Most attention-grabbing Electric Razors For Girls 2023

The ideal electric razors for girls folks yelp gentle, stubble-free pores and skin or evenly trimmed physique hair with zero nicks or irritation. They’re faster and more handy to make exhaust of than a manual razor or scissors, too, since they don’t customarily require shaving cream, cleaning soap or a natty long-established hand. Their cutter blades and foils are made of hypoallergenic, rust-resistant topic cloth, and they transfer effortlessly over curves and crannies; they’re additionally no longer gradual to make exhaust of or costly to preserve. You would possibly seemingly perhaps also grip and maneuver an correct one effortlessly with wet or dry fingers, payment it speedy and rely upon the battery to final for a pair of sessions. Sparkling, sturdy attachments streamline all-over grooming.

My snatch for basically the most straightforward electric razor for girls folks total is the Philips SatinShave Prestige Girls’s … [+] Electric Shaver due to its queer pivoting head and ultra snappily payment time.

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After sorting out eight objects, I stumbled on the Philips SatinShave Prestige Girls’s Electric Shaver to be basically the most straightforward electric razor for girls folks total because it has a certain pivoting head for discontinuance, ecstatic hair elimination, plus the fastest payment time. The Finishing Contact Flawless Nu Razor Hair Remover is my top build snatch due to its easy, gentle-weight assemble that makes it feel take care of a historical razor, efficient single blade that’s easy and life like to alter and nifty constructed-in LED gentle. (Read my in-depth opinions of the Philips SatinShave and Finishing Contact Flawless Nu shavers here.)

These are the winners from my sorting out task:

My Skills

I’m a frail standard of living journalist and editor who’s been maintaining beauty matters, along with inner most grooming, for better than a decade for retail outlets equivalent to Elle; O, The Oprah Journal; Martha Stewart Dwelling; and Attract. I’ve tested rather principal every hair-elimination formulation available, from epilators (ouch, IMO) to waxing, sugaring, at-house IPL gadgets and refillable security razors.

To symbolize this yarn, I scoured the online sites of indispensable retail outlets along with Ulta, Walmart and Intention to earn their bestsellers and skim dozens of true users’ online opinions, taking demonstrate of complaints about no longer-so-gentle outcomes—irritation and battery existence, in whisper. Then I reached out to aestheticians and skincare educators who possess particular abilities in hair elimination to be taught more about why any individual would possibly seemingly perhaps must make exhaust of an electric razor and easy the correct blueprint to salvage and exhaust basically the most straightforward one for you. Katie Sobelman (aka @the_organic_esthetician) answered a dozen of my questions about what qualities basically the most straightforward electric razors for girls folks must composed possess and easy the correct blueprint to make exhaust of them.

How I Examined The Most attention-grabbing Electric Razors For Girls

For starters, I be taught the user manuals’ working and cleaning instructions, noting the rest particularly gradual or inconvenient. (As an illustration, one razor I tested called for stitching-machine oil to lubricate the blades ceaselessly; I in point of fact possess a stitching kit and no longer even I’m willing to enact that!) I additionally recorded how lengthy each and every takes to payment and how lengthy its battery and blades final, as effectively because the return coverage, guarantee and the formulation for getting replacement blades and parts.

I tested eight of the tip-rated electric razors for girls folks according to their efficiency, battery existence, … [+] versatility and more.

Elyse Moody For Forbes

I totally charged the razors to make certain they were as extremely efficient as that you’d mediate of and tested two at a time on neighboring areas of my legs, underarms and bikini line. That formulation, I would possibly seemingly perhaps at as soon as compare the smoothness each and every delivered and assemble rid of the actual person that didn’t procedure as effectively for my moderately dazzling, blond hair and sensitive pores and skin. I continued sorting out the razors and all of their attachments this formulation, single-elimination-style, till I had narrowed the realm to four contenders that gave me similarly gentle outcomes. I then tested these four on my husband’s darker, coarser leg hair to make certain they labored effectively on no longer lower than one assorted hair form. (What a trooper; thank you for your service, Jim.)


