Diplo Doesn’t Necessarily Judge It’s Joyful That One more Man Went Down on Him

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DJ and music producer Diplo factual printed that he has had sexual encounters with men sooner than, nonetheless that he would now not categorize these experiences as automatically making him glad.

“I’m distinct I’ve gotten a blowjob from a man sooner than… For distinct,” he said to actress and model Emily Ratajkowski on her podcast Excessive Low. “I produce now not know if or now not it’s glad unless you love would possibly maybe additionally merely leer contact while there’s the blowjob occurring.”

Ratajkowski retorted that this used to be “this form of straight man thing to insist,” nonetheless Diplo remained obvious. “Getting a blowjob’s now not that glad, I ponder,” he said. (Oh, and all of this used to be occurring as a tangent from their customary conversation about Invoice Clinton. Which feels correct by some skill.)

Later in the interview, Diplo instructed Ratajkowski that while he for traipse doesn’t identify as glad, that’s now not to primarily insist that he would now not leer at men (or now not decrease than, a small vogue of men) as doable romantic or sexual potentialities.

“I ponder primarily the simplest resolution I in the end own is I’m now not now not glad. There are a couple guys… I would possibly maybe date, life partner-intellectual,” he said, occurring to picture himself as any individual that’s extra drawn to “vibe” than “gender.”

That is now not the first time Diplo has spoken about his grasp sexuality, citing that “all americans’s a lil glad” in a Reddit AMA. He’s additionally a chum and collaborator of Orville Peck, the masked nation star whose music is rife with homoerotic iconography.

Ratajkowski herself has beforehand expressed her grasp belief that sexual appeal is now not a mounted binary, telling Harper’s: “I ponder sexuality is on a sliding scale. I don’t in the end instruct in straight americans.”

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