Ikki Sawamura Gets in on twenty sixth Detective Conan Anime Movie Solid

Ikki Sawamura Gets in on twenty sixth Detective Conan Anime Movie Solid

by Joseph Luster
January 18, 2023

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The twenty sixth Detective Conan anime movieDetective Conan: Kurogane no Submarine—is space to originate in Japan on April 14, and earlier than that we have one other contemporary solid member to introduce. Ikki Sawamura (Tomoya Shinohara in reside-movement Gokusen) has been solid as director of Interpol’s Pacific Buoy facility, Yosuke Makino.

Right here’s the personality’s sort:


This time’s discipline is space within the ocean near the Hachijo-jima island, Tokyo. Engineers from spherical the sphere have gathered for the paunchy-scale operation of “Pacific Buoy,” an offshore facility to join safety cameras owned by the worldwide police forces. A take a look at of a determined “contemporary expertise” basically based on a face recognition system is underway there.

Meanwhile, Conan and the Detective Boys seek recommendation from Hachijo-jima at Sonoko’s invitation and receive a mobile phone call from Subaru Okiya (a graduate student within the Graduate College of Engineering at Tokyo Metropolitan College, who is an FBI agent Shuichi Akai and a shaded-robed organization’s Rye) informing them that a Europol worker used to be murdered in Germany by the Dark Group’s Jin.

Conan, who is panicked, sneaks into the potential and finds that a female engineer has been kidnapped by the Dark Group…! Furthermore, a USB drive containing determined recordsdata in her possession ends up within the hands of the organization… A shaded shadow also creeps up on Ai Haibara (Detective Boys’ Ai Haibara / Shiho Miyano / the Dark Group’s Shelly)…

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