Inner Startup Battlefield: Enlighten Hi there to the Startup Battlefield Winner

Welcome to the last episode of Inner Startup Battlefield. Thanks so grand for being attentive to our miniseries all about TechCrunch’s pitch competition. Now, it’s the moment we’ve all been awaiting — the winner is presented!

In this episode, we derive to know the winner of the 2022 Startup Battlefield competition. We’ll hear what’s next for their firm and derive insight from TechCrunch workers, VCs and target market individuals on why they were the appealing replace. Novel episodes of Inner Startup Battlefield tumble every Monday. Be sure to aim the total varied podcasts in the TechCrunch Podcast Network: Came all the very best contrivance thru, Equity, The TechCrunch Podcast, Chain Reaction and The TechCrunch Dwell Podcast.

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