Philips SatinShave Prestige Girls’s Electric Shaver

Blades: Three hypoallergenic stainless steel; two foils and one cutter | Attachments: Effectivity guard, bikini trimmer, bikini trimmer comb, cap and cleaning brush | Examined payment time: 1 hour 3 minutes | Examined runtime: 1 hour 24 minutes | Examined 5-minute snappily-payment runtime: 11 minutes | Water-resistant: Removable, rinsable heads | Repairs: Change blades as soon as a one year | Warranty: Forty five-day money-aid divulge, 2-one year guarantee

Most attention-grabbing for:

  • On a long-established foundation or most ceaselessly shaving fingers, legs and bikini line
  • Trimming physique hair
  • At-house grooming

Skip if:

  • You take care of to possess a tool particularly for a puny house take care of your bikini line, face or underarms
  • You would like a razor that’s compact for stride

The Philips SatinShave Prestige Girls’s Electric Shaver no longer easiest delivers reliably gentle outcomes, alternatively it has basically the most straightforward combination of assemble and battery lifetime of any razor I tested. Other alternate suggestions eliminated hair comparably effectively, nonetheless they weren’t as goof-proof or handy to make exhaust of. The Philips razor glided over my ankles, shins, knees and underarms with their curves and knobby areas more gently and effectively than any of its competitors. That’s because it’s basically the most straightforward razor I tested with a pivoting head as effectively as to floating foil blades, which makes it nimbler and no longer more more seemingly to drag at or reduce your pores and skin. It additionally has the quickest payment time—easiest 1 hour—and is in point of fact the most straightforward one in all the bunch with a snappily-payment mode. That potential that you can poke it in for five minutes and assemble ample vitality to enact a grooming session.

This Philips razor has sturdy attachments that veil your complete physique-hair grooming wants. For longer hair in your legs or fingers, you’d snap the efficiency guard onto the shaving head to aid the hair stand up, so it would possibly most likely seemingly perhaps make a choice away more of it on the indispensable pass. It’s basically the most straightforward razor I tested that comes with this form of attachment, and I stumbled on it to be precious on my longer leg hair. You would possibly seemingly perhaps also push a button to make a choice out away the shaving head and replace it with a bikini trimmer; this share would possibly be venerable solo for discontinuance trimming or lined with a comb to leave the hair longer if that’s your preference or if you’re getting ready for waxing.

The pivoting head of the Philips SatinShave Prestige razor enables it to waft more closely and … [+] evenly over tricky areas take care of shins and knees.

Elyse Moody For Forbes

Repairs is as easy as eradicating the shaving head, rinsing it off and letting every little thing air-dry. Replacement parts are on hand by blueprint of the Philips net procedure. They’re no longer basically the most attention-grabbing to earn or cheap as I’d take care of, nonetheless here’s a principal more handy and sustainable formulation when put next with many other razors I tested that don’t even procedure replacement parts on hand, that formulation that they are of course disposable as soon as the blades dreary and the battery stops recharging (customarily after 6 months to a one year, reckoning on how effectively you preserve it and how customarily you exhaust it).

My easiest wants? It would possibly maybe be sizable if this Philips razor had an LED gentle for better visibility and a USB charger or wall charging dock as an different of a corded AC adapter, to procedure powering up principal more handy. But I’m rather fully ecstatic with it as is; it has taken over my Billie razor’s situation in the bathe.


