Handsome Photos Bear China’s Sharp CNY Traditions

Chinese Fresh Year, or Spring Festival, is famed by a quarter of the realm’s population. Roughly two billion other folks ring within the Lunar Fresh Year in some capacity or one other.

Beyond the borders of China, it’s an expert public holiday within the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, every Koreas and even Suriname.

Colossal Chinese Fresh Year celebrations are also held in necessary Western cities like Vancouver, Sydney and Fresh York.

The festival is also the catalyst for the wonderful human migration of any kind, as migrant workers in top tier cities return to their hometowns – the wonderful yearly talk about with for many.

Some 400 million other folks pour from China’s necessary cities and depart to rural areas to stamp the vacation with their households.


Spring Festival in Ditan Park, Beijing, 2018. Image through Bruce Connolly. 

The festival is steeped in traditions and superstitions which may maybe maybe be as pretty just a few as the nation is monumental.

While many strategies of celebrating maintain evolved – just like the 600 million red envelopes of fortunate cash which may maybe maybe be in actual fact sent digitally – many stay as steadfast totems of China’s range and sparkling heritage.

To rob a seek at to protect the overall completely different strategies that the Spring Festival is famed around the Middle Kingdom would require a leather-sure model.

As a substitute, we modestly provide a seek at factual a handful of the scenes on portray as this hardworking nation shutters its shops and welcoms the Year of the Dragon.

Beijing Bacchanalia


Costumed dancers in Longtan Park, Beijing, 2008. Image through Bruce Connolly.

In Beijing, locals and company alike can ride a whole host of Chinese Fresh Year celebrations and activities. 

Having first visited China in 1987 and having lived permanently in Beijing since 1994, Scottish photographer Bruce Connolly has snapped his fine part of Chinese Fresh Year happenings within the capital – from the behold-catching performances to unhurried time with the household. 

Venerable-bridal-box-all over-Spring-Festival-at-Ditan-Park-Beijing-2002..jpeg

Venerable bridal box all over Spring Festival at Ditan Park, Beijing, 2002. Image through Bruce Connolly

In these photos, we can gaze a ragged efficiency at a Temple Pretty, a classic Fresh Year insist. 

The match pictured above goes on at the Temple of Heaven Park – one in every of Beijing’s most iconic extinct landmarks.


Image through Bruce Connolly

Other than for the beautiful displays and the bustling stalls, Chinese Fresh Year is also a time for household.

In the city’s many parks – Chaoyang Park, Temple of Earth (Ditan Park), and in other locations – grandparents, other folks and teenagers may maybe maybe moreover be considered strolling around and having fun with the vacation atmosphere.


Spring Festival efficiency at Temple of Heaven, Beijing, 2002. Image through Bruce Connolly

Miao Minority Merrymaking

Native-Miao-other folks-taking part in-the-lusheng.jpeg

Although this year the Chinese Fresh Year’s celebrations officially began on February 10, a whole lot of the nation’s ethnic teams maintain their possess customs surrounding the Fresh Year, occurring at completely different points for the length of the lunar calendar. 


The Miao ethnic group maintain a ultimate time Miao Fresh Year when the autumn harvest is over and the agricultural work of the year is effectively over.

The vacation turned into as soon as added to China’s non-cloth cultural heritage list encourage in 2008.


The Miao Fresh Year is historically famed within the length from the ninth to the 11th month of the Chinese lunar calendar and in general lasts 5 to fifteen days.

Most Miao other folks maintain a ultimate time Fresh Year within the Tenth month of the lunar calendar, after the rice harvest.


In October 2022 That’s traveled to the province of Guizhou to partake in some Miao Fresh Year celebrations, and captured it in photos.

We also covered the centuries-aged Miao custom of bullfighting to raise within the Chinese Lunar Fresh Year.

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Snap, Crackle & Pop


Two oxes lighting fixtures fire crackers someway year’s Year of the Ox celebrations. Image through Flickr

One of the major crucial novel sights and sounds of the Chinese Fresh Year is the eruption of firecrackers. No longer the singular snapping of the ones we performed with in our formative years, but moderately the deafening gatling gun-vogue raucous cracking of long chains of them firing concurrently.

By February, the steps and squares in front of ancestral homes will likely be lined in a thick layer of trampled and scorched red pulp, left within the encourage of by tens of hundreds of exploding paper capillaries.

As memoir would maintain it, burning dry bamboo creates a loud popping sound which turned into as soon as believed to be precious in scaring away the monster Nian who emerges yearly, on the Lunar Fresh Year, to feast on human adolescents.

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At some stage within the Tang Dynasty (618-907), gunpowder turned into as soon as invented in China, and fast found its capacity into the burning bamboo of those Fresh Year’s festivities in portray to make bigger the amount of the explosions.

By the Song Dynasty (960-1279), red paper modified the tubes of dry bamboo alongside with the realization that sweeping up the mess of singed red paper would adversely impact a household’s fortune within the approaching year.

Many city areas banned fireworks and firecrackers within the 1990s. Alternatively, since 2008 most city areas relaxed those bans to accommodate the traditions of the Spring Festival and completely different times where they’re aged like opening unique agencies or funerals.

Cantonese Coastal Carnivals


Amongst the most eclectic Spring Festival customs are the Floating Colors and Heroes Dance parades of Guangdong province.

West of the Pearl River Delta in locations like Xinyi town in Maoming, residents of neighboring villages flood the streets and alleyways all over the Lantern Festival to explore the piaose, cacophonous parades of colorfully dressed younger ladies and boys perilously perching on outward-branching stilts.

The bouquet of teenage performers is constructed with creatively concealed steel rods that are fastened securely to rolling floats.


Image through 张池

Although the origins of the festivities are unknown, locals suggest that a ban on Cantonese operas after the Taiping Riot (1851-1864) forced opera singers to get inventive in portray to withhold their neutral in society.

Classic folktales are integrated into the circulation, garments and elegant of the human-tree floats, and the adolescents selected for the roles will maintain to nonetheless be willing to behave, dance and relate whereas precariously balancing high above the crowds.

In the Eastern coastal house of Chaozhou, loud and rambunctious dancers may maybe maybe moreover be considered stomping by the streets within the ‘Heroes Dance,’ or yingge.

Relationship encourage 300 years, this variation of the Nuo opera turned into as soon as a shamanistic dance to purge the towns of deplorable spirits and make capacity for the spring and accompanying accurate fortune.


Photos through Jessica Zheng

At some stage within the years, the efficiency turned into excited by factual one necessary vein of folklore, the 108 heroes of Liangshan Mountain.

The delusion has between 20 and 30 characters which predominantly are performed by tough younger men who build exhausting rituals of acrobatic dancing and martial arts.


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