Tucker Carlson Announces Interview With Putin. He’s Praised the Russian Leader for Years

The extinct Fox News host and longtime Kremlin well-liked has in the end bought his prolonged-sought interview with Russia’s authoritarian chief

Tucker Carlson confirmed on Tuesday that he’s going to be interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin real by procedure of his ongoing lag back and forth to Moscow. Carlson, a longtime defender of Putin’s authoritarian regime, will almost definitely be the foremost American journalist granted a one-on-one interview with the dictator since Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine. 

Within the video launched on X (beforehand Twitter), Carlson confirmed that the interview is scheduled to take build, however didn’t provide a originate date. The extinct Fox News host acknowledged that “there are dangers to conducting an interview relish this,” however that he considers it his “duty” to “expose folk.” 

Carlson advised that the central theme of the interview will almost definitely be the ongoing battle between Russia and Ukraine. “Most American citizens are no longer told, they originate no longer contain any unswerving opinion what’s taking place on this build … their media shops are inferior. They mislead their readers and viewers, and so they attain that largely by omission,” Carlson stated. “We’re no longer here on account of we relish Vladimir Putin. We’re here on account of we relish the United States, and we settle on it to stay prosperous and free.”  

For the length of his tenure at Fox News, Carlson many cases drew backlash for his staunch protection of Russia and the Kremlin’s policies. The criticism escalated dramatically after Carlson declared on air that he modified into once outright “[rooting] for Russia” in 2019, as tensions escalated between Ukraine and Putin’s regime. 

Tucker: “Why attain I care what is taking place in the warfare between Ukraine and Russia? I’m serious. Why mustn’t I root for Russia? Which by the manner I am.” pic.twitter.com/OQopoxPYD9

— nikki mccann ramírez (@NikkiMcR) November 26, 2019

Days before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in February of 2022, Carlson told Fox News viewers that American citizens had no unswerving reason to “dislike” Putin, and attempted to hyperlink President Joe Biden’s enhance for Ukraine to unproven allegations that the president licensed hundreds and hundreds of bucks from the Ukrainian nationals. 

Because the battle unfolded, Carlson ramped up his pro-Kremlin rhetoric and criticism of enhance for the Ukrainian executive, to the level that his announces had been many cases lauded by Russian train tv. In March of 2022, Mother Jones bought a Kremlin memo that encouraged train-managed media shops to “spend as great as that you want to perhaps consider fragments of announces of the favored Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who sharply criticizes the actions of the United States [and] NATO, their detrimental feature in unleashing the warfare in Ukraine, [and] the defiantly fascinating habits from the leadership of the Western worldwide locations and NATO in opposition to the Russian Federation and in opposition to President Putin, in my thought.”

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Amongst basically the most famous objects of Russian disinformation promoted by Carlson had been false claims that the United States modified into once manufacturing natural weapons internal Ukrainian laboratories. Carlson went up to now as to net a barely veiled attack in opposition to his then-Fox News colleague Jennifer Griffin after she truth-checked the false claims on air. 

Carlson has prolonged sought a face-to-face with Putin. In July 2021, he accused the Nationwide Security Company of spying on his communications with Russian intermediaries as he attempted to real an interview, and of plotting to contain him ousted from Fox News. In a rare pass, the NSA issued an tell denial of the accusation, writing that Carlson “has by no procedure been an intelligence goal of the Company and the NSA has by no procedure had any plans to take a watch at to take his program off the air.” 


Now that Carlson has attained his longtime goal, the extinct host is the usage of the specter of censorship in an try to gin up viewership of the upcoming interview. Carlson acknowledged that he’d secured a promise from X proprietor Elon Musk “no longer to suppress or block this interview.” 

“Western governments, in disagreement, will completely attain their most effective to censor this video and other less principled platforms on account of that’s what they attain,” Carlson added. 

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