Here is What Took self-discipline to Every of Griselda Blanco’s Sons

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THE NEW NETFLIX minute series Griselda follows the lifetime of injurious Colombian drug queenpin Griselda Blanco, played by an nearly-unrecognizable Sofia Vergara. Govt produced by the inventive personnel within the abet of Narcos, Griselda follows the drug trafficker’s ascent thru the prison underworld of Miami within the ’70s and ’80s, and depicts with brutal, lurid detail the violent ferocity with which she would dole out intimidation and punishment to of us that opposed or betrayed her.

Additionally mentioned within the show are Blanco’s four sons—Dixon Trujillo-Blanco, Uber Trujillo-Blanco, Osvaldo Trujillo-Blanco, and Michael Corleone Blanco—whom she inducted into her cartel and who enjoyed lavish existence on the spoils of the cocaine alternate forward of her inevitable arrest and conviction.

In the last episode of Griselda, Blanco is visited in penal complex by June Hawkins, a exact-existence intelligence agent played by Juliana Aidén Martinez, who informs her that three of her four sons had been killed.

“Dixon modified into shot while he modified into strolling to his automobile,” Hawkins tells Blanco. “Ozzy modified into in a crowded nightclub. Uber modified into shot in Colombia modified into he modified into making a drug deal.” It’s heavily implied that every person three had been murdered by rival drug lords in retribution for Blanco’s cling actions.



What genuinely occurred to Griselda’s sons?

In accordance with the Miami News Cases, Blanco’s three oldest sons Dixon, Uber and Osvaldo are all lifeless, and CBS News has corroborated that at the least two of them had been murdered.

Blanco’s youngest son Michael is aloof alive. He modified into a solid member on the VH1 actuality series Cartel Crew, and now runs the plan of life tag Pure Blanco. He and his partner Marie are presently suing Netflix and the creators of Griselda, claiming that the show is per recordings of conversations Michael had with producers for which he acquired no compensation.

“Netflix, as we’ve alleged, is the utilization of these suggestions that had been portion of interviews that had been memorialized, and writings and notes. No person else would possibly per chance maybe also cling those suggestions and no-one else would possibly per chance maybe also cling those tales,” Michael has acknowledged, adding that he believes the show has misrepresented his mother and “misappropriated” his family’s story.

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