NAMM 2024: “This cutting-edge raze ushers in an remarkable expertise of sustainable audio engineering”: This amp cabinet is absurdly slim and so mild it will be ragged with a guitar strap – meet Illustrious Expertise’s most fresh innovation, the Mannequin Twenty-Two

NAMM 2024: Bear in mind Illustrious Expertise’s ‘flat-panel’ Mannequin Twenty guitar cab from 2022? Successfully, the Florida-basically based fully audio firm has now unveiled its successor: the Mannequin Twenty-Two, which has been marketed as a “cutting-edge raze” that “ushers in an remarkable expertise of sustainable audio engineering.”

In the summertime of ‘22, Illustrious Expertise debuted its Mannequin Twenty – an extremely-slim guitar cab that saved on each weight and condominium whereas concurrently offering an expanded frequency fluctuate. As a product that challenged virtually 70-unfamiliar years of stagnant cab tech, it regarded for all intents and functions to be the formulation forward for guitar cabs.

Now, the logo has returned with yet one other absurdly streamlined offering within the Mannequin Twenty-Two, which retains its predecessor’s penchant for transportability, size and sonic expansion, but extrapolates its raze reason for a important wider fluctuate of uses.

Namely, the fresh cab – described as “the world’s first flat panel appealing guitar speaker” – is designed as each an brisk cab that would possibly perhaps well attend two functions: both as a devoted FRFR speaker for your amp modeler, or a amp and cab simulator to pair with a fashionable pedalboard.

Illustrious Expertise Mannequin Twenty-Two

(Image credit: Illustrious Expertise)

Miraculously, it’s even lighter than the 21lb Mannequin Twenty, with the fresh model weighing in at accurate 16.5lbs. Granted, it’s smaller, but silent generously sized: it’s 16” high and 22” wide. It’s moreover fair a tiny of thicker – 5” moderately than the 2.5” of the ragged model – but with its expanded functions, that’s understandable.

In level of fact, it’s so mild, additionally, you will even wear it with a guitar strap. That’s no longer a humorous story, both: we’ve tried it. Our very hang Editor-in-Chief, Michael Astley-Brown, changed into once available within the market to listen to its sonic potential (courtesy of a Tomo Fujita demo) and expertise its ridiculous lightness.

In be aware, the Mannequin Twenty-Two has an FRFR speaker mode – which, as is trendy with FRFR cabs, obtained’t be pleased an tag on the tone of your modeler – besides to preamp, cab most efficient, and amp and cab modes.

But there’s more to the Mannequin Twenty-Two than merely its sport-altering lightweight profile and multi-reason efficiency. It’s moreover been heralded as “the very first environmentally friendly loudspeaker.”

“The electrical guitar, for over seventy years, has been tethered to outdated expertise, continuously the exercise of the archaic direct radiator loudspeaker,” the logo said in a assertion. “Now, or no longer it’s time to rupture fresh ground with an innovative theory: introducing the world’s first appealing flat panel guitar speaker cabinet. 

“This cutting-edge raze is no longer accurate a leap forward in sound quality, but it absolutely moreover marks a milestone because the very first environmentally friendly loudspeaker. This ushers in an remarkable expertise of sustainable audio engineering.”

Discipline cloth consumption is a good deal reduced, as an instance, on account of its smaller footprint. Its smaller footprint, meanwhile, helps with transportation costs: who desires to load a cab into a gas-guzzling van once additionally, you will sling it over your shoulder and elevate it yourself?

Illustrious Expertise Mannequin Twenty-Two

(Image credit: Michael Astley-Brown/Future)

“Illustrious Expertise’s flat panel speaker raze permits for doubtlessly the most efficient imaginable dynamic response within the speaker market,” the logo goes on. “Imagine having earn admission to to all 350 watts at your fingertips at a moment’s peep and getting the clarity you will even be pleased most efficient dreamed about thanks to this revolutionary raze.

“Coming in at accurate below 20 kilos and five inches thick, any gig, any place, and at anytime is now a risk.”

Preorders will be available within the market next month for $1,600.

Head over to Illustrious Expertise to uncover more.

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