From The Bey-Hive To The Barbz: Celeb Fandoms RANKED By Intensity

Followers are the lifeblood of any artist’s success. Without them, the tune, clothing, and bellow material they push would dawdle nowhere, main to heaps of our faves chickening out from the highlight.

Needless to train, there are fans and there are fandoms, A.Okay.A. collective dapper-fans who accept themselves so enamored with a public figure that they name with fellow supporters as a singular unit. Whereas here is technically nothing new in leisure (divulge out to the Trekkies!), the ability for a fandom itself to assemble the news thanks to their fevered strengthen on an on a usual foundation foundation is a somewhat new phenomenon.

Whereas there are innumerable fandoms at some stage in tune — from Lady Gaga and her Monsters to Kelly Rowland’s Rowland Stones — for this checklist, we’ve chosen to specialise in basically the most intense fanbases that dedicate their time, timelines, and cool robust cash to their faves, in particular inside of Hip-Hop and R&B tune.

Take a look at out the discontinue six fandoms below.

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