Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Ending Explained

Process Pressure X’s struggle in opposition to Brainiac is correct starting up.

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Feb 3, 2024 3:00 pm

Warning: this article comprises fats spoilers for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League!

After a lengthy collection of delays, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is out on this planet. And DC fans all settle on to know — pause you for sure atomize the Justice League? How does this bloody shuffle pause?

Now that the game is out of early access and within the market to all avid gamers, we’re here to crumple the ending to the original Suicide Squad game, the blueprint it impacts the Arkham-verse, and the blueprint it sets up future DLC campaigns. As a consequence of if there’s one factor optimistic by the point the credits roll, it’s that Harley Quinn and the gang level-headed dangle loads of killing sooner than them.

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Attain You If truth be told Kill the Justice League?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League does indeed are residing up to its title. Your complete Justice League is pointless by the pause of the game, including Superman, Batman, Shock Lady, Flash and Inexperienced Lantern. Practically all these iconic heroes are brainwashed by Brainiac to attend in his conquest of Earth, leaving Amanda Waller handiest too happy to recruit Process Pressure X to assassinate them.

How does this form of motley crew of incarcerated supervillains (handiest one of whom even has superhuman powers) space up to annihilate the realm’s supreme tidy-crew? It could perchance perchance well additionally fair seem love a stretch, but the game works to elaborate that main energy hole. The crew is aided by a group of fellow villains sooner or later of the game, including Toyman, Lex Luthor, Penguin, and Gizmo, all of whom provide precious objects or anti-metahuman weaponry. As an illustration, the crew is decked out in anti-Bustle Pressure tech, allowing them to come to a decision down the Fastest Man Alive. Later, they utilize Gold Kryptonite-laced weapons to degree the taking half in self-discipline with Superman.

The game also positions Batman as a crucial handy resource in opposition to the Justice League. The Squad discovers a recording Batman left within the support of intended for his sidekicks, one designed to relief them decide on the Justice League ought to level-headed the crew ever run rogue. Batman has compiled a group of “Babel” files, contingency plans for every member of the League. That’s a reference to the droll book storyline JLA: Tower of Babel, where Ra’s al Ghul steals Batman’s contingency plans and makes utilize of them to come to a decision down the crew himself.

It’ll level-headed be pointed out that Shock Lady is the one Justice League member who isn’t compromised by Brainiac within the game. She performs a supporting role within the myth, now and again popping up to struggle her fallen comrades. Shock Lady sooner or later takes on Superman and manages to stab him with a shard of Kryptonite, but the Man of Steel kills her within the device.

As you’d ask, no longer all DC fans are pleased with how the League is taken down within the game. Batman’s loss of life specifically is a source of main contention, brooding about that here’s the same model of the Darkish Knight from Rocksteady’s Arkham video games. These deaths also elevate the quiz how the realm can switch forward with a Justice League to provide protection to it. Who fills that energy vacuum? We don’t know if here’s one thing which might additionally fair be explored in future myth tell. Perhaps a crew love the Justice Society will step in, or perchance the League will likely be rebuilt with a extra eclectic roster of heroes. Did someone converse Justice League Detroit?

The Closing Struggle With Brainiac

As befits a game where the villains are compelled to alter into the saviors of the realm, Lex Luthor is one of your chief allies in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Two of them, in point of fact. Luthor is de facto killed by the brainwashed Flash, but it’s later published that he became collaborating with his counterpart from Earth-2. Earth-2 Luthor crosses over to Earth-1 and turns into the Squad’s Most great asset within the ramp-up to struggling with Brainiac. This multiverse will originate the backbone of the blueprint forward for the game going forward.

It’s this Luthor who discovers the darkish truth within the support of Brainiac’s conquest. Brainiac has been colluding with 12 of his alternate selves from loads of universes. Their closing plot isn’t correct to beat Earths, but the total multiverse. Luthor builds a instrument to extract data from Brainiac’s solutions, hoping to expose a technique to pause this

As you’d ask, the game does culminate in a closing boss struggle with Brainiac. Harley and the crew are decked out in tech that protects them from Brainiac’s solutions-modify powers, and so they come bringing the most attention-grabbing anti-metahuman weaponry they’ve been in a location to scavenge in Metropolis. Brainiac modifies his possess physique for this closing struggle, allowing him to faucet into the Bustle Pressure love Flash and switch sooner or later of the battlefield at lightning stagger.

After a lengthy, frantic struggle, the Suicide Squad finally prevails over Brainiac. He’s taken out — but no longer killed — and imprisoned within a diminutive storage instrument. Though the Squad very virtually succeeds in suffocating him within the device. In the extinguish, Waller and Luthor are in a location to harvest the details they need from Brainiac’s solutions, after which the villain does die and his physique dematerializes. It’s at this point the crew learns correct how great work they’ve left sooner than them.

The Brainiac of the Elseworlds

As mentioned, Earth-2 Luthor discovers that Brainiac has been colluding with 12 of his alternate selves from other universes. The details harvested from Brainiac’s solutions gives them a place to begin, but handiest by searching out down and killing the closing Brainiacs can the Suicide Squad definitely pause the likelihood to their world and the multiverse at gargantuan.

That’s successfully where the game ends. It’s an most important extra originate-ended conclusion than we seen within the different Arkham video games and that’s by design. Whereas Arkham Asylum and its sequels immediate finite stories with definitive endings, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is environment up future playable tell with its ending.

The ending is absolutely a foundation for Rocksteady’s DLC highway design, that can embody as a minimum four seasons of most trendy tell. Every season will add a playable personality to the roster (the predominant being the Joker) and just a few variations of Brainiac to struggle. The vital season will likely be released in March 2024, with the remainder to observe over the direction of a year.

Joker is becoming a member of Process Pressure X within the game's first DLC fall.
Joker is becoming a member of Process Pressure X within the game’s first DLC fall.

It’s unclear correct how great original myth tell will likely be incorporated in each season. On the opposite hand, we pause know the DLC gives without prolong with the concept of Elseworlds, one other title for the DC multiverse. That’s how Joker is being added to the solid despite the Clown Prince of Crime having died on the pause of 2011’s Arkham City. The original stages is in total space in other Earths within the multiverse, and ought to level-headed even feature alternate variations of the Justice Leaguers killed within the predominant myth mode.

The genuine quiz is whether here’s all constructing to a genuine ending for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. What happens when the Thirteenth and closing Brainiac is killed? Is there a loads of ending rewarding avid gamers for sticking with the game for a fats year? We might perchance perchance additionally fair must wait some time yet before learning how this game definitely ends.

What pause you believe of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s ending? Will you be taking half within the total DLC within the hope of unlocking the genuine ending to the game? Let us know within the comments. And carry out obvious to confirm out IGN’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League evaluate.

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