Finishing Contact Flawless

Finishing Contact Flawless Nu Razor Hair Remover

Blades: One stainless steel, 18kt-gold-coated foil | Attachments: Honest pores and skin guard, cleaning brush | Examined payment time: 1 hour | Examined runtime: 2 hours half-hour | Examined 5-minute snappily-payment runtime: None | Water-resistant: Designed to be venerable dry; razor would possibly be rinsed off | Repairs: Change blades every 3 to 6 months | Warranty: 60-day money-aid divulge

Most attention-grabbing for:

  • Entirely eradicating physique hair
  • Traditional exhaust
  • Dry shaving without water, cleaning soap or cream
  • Further-gentle hair elimination

Skip if:

  • It be crucial to make a choice out away lengthy physique hair
  • You take care of to possess to trim hair as a replacement of shaving it all off
  • You preserve to shave in the bathe

Of the entire electric razors I tested, the Finishing Contact Flawless Nu Razor Hair Remover feels basically the most take care of a manual razor. This makes it intuitive for any person to make exhaust of. (And because it isn’t as more seemingly to sever you, I mediate it’s an especially proper selection for tweens.) The single foil-lined blade glides effortlessly over sizable, huge areas take care of your legs, along with knobby areas take care of ankles and knees, without nicking or tugging. Snap on the integrated SensaGuard attachment for aesthetic areas take care of your underarms, and it affords you a discontinuance shave there, too.

The gold-plated head of the Finishing Contact Flawless razor gently eliminates physique hair—and I … [+] most long-established that replacements are easy to earn and life like.

Elyse Moody For Forbes

The at ease, grippy enact makes it easy to retain, and the matte purple coloration with 18k-gold accents procedure it basically the most straightforward one in all these merchandise I’d be fully ecstatic to blow their possess horns. In a sea of grooming tools you’ll need to preserve hidden away in the pouch they near in, it’s undoubtedly a standout. It’s basically the most straightforward razor I tested with an LED gentle that labored effectively.

But it absolutely’s no longer all about flashy seems to be. This straightforward, swish shrimp single-foil razor charges in 3 hours—one in all the shortest payment cases of the bunch, moreover the Meridian trimmer (2 hours) and my easiest total snatch from Philips (1 hour)—and lasts a elephantine hour, twice as lengthy as most of its competitors. It additionally has a handy USB charger as a replacement of the antiquated AC adapter chargers most exhaust.

Most attention-grabbing of all, I take care of how accessible the corporate makes replacement heads. They’re easy to earn on its net procedure, and they payment $15, which seems to be life like since you’ll desire a brand fresh one easiest every 3 to 6 months. Whereas you happen to procure the razor, you additionally assemble a 10% off coupon in direction of a future pick, extra defraying the payment.

Other Girls’s Electric Razors I Examined

I tested eight merchandise, and six didn’t procedure the sever. Here’s why.

Panasonic Girls’s Wet/Dry Electric Shaver: This razor changed into as soon as one in all my four finalists. I stumbled on that it eliminated hair similarly effectively to the Philips razor, and I in point of fact cherished its cordless charging location and pa-up bikini trimmer (one less attachment to lose!). I in the discontinuance most long-established the Philips razor for its pivoting assemble and considerably better battery existence.

Brori Electric Razor: This razor is natty long-established on Amazon, and I changed into as soon as infected to test it because I cherished the myth inexperienced coloration and gentle-weight. It let me down for a pair of reasons: First, it sever me to objects! It has a zigzag cutter for areas take care of underarms, a straight blade for flat areas and a foil for bigger, flatter areas take care of calves and fingers. I venerable it effectively, nonetheless my underarms got here out nicked up. I additionally didn’t take care of that the user manual looked handmade (typed up in Comic Sans) and that the consumer service consisted of a Gmail address—no longer self belief lively.

Remington At ease And Silky Electric Shaver: Same in assemble to the Philips razor, this one fees half as principal and in my abilities performs about half as effectively. It’s no longer as extremely efficient; it takes a entire day to payment, and the battery lasts half as lengthy. And it’s the one whose repairs calls for stitching-machine oil, which is ultra-sophisticated mineral oil, FYI. The stuff is in point of fact easy to earn, nonetheless I’m able to’t describe any person devoting that principal attention or care to a $26 razor.

