Kim Kardashian Sold a Spoiled Pendant Made Famend by Princess Diana—See Pics

No longer overjoyed with starving herself staunch into a costume once outmoded by Famend Tragically Slow Blonde Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian has now picked up a bauble previously outmoded by Famend Tragically Slow Blonde Princess Diana.

At a up to date Sotheby’s public sale, Kardashian’s earn bought the Attalah Spoiled, an amethyst pendant made by the Garrard jewelry firm for Naim Attallah, CBE. Per an announcement given to Page Six, the thing is one-of-a-kind and used to be lent to Diana—the correct individual to ever place on it—on extra than one times. She famously wore it on her dangle string of pearls at a charity tournament in London in 1987, and while it appears to be like esteem the epitome of gaudy ’80s excess, it used to be it sounds as if designed in 1920!

Tim Graham/Getty Photography

The Skims founder paid $197,453, it sounds as if twice what the public sale dwelling expected it to ranking. “We’re blissful that this share has stumbled on a brand new hire of existence interior the arms of but some other globally considerable name,” Kristian Spofforth, the pinnacle of bijou at Sotheby’s London, shared in a statement obtained by Page Six. The public sale is the percentage’s first appearance in public since Diana’s loss of life


This is no longer the first time Kim Kardashian’s dropped serious bucks to dangle but some other lady’s accent. In 2017 she shelled out $379,500 for a Cartier wristwatch given to Jackie O by her brother-in-legislation Prince Radziwill, per TMZ. The same outlet experiences she’s picked up objects from the estate of Elizabeth Taylor, though sources didn’t specify what. 

News of the acquisition used to be met with a resounding “meh” on Twitter, the establish one individual accused the would-be legal expert of “amassing horcruxes.”

It all raises the question: What subsequent? The tiara Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Grace Kelly’s marriage ceremony ring? The conventional Birkin? The headband that strangled Isadora Duncan?! The woman won’t stay till she owns every culturally connected accent. Let’s factual hope she does no longer get robbed at gunpoint! All but again!

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