Evan Rachel Picket Aloof Doesn’t Know ‘Westworld’ Ending After Cancellation: “It Keeps Me Up at Night”

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The HBO sequence ran for four seasons before being without warning canceled in 2022, and creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have not shared the endgame they planned: “I feel for us and the viewers, it turned into awful in moderately about a solutions.”

Evan Rachel Picket

Evan Rachel Picket in ‘Westworld’

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Evan Rachel Picket knows about as powerful as followers when it comes to what Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan had up their sleeves for the closing season of their hit HBO sequence — which is to insist, she knows nothing the least bit.

Picket, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter before her New York stage debut as Audrey within the off-Broadway production of Puny Shop of Horrors, published one day of the sit down-down that she had requested the Westworld creators referring to the effect the expose turned into headed following the season four finale, “Que Sera Sera.” In it, humanity — and most sentient life — truly ends after a season that saw the park androids seizing control, flipping the energy scales to manipulate humans the formula hosts as soon as have been.

After a sequence of strikes that saw close to the general vital cast die, Picket’s character Dolores — the normal park’s oldest continuous host and its first to invent self-awareness — is left with the possibility to present humanity one final shot. “About a also can escape loss of life for about a months. Per chance even years. Nonetheless within the slay, their kind will slump extinct,” she says in a sweeping finale monologue. “They’ll supreme are living as long because the last creature who remembers them. And that creature is me.”

On a mission to look for her adore, Teddy (James Marsden), and test humanity’s second probability within the Sublime (a digital airplane of existence made by Westworld’s creator), the expose teased one slump one day of the loop, primarily based mostly totally on Dolores’s imaginative and prescient for a recent world. Speaking to THR attend in 2022, Joy expressed why, despite the season four finale having its occupy extra or much less poetic goodbye, there turned into calm room, in her eyes, for one other Westworld season.

Nonetheless on Nov. 4, HBO published that it would not renew the sequence, which had confronted declining rankings between seasons two and three, for a fifth season.

Now, Picket — whose character turned into central to the sequence and the direction of the expose’s last slate of episodes — tells THR that the abruptness of the cancellation turned into tough for both the cast and the viewers as a consequence of the nature of how Nolan and Joy expose a story.

“It turned into devastating in moderately about a solutions because, first of all, they don’t present us the effect the expose is going. We have been honest trusty continuously educated, ‘We know how the expose ends,’ when we started,” Picket explains. “They weren’t writing it as we went along. They’d an conception, and we have been all honest trusty on a mattress of nails waiting to look for and listen to what the conclusion of this turned into. What all of it intended.

“We didn’t discover to have that and so after building an arc and a character for almost 10 years and never getting the payoff at the finish to look for the effect it turned into all going — I feel for us and the viewers, it turned into awful in moderately about a solutions,” Picket adds.

With the story seemingly at the finish of the avenue, Picket said she reached out to Joy and Nolan to look for the effect they also can have taken the expose. Nonetheless neither would expose their endgame.

“I requested the creators after we purchased canceled, ‘Can you please honest trusty present me the formula you’re going to finish?’ And they wouldn’t present me,” Picket says, laughing. “I feel because, I don’t know, maybe by hook or by crook, one way or the other, in some iteration we’ll discover to perform it, however I calm don’t know. It does calm care for me up at night.”

Following the expose’s cancellation, Picket’s co-celebrity Marsden spoke up last January, calling its unplanned finish a “disappointment,” a sentiment echoed by fellow castmember Luke Hemsworth in November 2022.

“I’d be lying to you if I educated you that the formula we ended Westworld wasn’t a disappointment,” Marsden said. “I’m never going to focus on with out gratitude about any of my experiences, however it completely would have been nice with a conception to finish the story we wished to perform. I like this Westworld family. It turned into a vogue of fresh alternatives to be share of one thing the effect I also would be sitting at dwelling ravenously attempting forward to the next episode as a fan.”

The actor added that while he understood the financial conversations one day of the expose’s production, “big shows decide to have big audiences to benefit the expense.

“I honest trusty wish it turned into about better than financial success,” he endured. “Nonetheless who knows — maybe there’s some world the effect it would discover finished by hook or by crook. Per chance that’s honest trusty wishful pondering because I do know we had plans to perform it the formula we wished to.”

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