7 Video games to Play If You Cherish Pokemon

Monster employ video games personal no doubt captured the admire of players for generations, with Pokemon being essentially the most famed and beloved series within the genre. Due to its recognition, it isn’t any surprise that video games of a identical vein personal popped as a lot as bring collectively the identical negate. But that doesn’t indicate all of these video games are the identical, despite sharing a identical foundation, and even pondering several video games that predate this wildly trendy series. Both formula, there’s a huge world of monster employ video games for all you Pokemon followers accessible.

Below are a list of video games that reside within the massive monster employ genre, or dabble within the mechanic in some meaningful formula.

Cassette Beasts

Whereas it was a truly busy One year for foremost game releases, under-the-radar Cassette Beasts was some of the finest video games to begin in 2023. A exquisite blend of 2D and 3D art work, Cassette Beasts is visually identical to some of the most finest Pokemon video games within the series, but with some gentle traversal ingredients and perfect give consideration to the monster employ and fusion mechanics of the game.

Like most video games that employ heavy inspiration from Pokemon, Cassette Beasts stars a self-insert player personality as they originate their formula by the island of Current Wirral whereas they mediate a formula to reach home. Alternatively, the game is a diminutive bit extra complex within the formula that you’re employed along with varied foremost characters, as you’re going to lengthen your affinity with them and even undertake their quests. What Cassette Beasts affords is a mixture of Pokemon-esque monster employ mechanics, a persona driven memoir, and a different fusion mechanic that keeps them on their toes. Overall, it’s an impressed and new employ on the genre, and one you ought to calm look at out.

Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary is a mixture of the monster employ genre and your par for the route Metroidvania. Gamers preserve monsters to preserve in 3-vs-3 battles to boot to to begin up exploration in elegant 2D pixel environments.

The game extends beyond the utilization of monster kinds as fair a technique to earn an advantage on opponents, as assault kinds are only as vital. But what if truth be told saved me glued to Monster Sanctuary was its traversal mechanics and if truth be told nailing these 2D platforming ingredients. Going help and uncovering new shortcuts and secrets and ways made the game utterly addicting to me to boot to how battles were structured. That is a game I extremely recommend for these that love monster employ video games, 2D platformers, or both.

Digimon World: Next Sing

The Digimon series is successfully the progenitor of the monster employ genre, even predating Pokemon — it fair by no methodology rose to the identical roughly success internationally. Digimon World: Next Sing takes the total fun from essentially the major Digimon World game on the PlayStation (bar the scuffed localization) and makes it extra approachable. The Digimon World series personal functioned as extra or less “begin world” exploration video games where players can elevate a Digimon from start to its eventual death, with how they’ve handled them taking half in into their evolutions, as they journey extraordinary studies plot within the Digimon universe.

These video games personal in most cases repeatedly been extra memoir centered than Pokemon video games as players back Digimon to occupy out their cities and gaze what plagues the digital world. Gamers can calm prepare their Digimon and release extraordinary Digivolutions but in a extra memoir-centered journey. That acknowledged, you’re going to calm grind out and prepare your Digimon to your heart’s issue material, but Digimon World: Next Sing positively has some of the meatier studies of the video games on this list thanks to its give consideration to its tale and the wealth of a colossal quantity of Digivolutions players can gaze.

Monster Rancher

An oldie but a goodie, Monster Rancher is one of several monster employ video games that was released within the 1990’s alongside the Pokemon series. Like other monster employ video games, players will elevate monsters and prepare them by a series of mini-video games to compete in tournaments that can allow them to amass their ranks.

Alternatively, you aren’t if truth be told capturing monsters in Monster Rancher, as you further or less generate them by varied strategies reckoning on which versions of the game you were taking half in. Koei Tecmo re-released Monster Rancher 1 & 2 for the Nintendo Switch, making these video games accessible to an utterly new viewers. Unfortunately, these versions personal completed away with what made the monster employ mechanic so extraordinary, and that was swapping out CDs on your Sony PlayStation to generate a random monster. What makes Monster Rancher so fun though is that there’s a huge emphasis on bonding and practising your monster exterior of battling them within the enviornment. Monster Rancher is a huge game for these taking a mediate to bag up their monsters and if truth be told test their mettle in 1-vs-1 fight.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

You are going to be questioning why a Dragon Quest game has any alternate being on this list. Properly, the Dragon Quest Monsters sub-series, first introduced in 1998 to capitalize on the Pokemania, are all about capturing monsters to employ in turn-based mostly fight in opposition to your foes. Sound familiar? The Dark Prince is mainly the most up-to-date entry within the series, and despite launching with some foremost technical disorders which personal since been patched on obvious platforms, it carries this custom onwards. Alternatively, capturing monsters is a diminutive bit extra intensive than in Pokemon and success charges are made up our minds by some variables that players can turn in their desire, which makes it a diminutive bit extra in-depth than Pokemon video games. Alternatively this game will no doubt satiate any cravings you’re going to also personal for capturing some monsters. Followers of Dragon Quest and monster employ video games, and even followers of both, will earn pleasure from this entry within the series.

Monster Hunter Tales 2: Wings of Extinguish

Ever wished to amass monsters as one more of looking them in Monster Hunter? Monster Hunter Tales affords that trusty journey. As one more of slaying monsters for precious parts, players as one more accumulate monsters by acquiring their eggs — which sounds immoral in observe. However the story repeatedly makes it obvious that these video games are extra or less about the conservation of monsters and cultural practices, so it model of rubs off whatever reservations players would possibly likely maybe also wish.

You elevate the feature of a budding monster coach who has been paired with some of the series most iconic monsters, a Rathalos. Issues begin to transfer awry as monsters begin to rampage by areas surrounding your village. Fight is relegated to strategic turn-based mostly battles that employ advise of the forms of monsters you preserve shut to originate half of your group. It’s possible you’ll likely maybe likely moreover employ your monsters as methodology to traverse varied landscapes, identical to what trendy Pokemon video games personal conducted. Monster Hunters Tales 2: Wings of Extinguish affords a decently balanced journey referring to tale and gameplay, and would possibly likely maybe also bring collectively a tight period of time while you preserve shut to accumulate the total monsters within the game.


Whereas Palworld’s similarities to Pokemon begin and quit with its shiny monster originate, a monster capturing mechanic does exist within the game that extra or less mirrors what you earn in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. In Palworld you’re going to employ and employ Mates in attention-grabbing ways, either to abet them automize building, present sources on your immoral, and even for traversal. It’s possible you’ll likely maybe likely originate that in most Pokemon video games, with it a long way extra tangible in Scarlet and Violet as you philosophize Koraidon or Miraidon to scale mountains, slide, and extra. That is successfully where the similarities give up, since Palworld is extra or less about acquiring sources to bag up your immoral love most survival video games are.

Whereas there are calm a plethora of different monster employ video games that exist, as the genre has expanded drastically since the begin and subsequent recognition of Pokemon within the 1990’s, the ones included on this list bag upon these foundations in some of route extraordinary ways. Whether it be an entertaining memoir, a extra fleshed out battle scheme, and even how you bag monsters, these video games are higher than charge trying out.

Kazuma Hashimoto is a freelance creator for IGN.

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