If Taylor Swift Didn’t Write ‘Argylle,’ Then Who Did?

The central mystery of Argylle, an upcoming watch thriller starring Dua Lipa as a femme fatale and Henry Cavill because the titular detective, lies no longer within the film itself, nonetheless the cryptic unique that allegedly impressed it. In spite of every thing, it’s no longer on on day by day foundation foundation that Apple shells out a reported $200 million for rights to an unpublished e-book from a valuable-time creator—or goes to particular lengths to shield mentioned creator’s identity. 

Released on January 9 by Bantam Books and Penguin Random Dwelling, the e-book is credited to someone named Elly Conway, a moniker shared by the film’s predominant character, accomplished by Bryce Dallas Howard. Throw in a pair of tangential ties to the arena’s splendid pop smartly-known person and a few knowledgeable quiz-dodging by director Matthew Vaughn, and a puzzling origin fable has officially been equipped.

Sooner than the film finally hits theaters on February 2, let’s analysis the rumors about Taylor Swift’s involvement and theorize about who’s de facto in the abet of the twelve months’s most enigmatic e-book.

What is Argylle, and who’s in it?

Argylle is a Romancing the Stone–vogue caper about Elly Conway, “an introverted watch novelist” who gets “drawn into the activities of a heinous underground syndicate” accomplished by Howard, essentially based fully fully on the film’s synopsis. Directed by Vaughn (Kick-Ass, X-Males: First Class), the film is written by Wonder Girl scribe Jason Fuchs and aspects a smartly-known person-studded solid including the aforementioned Lipa and Cavill, as well to Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson, John Cena, Ariana DeBose, Bryan Cranston, Opt Delaney, and Catherine O’Hara.

In an interview with Arrogance Elegant, Vaughn outlined Argylle’s fable-within-a-fable conceit: Howard’s Conway, he mentioned, is “the J.K. Rowling of watch books. She’s agoraphobic. Her thought of a scorching date is staying at dwelling, writing more of her e-book, alongside with her cat for firm. She’s no longer a victim, because she’s the truth is winning and the truth is humorous and the truth is trim, nonetheless she has points.” Inside of the film’s universe, Cavill and Lipa’s characters are no longer “precise”—they’re fictional creations from the onscreen Conway’s recent unique. 

The e-book on which Argylle is allegedly essentially based fully fully, by inequity, is “a easy thriller with out a longer indubitably one of many tricksy conceits of the film,” and subsequently safe for viewers with “an aversion to winking metafiction,” essentially based fully fully on The Telegraph.

And is Elly Conway a fictional character, or an actual person?

That’s where issues win uncommon. By all accounts, Conway is Howard’s character in the film, nonetheless no longer an genuine human being. There don’t appear to be any images of her on the win, and her creator bio on the Penguin Random Dwelling net attach is oddly short: “Elly Conway used to be born and raised in upstate Fresh York. She wrote her first unique about Agent Argylle whereas working as a waitress in a slack-evening diner.”

What’s stranger peaceful are online makes an attempt to pass Conway off as precise. Each X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram have profiles below this title which maintain a handful of vague posts, nonetheless there is no longer such a thing as a approach of validating who’s de facto posting from either epic. The Washington Post reporter Sophia Nguyen tried to contact companies Conway has tagged on social media. All of them, Caffe Reggio to Westsider Books, maintain apparently accomplished alongside with the location. The latter emailed Nguyen, “We did explore that Elly posted in regards to the store, we’re joyful to hear it is a space she feels at dwelling!”

There’s no longer blueprint more to be gleaned from the genuine e-book’s dedication, which reads: “For Mother and Dad, who were beside me every step of the approach,” or an creator’s demonstrate, which states that the postulate for the e-book got right here to Conway in a “febrile dream” that befell after a “repugnant accident.”

Contain books written by fictional sleuths been printed earlier than?

Race, there is precedent for this kind of pass. Novels were printed below the title Richard Fort, the crime creator turned into beginner detective accomplished by Nathan Fillion on ABC’s Fort, as well to Jessica Fletcher, Angela Lansbury’s character on Assassinate, She Wrote. The incompatibility is that unlike Argylle, in those instances, both publishers had been forthright in regards to the fact that ghostwriters the truth is penned the books.

Good ample…nonetheless how did Taylor Swift win tousled in this?

Amid the initial start of Argylle’s promotional affords splendid tumble, some began digging into Conway’s origins. A question her title yielded ties to a fictional character on the lengthy-working Australian cleaning soap opera Neighbours; that character made her first appearance on the sequence on December 13, which also occurs to be Swift’s birthday.

With on the least one connection established, Swifties did what they cease most effective, spinning a belief compelling ample to power quite a bit of records cycles. Listed below are one of the most supporting facts that circulated online: Bryce Dallas Howard shares a resemblance, they mentioned, to the red-headed creator Swift performs on the discontinue of All Too Successfully: The Quick Film. Swift also has a documented appreciation for argyle clothes, which has been equipped as fragment of her respectable merch. The film’s marketing has featured a Scottish fold cat named Chip; Swift owns two pussycats of that breed and has outdated a cat provider backpack that’s very connected to the one Elly totes in the film’s trailer.

However whereas Swift has outdated a pseudonym for songs previously, Arrogance Elegant’s sources confirmed splendid October that the singer used to be no longer, the truth is, the creator of the e-book.

So if she’s no longer involved, why are the Swifties unconvinced?

