Florida Republicans Are Going After Flags Now

Over the outdated couple of years, Florida Republicans, with the encouragement of Governor Ron DeSantis, hold gone on one thing of a banning spree. They’ve banned books. They’ve banned AP African American stories. They’ve banned DEI programs in public colleges. They’ve banned abortions after six weeks of being pregnant. They’ve banned the purpose to of gender identification and sexual orientation via 12th grade. They’ve banned ESG investments. They’ve on the overall banned acknowledging racism and so that they hold got, by hook or by crook, timid at the least one college district into pondering they’ve banned dictionaries.

At this point you may also mediate there change into as soon as necessary little left to ban, but to mediate that is probably going to be to underestimate Florida Republicans. They hold got a lengthy list and next on it? Decided styles of flags.


A Florida invoice banning “political” flags from executive structures and colleges is a step nearer to becoming legislation. Earlier than the Constitutional Rights, Rule of Legislation & Authorities Operations Subcommittee on Wednesday, Get. David Borrero (R-Miami-Dade) presented his invoice, HB-901. Borrero kicked off the lengthy discussion with claims Florida’s college kids are being “evangelized” and “subliminally indoctrinated with important jog theory, Marxism and transgender ideology.”

If handed, the invoice would restrict the exhibit of “flags that signify a political point of view, including, but no longer cramped to, a politically partisan, racial, sexual orientation and gender, or political ideology point of view.” The POW-MIA flag, the Firefighter Memorial flag and the Honor and Take into account flag would restful be authorized to waft alongside the U.S. and Florida grunt flags. When asked by Get. Lindsay Hostile (D-Pinellas) to clarify how jog and gender are political viewpoints, Borrero cited a paraphrased version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of “political.”

“I restful don’t mediate about how anyone’s jog or gender is political,” Hostile reportedly spoke back, to which Borrero all another time cited the dictionary definition. “Would that be the identical dictionary that’s being banned at our public colleges?” Hostile asked.

Whereas the invoice would theoretically ban, whine, the flying of a Trump flag, it appears a little bit onerous to imagine that the GOP lawmakers pushing this invoice would assign aside in drive that aspect. Last one year, a bewitch pushed aside a lawsuit from a Florida parent who had sued a Palm Coastline County college over placing pleasure flags in the study room, pronouncing, “There could be nothing in grunt legislation or the foundations and regulations governing the board which imposes limits on its authority in terms of the exhibit of flags or addressing social elements in a seventh-grade lecture room.”

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