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Now that trend is in dressed-up mode, Johanna Ortiz and her line of upscale tidy birthday party apparel seem to be in a excellent put. She has constantly stuck to her guns: Now the trend is staunch catching up with her.

On the present time’s presentation used to be held within the plush areas of a Parisian eating room, with web page visitors sitting in spherical printed velvet banquettes. “Drop isn’t the very best season for me,” said Ortiz. “The put I dwell, it’s constantly summer season.” Cali, the Colombian metropolis the put her social-conscious firm relies fully, is is named being the Capital of Salsa. No wonder Ortiz’s chuffed disposition is on the coronary heart of her birthday party-pleasant line.

This season she and her mostly female team were into slimmer and elongated silhouettes, low-waisted, slender and gently physique skimming— nothing within the series used to be on the slinky, too revealing or tight fitting aspect. She saved things sensual and tasteful. “Glamour and consolation can coexist,” she said.

Feisty ruffles and swaying fringes alternated with cleaner shapes, somewhat of infused with a bohemian ’70s vibe; the trend designer’s favorite prints were offered in dauntless, blown up renditions of her put of birth’s eucalyptuses and palm bushes, contrasting with allover shadowy, warm brown, or rust. A standout used to be a low-slung, poet-sleeved tunic softly draped on the waist, cut in undercover agent-thru velvet devoré in a shadowy-and-gold geometric sample. To enhance the night offer, Ortiz added a series of keen tailor-made double breasted shadowy blazers made in collaboration with Spanish designate The Coarse Series; some came embroidered on the again with a palm tree motif.

As a trend designer and entrepreneur who has built a successful sustainable industry, Ortiz is conscious of an aspect or two about perseverance and keeping it certain: “Residing within the now and embracing what lifestyles throws at you it’s what counts,” she said. “The field is worrying ample, we know that. For me, trend is a inventive come of conveying emotions, to give women moments of pleasure.”

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