Huawei P60 series tipped to commence with up as much as now, doubtlessly a pair of, 50MP rear cameras

The latest Huawei P60 render. (Source: Lukalio Luka by Weibo)
The latest Huawei P60 render. (Source: Lukalio Luka by Weibo)

Huawei is slated to be pleased done something more fashioned with the rear camera construct of its allegedly upcoming P60 smartphone series. Now, the gadgets would perchance blueprint with a minimum of 1 50MP rear camera apiece, that will additionally advise an upgrade over their P50 predecessors that involves more contemporary Sony sensors.

Huawei is believed to be pleased gone by a renaissance in P-series construct for its contemporary flagships’ successors. The perchance ensuing rear panel poke would perchance quiet be nook-mounted, but, as Lukalio Luka muses in posting the latest renders essentially essentially based on these rumors, appear to were designed to opt an unswerving camera within the procedure of its 3 lenses and flash.

Now, the tipster Digital Chat Predicament claims to be pleased some initial perception on the sensors within the again of this novel module. This possible up as much as now, also to be stumbled on on Weibo, functions to sensors from both the IMX7 and IMX8 Sony series.

Which will indicate a mixture of more established smartphone cameras equivalent to the 766 and more contemporary choices equivalent to the 800 or even 890, perchance within the equivalent 60-series unit.

Digital Chat Predicament also vaguely hints that the largest round lens within the alleged novel P60 poke is the most considerable shooter, that will be joined by a zoom lens judging by the smaller sq. lower-out next to it.

Within the meantime, the alleged tertiary camera would perchance tag the rest at this point within the ‘novel Huawei smartphone’ leak direction of from broad-attitude to monochrome photography.

Nonetheless, the P60 series lacks concrete interior specs or the rest admire a commence date at this stage.

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