Gerard Butler Suffered Acid Burns to His Face While Filming Aircraft

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As the star of hasten films worship 300 and Olympus Has Fallen, Gerard Butler is ragged to doing some strenuous exercises and stunt work, however his most present project alive to an extremely gnarly atomize. Within the thriller Aircraft, Butler plays a pilot who atomize-lands on an island and must strive and restore the airplane while also conserving his passengers from violent separatists—however essentially the most threatening scene to film became Butler vs. the airplane itself.

“It be now no longer related what I’m doing, I organize to hurt myself,” he acknowledged in a present interview with Seth Meyers. “It became on the scene where… I’m searching to bag something that’s scandalous with the airplane sooner than we are able to judge off with this final sequence, and it is something within the wheel, so it is a brake. Now I’m sticking my hand between these two wheels and I’m pretending that I do know what I’m doing, and it is so sharp, whatever’s in there, every time I elevate my hands up they’re covered in blood and green fluid, and I’m worship ‘I draw now no longer know what this green fluid is.'”

“We’re also shooting in Puerto Rico, so I’m covered in sweat, and the adrenaline, and the nose is working and everything,” he persisted. “And I train especially with Covid, you realize why this thing spreads, pretty, because I’m rubbing my face, and all straight away it is in my throat, it is in my mouth, it is up my nose, it is in my eyes, it is burning my face. And I mean burning. And it seems right here is genuinely phosphoric acid.”

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Gerard Butler Burned His Face with Phosphoric Acid While Filming Aircraft

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“The airline pilots that were there observing poke ‘No!’ They’re searching to set apart water on my face. ‘Personal now no longer set apart water! This could occasionally perhaps extinguish it worse!’ And I’m correct worship, burning alive,” he added. “So it became intense. And it essentially burned for hours, however it became sizable for the sequence… The leisure for the work.”

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