That can maintain one thing to cease with the fact that the respectable Argylle epic on X has embraced the hypothesis by tweeting lyrics from quite a bit of Swift songs. It wasn’t except November 3, after quite a bit of headlines speculated about Swift’s participation, that Conway’s epic tweeted, “Good day to my recent followers. This day I pick up myself asserting the strangest ingredient, nonetheless right here goes. I’m no longer Taylor Swift! We both fancy cats and I fancy her music. I’m obvious that as soon as she writes a e-book she’s going to reveal her title and that is also as lustrous as every thing she does.” (The replies are corpulent of fans declaring that right here is precisely what Swift would negate to throw of us off the scent.)

However the filmmakers have to peaceful be alive to to position the epic straight, pleasing?

Not in particular. Final October, Celebrated Photos didn’t reply to a request for comment from Arrogance Elegant in regards to the Swift hypothesis. When a VF staffer requested a studio pick up after a screening whether or no longer the film itself used to be the truth is in conserving with the as of late launched e-book (or if the e-book used to be merely a movie tie-in), the person mentioned, “I’m able to neither ascertain nor allege!” (Penguin Random Dwelling and Apple TV+, that can moreover merely start the film after its initial theatrical bustle, also did no longer present comment to The Washington Post earlier this month.)

Vaughn finally broke his silence on the rumors this week, telling Rolling Stone in a up-to-the-minute interview, “I’m no longer a vast net man, and it used to be the truth is my daughter who got right here as a lot as me—right here is the vitality of smartly-known person and the win—and mentioned, ‘You never advised me Taylor wrote the e-book!’” he recalled. “And I’m taking a query at her going, ‘What are you talking about Taylor Swift wrote the e-book? She didn’t write the e-book!’ And I was laughing because I was fancy, ‘It’s no longer apt! She didn’t write the e-book!’ However my daughter used to be joyful of it.”

He endured: “There may be an actual e-book…and it’s a terribly splendid e-book. And there is an Elly Conway who wrote the e-book, nonetheless it’s no longer Taylor Swift. And I negate that because I imagine Taylor Swift has a load of of us trying to soar on her bandwagon left, pleasing, and center, and I don’t desire to be a fraction of that membership. I did be taught the conspiracies and I was fancy, Wow, they don’t leave a stone unturned! Nonetheless it’s no longer Taylor Swift. She no doubt didn’t write the e-book.”

Might well presumably possibly Vaughn himself be the important thing creator?

“I desire I had Elly’s skill to write down this kind of fabulous unique, and I enjoy very lucky that I got to make the major Argylle movie,” Vaughn mentioned in an electronic mail despatched to the Fresh York Post by means of his agent. It’s worth noting that copyright to the unconventional is held by Marv Quinn Holdings Restricted, a firm that appears to be like to be registered to Vaughn and his associate, Claudia Schiffer, indicating that they’d well moreover merely maintain enlisted an creator to the truth is kind the e-book.

In her reporting, The Washington Post’s Nguyen spoke with Robert Massey, deputy government director of the Royal Nice Society, who’s indubitably one of three of us thanked in the acknowledgments fragment of Argylle. At some stage in their dialog, Massey did present the title of a novelist whom he advised on a manuscript for a shriveled Penguin Random Dwelling watch thriller. However she didn’t plug by the title Elly Conway.

Who’re the quite a bit of suspected writers?

The title Massey equipped used to be that of Tammy Cohen, a British creator with a dozen psychological thrillers and historic dramas written below three names—Tammy Cohen, Tamar Cohen, and Rachel Rhys. She did no longer reply to an electronic mail from the Post. Neither did her literary agent, Felicity Blunt, who’s married to Stanley Tucci—an actor who looked in Vaughn’s 2021 film, The King’s Man. The splendid that you’re going to moreover think allusion to this mission on Cohen’s Facebook page arrived in February 2023, when she teased “an thrilling SECRET PROJECT”—one which has yet to be disclosed.

There’s also hypothesis that Argylle could well moreover were written by Terry Hayes, creator of I Am Pilgrim, which used to be as soon as attach to be tailored into a film directed by Vaughn. (VF used to be unable to reach a pick up for Hayes for comment.)

What’s most compelling about this belief is that Vaughn made an unprompted mention of Hayes in an interview with Den of Geek splendid month. “It is fascinating, because I’m fancy, Since when has any person been in authors?” he began, adding, “Luxuriate in, cease who Terry Hayes is? So Terry rang me up, because he’s got a e-book coming out called The Year of the Locust, his recent e-book which is coming out in a pair of [months]. And he laughed and mentioned, ‘I desire I had as vital bloody attention as Elly Conway. It’s ridiculous.’” (VF has reached out to a pick up for Vaughn for extra comment.)

Is the genuine e-book any splendid?

The unique debuted to middling critiques on Goodreads, heaps of that are handiest serious about speculating in regards to the Swift of it all. The Telegraph’s Jake Kerridge mentioned in his analysis that whereas he “can’t barely endorse the gigantic claims by Matthew Vaughn on the conceal–‘Right here’s going to reinvent the watch vogue,’” the e-book “is a most fascinating example of the action-thriller vogue.” The Guardian’s Alison Flood called the unconventional “massively melodramatic” and “moderately silly,” nonetheless peaceful “very inviting.” Nonetheless, she deemed Vaughn’s comparison to the Bond sequence to be an overstatement, writing, “Heir to Fleming is pushing it.”

So when will the mystery be solved?

It goes to rely on who the creator is, and how lengthy we are able to plug earlier than the intrigue is no longer any longer winning. If the e-book’s creator winds up being a excessive-profile person, the studio could well moreover select to unmask them old to the film’s start for optimal buzz. In spite of every thing, Vaughn and Conway’s social media address handiest denied the Grammy winner’s authorship after Argylle’s respectable X epic had leaned into the Swift rumors. However if the novelist is more below the radar, his or her identity could well moreover merely never be printed. Why let the presumably anticlimactic reality win in the approach of a juicy fable?

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