Conair All-In-One Shave And Dapper Blueprint: This Conair razor performed similarly to the Remington one in my sorting out, even supposing it fees about $8 more. It does near with a certain attachment, even supposing: You assemble an eyebrow trimmer and guard. I’m able to’t utter referring to the exhaust of it to trim my eyebrows (one lumber of the wrist and there it goes…), and I in point of fact conception it changed into as soon as a nose hair trimmer till I be taught the manual more in moderation. I conception it performed better as a trimmer than as a razor. Whereas you’re making an are attempting for an honest bikini trimmer that comes with a facial trimmer, it would possibly most likely seemingly perhaps charm to you.

Meridian Grooming The Trimmer: This trimmer has been heavily marketed to me on Instagram and Amazon since I started researching this yarn, so I needed to possess a look at it. The company says it is designed to “trim your fingers, groom your legs, trim up below the belt…basically the most straightforward restrict you will possess is your creativeness.” But it absolutely didn’t make a choice away my underarm or leg hair in one pass or waft effortlessly over my legs. It’s more of a trimmer than a shaver, and no longer a huge trimmer in my abilities. I did in point of fact take care of its iPhone-take care of packaging and swish, matte assemble.

Bushbalm The Francesca Trimmer: Cherish the Meridian trimmer, this Bushbalm tool is described by its makers as optimum for “trimming any place hair grows in your physique. Think bikini line, legs, underarms and neck.” But it absolutely’s no longer in point of fact made for eradicating hair from all your leg; it doesn’t waft that formulation. It’s more for focused touch-united statesand trimming or prepping for waxing—no longer changing long-established shaving. It’s a huge trimmer with a solid, swish and ergonomic assemble, even supposing.

How To Gain An Electric Razor For Girls

The ideal electric razor for girls folks speeds up grooming and makes ingrown hairs and irritation issues of the previous. It has a combination of cutter blades and foils, a assemble that makes it ecstatic to retain and lets it waft over zigzag areas of your physique, a battery that charges speedy and lasts for an hour and attachments that can address myriad grooming wants. It’s additionally easy to preserve by simply rinsing it and letting it air-dry, with occasional extra TLC. I reached out to Sobelman for more crucial functions.


Electric razors possess two forms of blades: cutter blades (which understanding take care of a trimmer) and foils, that are blades encased in perforated steel tubes that protect your pores and skin. In long-established, the more foils, the simpler. “More foils ensures a more in-depth shave with less sensitivity,” says Sobelman. “It additionally tends to mean more vitality and a more in-depth battery, which can mean a more in-depth razor and closer shave.” She additionally recommends making an are attempting for a razor with a chopping part or trimmer between the foils: “This helps to amass flat hairs and trim longer ones to then be shaved by the foils.”

As for topic cloth, ceramic is longer-lasting than stainless steel because it’s stronger, adds Sobelman. The Francesca and Meridian tools possess ceramic blades, nonetheless they are in point of fact trimmers, no longer razors. Sadly, no longer one in all the razors that labored effectively on my legs had ceramic foils or cutters.

Both the Philips and Finishing Contact Flawless razors possess a pivoting head for smoother, faster … [+] shaving with fewer nicks and missed spots.

Elyse Moody For Forbes


Most electric shavers possess an S-shape assemble that makes it more uncomplicated to retain them at the correct attitude—perpendicular to the house you’re shaving. All of these I tested had grooved buttons or areas that made them handy to make exhaust of in the bathe with wet, slippery fingers. Queer parts take care of a pivoting head or gentle stood out to me as in point of fact modern and precious functions.

Battery Existence

Some razors can make a choice a entire day to payment, and final easiest half-hour. Needless to claim, that’s no longer natty handy. The ideal electric razor for girls folks charges in an hour and has a battery that lasts for an hour; it additionally has a snappily-payment mode that potential that you can vitality up in 5 minutes to enact what you were doing. Using other razors sooner than they are totally charged can anguish the battery.


