New PUBG Companion Groups Presented – APAC will get the cake!

New list of Companion Groups for PUBG Esports 2024 factual dropped. The “worn eight” all retained their spots, and SEA/APAC gained two accomplice slots.

Per how spots had been divided in the PUBG Esports 2024 announcement, APAC will now earn 6 total team spots at predominant PUBG events this season, making them essentially the most represented residing.

PUBG Esports 2024 Companion Groups.

All old accomplice teams retained their plan this season. The two recent additions are Daytrade Gaming and CERBERUS Esports, both of whom hail from the South East Asia residing. Daytrade representing Thailand and CERBERUS for Vietnam.

Beforehand, most teams from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Oceania had to play in injurious-country APAC or SEA events to qualify and produce aspects. Now now now not lower than two own a guaranteed plan.

The final list of 10 PUBG Companion teams is as follows:

  1. 17Gaming
  2. FaZe CLAN
  3. Four Enraged Males
  4. Gen.G
  5. Natus Vincere
  6. Petrichor Road
  7. Soniqs
  8. Twisted Minds
  9. CERBERUS Esports
  10. Daytrade Gaming

PUBG Companion Groups 2024

Credit: PUBG Esports

Every team on this list has a longtime and effectively-rounded roster rather then Natus Vincere. The recent all-Ukranian roster of NAVI is now now not field tested, that contains mostly inexperienced persons on the squad with very restricted skills. It stays to be considered if the avid gamers are up to snuff on the gigantic stage critically when incomes free qualification spots in most events.

The recent PUBG season remains to be a tiny more than a month away. The predominant residing of matches are residing for March, with the predominant predominant tournament occurring in May presumably well furthermore.

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