Monster Hunter Sequence Producer Shares Novel Year’s Message Forward Of Twentieth Anniversary

Fan-favourite monster results arriving in March

Capcom has been gearing up for the Twentieth anniversary of Monster Hunter for a whereas now and this day’s Novel Year’s video message from sequence producer Ryozo Tsujimoto affords some indication of what’s in store for 2024.

To make certain, the message isn’t any longer crammed with recordsdata on anniversary plans, though Tsujimoto does ascertain that the outcomes of the fan-favourite monster balloting shall be printed to designate the occasion this March. We can request to salvage in mind a unique portion of art work featuring the three most current monsters too.

As for what else is in store for the occasion (due to we’re assuming that there shall be some more), Capcom is indifferent conserving its cards end to its chest. The Novel Year’s message does show cloak that the official Twentieth-anniversary websites has been up to this level with some unique events, though the announcement of a unique Alatreon resolve and tie-in PC products from MSI hardly ever screams celebrating two a few years in the biz. We’ll correct must encourage and salvage in mind what (if anything else) Capcom has tucked up its sleeve for March.

Expectedly, Tsujimoto’s message also touches on the newly-announced Monster Hunter Wilds which change into printed at TGA 2023, stating that a unique change on the title is coming this summer — though a Nintendo open has indifferent no longer been announced.

There may perchance be also a level out of the sales figures for each Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter: World, which may perchance well well be now sitting on 13 million and 23 million units offered respectively. Right here is the the same milestone for Rise that Capcom shared closing year, though the numbers had been sure to late at some level and 13 million is indifferent nothing to be scoffed at.

Briefly, then, Monster Hunter’s Twentieth anniversary currently contains poll results, art work and a few merch tie-ins. Does Capcom occupy one thing else in store? We wager we are going to discover in the following couple of months.

What are you hoping to salvage in mind in the Monster Hunter Twentieth anniversary? Notify us in the comments.


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