Electric razors customarily near with trimmers and combs or guards for areas of the bikini line or face, as effectively as for sensitive pores and skin. They’re precious if you’re making an are attempting for a tool that can enact better than honest your legs. “Having a guard or a more historical clipper attachment would possibly be precious for manicuring longer hair or trimming hair short as an different of shaving it fully off,” says Sobelman. Guards would possibly be adjustable, so that you’d tailor how principal you trim the hair to the length you preserve. If that’s what you’re making an are attempting for, take a look at the dazzling print. I additionally stumbled on some attachments to be sturdier and snap into enlighten more securely than others.


In long-established, you’ll want to composed pop off the shaving or trimming attachment after each and every exhaust, rinse the entire objects and let them air-dry. Ideally, you’ll want to composed additionally lubricate the blades with mineral oil every so customarily. How effortlessly the attachments snap on speaks to how gradual here’s—and affords you a sense of how seemingly they are to break in the formulation.

It is most sensible to composed additionally preserve in suggestions how accessible and life like replacement blades and parts are. Some companies don’t even level out them; the razors are of course designed to be thrown out after a one year or two, which is troubling because they’ve rechargeable batteries that must be disposed of in a particular formulation. Other companies will enable you to remark replacement parts by their net procedure, even supposing it’s customarily demanding to earn them and they’re nearly as costly because the razor itself. Finishing Contact Flawless is a standout because it makes replacement heads easy to earn and comparatively life like.

Who Is An Electric Razor For?

An electric razor is for folks which possess sensitive pores and skin and are prone to razor burn and other irritation, as effectively as of us which possess curly hair and fight with ingrowns, says Sobelman. It’a additionally ideal for adolescents who are honest starting up to shave, because it’s less more seemingly to reduce their pores and skin. It’s additionally for folks that prefer comfort: It potential that you can shave in or out of the bathe and is faster than a historical razor.

Is It Better To Employ An Electric Razor Or A Handbook One?

An electric shaver has advantages and disadvantages when put next with a historical razor. “It is going to aid prevent pores and skin irritation and ingrown hairs, and it customarily is a huge choice for any individual who has sensitive pores and skin,” says Sobelman. Both sever the hair at the root, when put next with epilation, waxing or tweezing, which pull the hair out from the root (ouch), or laser hair elimination, which makes exhaust of pulses of laser gentle to anguish the hair follicle and slack or doubtlessly prevent regrowth.

As for cons, “Electric razors enact no longer provide as discontinuance of a shave as a historical razor, so some hair would possibly be considered,” Sobelman says. They’re additionally more costly to make a choice and preserve.

I renowned that virtually the entire razors I tested acknowledged you can like to exhaust them loads of cases for your hair to alter and assemble basically the most straightforward outcomes. Why? Sobelman explains: “I accept as true with it is because no longer the entire hair in your physique grows at the same payment, and hairs in one particular house would possibly be in the midst of various growth cycles. Using a razor a pair of cases can aid to trim assorted length hairs, creating a more even shave.” So if you’re no longer fully ecstatic with how discontinuance or lengthy-lasting the outcomes you assemble from an electric razor are on the indispensable are attempting, preserve going.

Can You Shave Your Pubic Hair With An Electric Razor?

Yes, honest exhaust warning. Many electric razors for girls folks near with attachments particularly designed to procedure trimming or shaving hair in sensitive areas more uncomplicated and safer. Some in point of fact possess a delicate to let you gaze exactly what you’re doing.

How Generally Must You Sparkling An Electric Razor?

Whereas you’re the exhaust of it dry, you’ll want to composed brush away the hair inner and originate air. Whereas you’re the exhaust of it wet, you’ll want to composed disassemble it, rinse and let it air dry after every exhaust. Every few months, you’ll want to composed lubricate the blades with sophisticated mineral oil.

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