardour for music had been the dwell concert events I attended as a tiny of 1 and in my youngsters. Being in a position to gaze my popular artists and sob their lyrics on the cease of my lungs is likely one of the crucial fitting feelings on this planet to me. I’m also impressed at any time when I sight an artist whose music is in a position to deeply resonate with me or a song that’s unlike others I’ve heard earlier than. 

What evokes you to wake up each day and proceed pursuing your desires? 

The endless probabilities that music entails. When I reflect I’ve mastered one ability, there’s frequently 1,000,000 assorted ways to scheme it, or there’s frequently somebody who can provide a fresh standpoint. When I first started finding out music, theory used to be frequently intimidating to me since there had been so many ideas to wrap my head around. As soon as I noticed that there’s frequently room to be taught extra and that even the “simplest” theory would be utilized in basically the most advanced pieces of music, it grew to become something that I’m now gigantic obsessed with and no longer something I terror. Additionally, there’s a extraordinary connection that occurs at any time when I carry out with assorted musicians, collaborate on a song, and even reliable yell about music with every other musician. I’ve met so many unbelievable musicians in all places the world thru social media that often preserve me motivated and impressed.

Desire us thru your songwriting process. What forms of environments gain you is perhaps feeling you wish in yell to be your most ingenious? 

My songwriting process is slightly a messy one. The one thing that ties my songwriting process together is undoubtedly my insist memos app. Anytime I truly possess an belief, I frequently pull out my insist memos and hum the melody or chord progression that I hear in my head and later figure it out on my guitar. The preliminary belief can strike at basically the most random times—in the bathe, driving, and even in the middle of an exam. From there, all I need is my pc and a smooth tell to carry out the premise! 

What guitars are you playing reliable now? Title your high two or three, if that you simply would possibly perchance well perhaps perhaps reflect of. 

I presently play a Fender Strat American Pro HSS, a Gibson SG Favorite, and barely, a Diminutive Martin acoustic. 

Attain this sentence: I imagine music… 

Would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps furthermore be came upon interior every avenue of existence. Whether or no longer it be the sound of someone walking down a staircase, the sound of someone typing on a keyboard, or a dialog with somebody you reliable met, the leisure would be a offer of inspiration and be develop into something musical. 

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