Gnosis (GNO) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025: Will GNO Price Streak Up?

As retailers’ interests diverge from ventures which could be opinion to be mainstream, the crypto-verse has been begin to proper innovation. Several cryptocurrency initiatives with breakthrough enhancements be pleased emerged available within the market. One such venture is Gnosis, which is a decentralized prediction market network that is begin-provide and constructed on the Ethereum network.

The firm’s core dreams encompass personalized recordsdata search, the habitual for predictive sources. And evolving as the wonderful forecasting tool within the industry. The significant interoperable merchandise of Gnosis are mature for creating, trading, and preserving digital sources on Ethereum. 

Gnosis’ GNO had manifested a exquisite label hike with a foremost margin, in basically the most contemporary previous. Investment consultants had been hoping for one such outburst. Are you one amongst the many pretty pretty just a few folks who’re wrathful by GNO? Be troubled now not – as we’ve got you covered with our GNO  label prediction for 2022 and beyond!


Cryptocurrency Gnosis
Token GNO
USD Price $157.29
Market Cap $405,741,327
Trading Volume $4,309,919
Circulating Present 2,579,588.00 GNO 
All-time high $1088.87 (Nov 16, 2021)
All-time low $7.05 (Mar 13, 2020)

The statistics are from press time. 

Gnosis (GNO) Price Prediction

Year Doubtless Low Moderate Price Doubtless High
2022 $175.6 $201.8 $235.2
2023 $217.7 $283.6 $400.8
2024 $335.4 $459.3 $597.5
2025 $485.9 $638.1 $894.8

Gnosis Price Prediction For 2022

GNO had a bullish originate as much as the 365 days with a label of $529. Nonetheless, appropriate from the 1st of January the associated price step by step began bumping appropriate down to reach $280 on the 21st of January. The volatility raised its bars as the coin again walked into an uptrend reaching $378 on the 16th of February.

The cost saved revolving around the $350 label margin till the 30th of March when it confronted one other peak at $469. Nonetheless, this surge was for the immediate term, as the coin had been under bearish tension since then. It fell to reach $314 on the 27th of April. 

Following a proper downtrend, the token struck $225 on the 13th of Might possibly also. The downfall noticed no bar as the associated price was $191 on the Fifth of June. The lack of motivation was precipitated by the adaptations amongst entrepreneurs. Which moreover precipitated foremost drops within the trading charts. Conversely, at the time of writing the coin was viewed trading at $158

GNO Price Forecast For Q3

Gnosis protocol V2 batch auctions provide maximum extractable price safety and integration with liquidity sources in decentralized exchanges for wonderful-priced trades. That being stated, bigger interoperability can push GNO’s label to hit $192.6 within the third quarter.

On the assorted hand, a lack of trading mutter and passion would possibly situation off the associated price to tumble to $147.4. The average label would possibly prove at $170 when the bullish and bearish targets are taken into memoir.

Gnosis Price Forecast For Q4

Contributors can replace and gain market data on account of the efficient data search and sharing capability of Gnosis. Making informed market decisions will befriend in adjusting the worth of market commodities. This, alongside with optimism of the fourth quarter, would possibly result in a original top of $235.2.

Nonetheless, a lack of ambitious future traits would possibly well raise the associated price tumble to $175.6. Without a external influences, a linear label estimate would possibly situation the associated price at $201.8.

GNO Price Prediction For 2023

The foundations of Gnosis emphasize placing the neighborhood at the forefront. It hosts the Beefy Node co-working centre for decentralized digital enhancements and DappCon, a nonprofit event for the Ethereum neighborhood. That being stated, an magnify in user defective would possibly peak its price at $400.8.

As a replacement, failing to cement its dominance amid escalating competition The cryptocurrency would possibly crash to its low of $217.7. On the assorted hand, restricted by a linear stream, GNO would possibly settle at a median price of $283.6.

Gnosis Crypto Price Prediction For 2024

The coin would possibly gain pleasure from neighborhood-building and approaching near upgrades. This, alongside with predictions for the fourth quarter, would possibly result in a original file of $597.5. Nonetheless, a dearth of optimistic vogue efforts would possibly well raise the associated price appropriate down to $335.4. Also, a linear label estimate would possibly situation the associated price at $459.3.

Gnosis Price Prediction For 2025

Gnosis’ aim is to maintain it straightforward for programmers to create dApps on top of Gnosis as a decentralized, permissionless ecosystem. Additionally, it presents a devkit to enable building your very be pleased case on the defective of the platform as simply as likely. This would possibly dart its maximum label to reach $894.8 by 2025.

A bearish divergence, despite the incontrovertible truth that, would possibly amassed now not be brushed aside. If collapsed the associated price would possibly pattern at the stage of about $485.9. The average price would possibly reach $638.1 if both bullish and bearish targets are taken into memoir.

What Does the Market Advise? 

Wallet Investor

Fixed with the GNO label prediction by Wallet Investor. The cost of the altcoin would possibly surge to a maximum of $399.325 by the ruin of 2022. Whereas a reversal in trends would possibly well knock the associated price appropriate down to $231.189. A steadiness in replace practices would possibly well land the associated price at $321.706. The analysts from the company be pleased situation the utmost closing target for 2025 at $872.214

Digital Coin Price

Digital Coin Price expects the GNO label to cruise as high as $224.07 by the annual replace closure of 2022. The company moreover hosts the prediction for the prolonged term. Successively, the utmost closing targets for 2023 and 2025 are situation at $547.136 and $872.214 respectively. 

