KSI vs. FaZe Temperrr: Reside outcomes, highlights, news and updates

The worlds of social media, gaming and truth TV are build to collide within the boxing ring this day with varied characters attempting to enlarge their followings and compose a buck by their perversion of the candy science.

If you happen to delight in any of these folks, or are excellent-attempting morbidly well-known concerning the cult of megastar, right here’s your have faith residence to remember them swing sloppy punches at each diversified till they gasoline out.

Tonight’s fare is MF & DAZN: X-Sequence 004 which is headlined by the wildly standard KSI (owner of Misfit Boxing). He’s taking on FaZe Temperr (a talented gamer). He became presupposed to be stopping Dillion Danis, but Danis pulled out closing week.

KSI is arguably to blame for this current kind of megastar boxing. He got the ball rolling on all this excellent-attempting prior to the pandemic when he fought Logan Paul in a white collar boxing match. Those two ran it support below educated options in DAZN, stopping to a procedure.

Now we now fill got KSI and the Paul brothers drawing more web disclose online visitors than most UFC fight evening cards. What a world.

Corpulent outcomes:

MF cruiserweight championship: KSI (c) vs. FaZe Temper

MF light heavyweight championship: Slim (c) vs. Tom Zanetti

Cruiserweight: Salt Papi vs. Josh Brueckner

Cruiserweight: Ryan Taylor vs. Swarmz

Light heavyweight: Mystery opponent vs. BDave

Gigantic lightweight: Elle Brooke vs. Faith Ordway

Light heavyweight: Anthony Taylor vs. Idris Virgo

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