Mass Enact used’s unique space RPG confirms multiple endings spanning “years, a few years, and even centuries”

Exodus, an upcoming space RPG from style veterans, will bear multiple endings reckoning on your decisions.

Time dilation could even be known to impress memory, so let’s preserve cease a step motivate. Exodus changed into these days launched by Archetype Leisure, a unique studio with James Ohlen, Chad Robertson, and Chris King on the helm. Their shared gameography entails a pair of of the finest RPGs ever, with Ohlen in bid credited because the lead dressmaker on BioWare classics such because the true Baldur’s Gate, KOTOR, and Jade Empire. 

Exodus’ announcement trailer absolutely had a Mass Enact-flavored sheen, and we now know that the RPG has one thing else mainly with the traditional trilogy: multiple endings. “The ending is one thing that we’re hanging loads of work into,” Ohlen says within the team’s first Q&A video. “Time dilation, and the blueprint it impacts the decisions you make, is the core of the game. It’s what Exodus is all about.”

For folk who haven’t gotten around to Exodus’ first trailer – embedded above – the overall setup borrows from Interstellar, whereby time strikes in every other blueprint for our spacefaring main persona than it does for his or her family or the total civilization. Meaning our decisions will bear tangible results for a few years to achieve and we’ll be ready to scrutinize the ‘future’ first-hand. 

“You are gonna be ready to make momentous decisions and you perhaps will likely be gonna be ready to witness the outcomes of these decisions over the course of years, a few years, and even centuries,” Ohlen continues. 

Online page online-time shenanigans aside, the team also delved into the game’s third-person fight, fantasy inspirations, Centauri Cluster environment, and the now-wanted alien romance. There would possibly be no originate date impartial appropriate but for Exodus, however it without a doubt’ll land on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC when it’s ready. 

Whereas we await Exodus, take a look at out what else is coming in 2024

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