Price Prediction

The prediction web spot hosts the Gnosis label prediction for both the immediate and the prolonged term. Accordingly, GNO is forecasted to propel to a maximum of $322.42 by the ruin of 2022. That being stated, the pricer targets for 2023 and 2025 are situation at $483.25 and $1000.06

Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts expects the worth of GNO to surge to a maximum of $195.826 by the conclusion of the original 365 days. Successively, the minimal and average closing targets for the 365 days are situation at $133.162 and $156.661. Trading Beasts has pinned the utmost closing target for 2025 at $390.227.  

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What Is Gnosis?

Gnosis is a decentralized-prediction-machine developed on the Ethereum protocol. The machine helps folks safely create, replace, and lend a hand virtual currencies on Ethereum by technique of its three constructed-in choices. Customers can in finding data about impending occurrences and create forecasts the use of its services. 

Other folks would possibly situation up a prediction marketplace on the app that anybody can wager on. Sports activities, inventory market changes, climate forecasts, and political interests are all featured occasions by the Gnosis. The significant aim of the industry is to raise personalized recordsdata searching out out and prognostic sources to create a ambitious forecasting tool. 

Essentially, Gnosis is in line with the postulate that a neighborhood’s collective prophecies are frequently more proper than even these made by an knowledgeable. The Gnosis safe, in most cases incessantly known as a multi-signalling wallet, enables a neighborhood of customers to manage their money collaboratively. To feature with web3 wallets, it retail outlets ETH and ERC-20 money.

Most foremost Diagnosis

Gnosis (GNO) went dwell in 2015 as a element of ConsenSys, an Ethereum mission manufacturing company, by Martin Koppelmann and Stefan George. In April 2017, Gnosis was lucky to gain funding and situation up store on its be pleased in Gibraltar. 

Gnosis currently employs more than 50 of us globally, with its significant manufacturing centre positioned at the co-working residence Beefy Node in Berlin. Excellent contracts constructed on Ethereum are mature by the Gnosis network. As spruce contracts are housed on the Ethereum network, the nodes, and miners who mutter Proof-of-Work to retain the Ethereum network stable moreover purchase care of frequent privacy. 

Moreover, to ensure the code in their spruce contracts is original, safe, and compliant with the Ethereum framework, the Gnosis ecosystem moreover performs routine audits. Which potential that, it presents increased security as nicely as original parts in conjunction with multi-element authentication, enhanced DApp compatibility & interplay, and increased restoration ways.

CoinPedia’s GNO Price Prediction 

Gnosis would maintain attention with more moderen traits and partnerships. Also,  the platform will enhance its efficiency to extra magnify its prediction machine. The ecosystem, on account of this truth, stands an out of the ordinary alternative of attaining foremost benchmarks.

Fixed with the GNO label forecast by Coinpedia, the forex would possibly well reach file highs. In gentle of these adaptations, GNO would possibly on account of this truth replace around $235 by the ruin of 2022. On the flip aspect, if the network doesn’t dwell as much as expectations, it’s a long way going to hit a low of $175.

Historical Market Sentiments


  • The Gnosis label went as much as $266 in 2017 from its begin date label of $30.
  • The cost extra spiked to $331 within the heart of August creating original highs.
  • The token ended the 365 days at $268 coming into a bull speed.


  • The cost of the coin posthaste touched $409 on the Fifth of January.
  • After this unexpected peak, the coin straight began rolling down.
  • The cost fell by $60 in April and from there it did now not gape any predominant up pattern for the rest of the 365 days.


  • The 365 days did now not turn into a lucky 365 days for the virtual forex as the associated price remained stable.
  • The token traded below $30 for almost your full 365 days with no predominant development.


  • After receiving a bullish kickstart, the forex’s price, on the other hand, began to claim no and remained low reaching an all-time low of $7.05 on March 13th, 2020.
  • GNO, on the other hand, made a comeback and closed 2020 at $75.50.


  • With just a few sporadic dips, Gnosis retained its upward pattern in 2021.
  • It struck an all-time high of $1,088.87 on November 16th.
  • The coin then had a retracement and terminated the 365 days at $532.12.

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Q: Is Gnosis a appropriate investment?

A: GNO has been a volatile coin and would possibly well even be opinion to be for the prolonged term, at the same time as evaluating its fundamentals.

Q: What Does Gnosis Coin Make?

A: Gnosis is an Ethereum-primarily based mostly token that is primarily mature to stake OWL tokens and to earn prizes. Users can moreover lock GNO for a maximum of one 365 days.

Q: What’s going to the utmost label of GNO be by the ruin of 2022?

A: Fixed with our GNO label prediction, the digital token’s label would possibly well surge as high as $235.2.

Q: What would possibly be the average label of GNO by 2025?

A: The coin is anticipated to regulate a median label of $638.1 by the ruin of 2025. 

Q: The set up can I raise Gnosis?

A: It is available within the market for trading at predominant exchanges like Binance,, AscendEX, Uniswap, Kraken, Sushiswap, and so forth…

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