Feeble Patriots OL Well off Ohrnberger As soon as Crashed His Vehicle to Keep far from Invoice Belichick Spat

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We’ve all been there.

You are on your car, running slow to work and attempting to come encourage up with an excuse to lead clear of the scorn of your boss. Did you’ve a family emergency? Dismay did not work? Most likely you staunch flip around the automobile, deceptive ill and play hooky for the day?

Within the case of broken-down Original England Patriots offensive lineman Well off Ohrnberger, he determined to consume it a step further: He crashed his car on motive.

Ohrnberger published the wild myth Thursday on his San Diego XTRA 1360 radio sign, pronouncing he awoke slow one morning for put together and scared because he feared he’d be slit by Invoice Belichick for tardiness.

“I look for a church van in entrance of me that is all dinged up, and it be bought the dark smoke coming out of the consume pipe, and I am staunch like, ‘I am gonna hit this car,'” Ohrnberger talked about.

Ohrnberger then proceeded to hump his Chevy Tahoe into the church van, which used to be being pushed by an aged man.

No one used to be injured, and Ohrnberger told the myth as a laugh evidence of Belichick’s strict nature.

On the other hand, here is a myth that may well maybe comprise had a far worse shatter consequence if the replacement driver would comprise been injure.

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