Reinventing the Avengers -up for a brand new generation

Reinventing the Avengers

Reinventing the Avengers
(Image credit score: Shock Comics)

Whereas Shock Comics is aloof within the middle of promoting creator Jason Aaron’s crossover finale to his Avengers bustle ‘Avengers Assemble’ within the pages of Avengers and Avengers Forever, the publisher has moreover made it clear the franchise will seemingly be getting something of a new route after Avengers Assemble Omega in April.

We know obviously the title will salvage a brand new ingenious crew (and we suspect Jed MacKay is on prime of the leaderboard of candidates for a brand new creator) and a brand new logo calling support to a fan-popular generation. And on narrative of this is Shock within the year 2023, this would presumably well simply nearly indubitably salvage a relaunch and a brand new #1.

Timeless #1

(Image credit score: Shock Comics)

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But what we construct no longer know referring to the brand new incarnation is what’s continuously at the guts of any Avengers generation – the manufacture-up of the crew roster.

Cherish their DC counterparts, the Justice League, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes dangle continuously been outlined by their line-up – from the founders and mainstays, to “Cap’s Kooky Quartet,” to the West Float branch and the aforementioned “Mighty Avengers” and leather jackets eras, to the Contemporary Avengers the total extra contemporary off-shoots.

And bask in the Justice League over the previous decade has cemented the Shock Woman – Superman – Batman core, Shock has considerably settled staunch into a veteran core line-up that has been one phase a reflection of the title’s origins and one phase a reflection of the Avengers’ trouble within the Shock Cinematic Universe.

No matter some fluctuations, Captain The US, Iron Man, and Thor were at the guts of Avengers titles extra than they’ve no longer for just a few years now.

But with Cap, Iron Man, and Thor both deceased or in Thor’s case, focusing on his adopted daughter in deep condo within the MCU, Shock Comics no longer has the an analogous synergistic rationale to defend these characters at the guts of its Avengers comic book titles.

At least no longer at ease now.

They’re going to continuously be the typical line-up, and Shock will continuously at last return to them in due route, but with a brand new generation arriving soon and a brand new dynamic in put within the MCU, Newsarama thought it can presumably presumably be the perfect time to establish in mind what a fresh Avengers line-up might presumably presumably stare bask in.

So with out further ado, here is our handiest shot at a brand new line-up that tries to acknowledge the historical previous of the crew whereas at the an analogous time attempting to pump in a itsy-bitsy bit bit of fresh air, and retains Shock’s need for the comic books to in any case in part replicate the goings-on of the MCU, all at the an analogous time. 

The Hulk

The Hulk

The Hulk (Image credit score: Shock Comics)

We set up in mind this a no brainer. Now no longer handiest is the Hulk a solo title star and co-founding father of the Avengers (albeit in a clunky methodology), but in 60 years he is no longer in truth had a staunch stint on the crew as a member in valid standing. 

And the timing works out perfectly for the reason that Hulk is moreover simultaneously due for a reinvention within the pages of his personal ongoing series.

The Hulk’s historical previous has continuously been about varied iterations of the man-monster warfare. After just a few years steeped in dread, and the previous year in a manufacture of sci-fi psychological bent, it can presumably presumably presumably be time to let the Hulk be a paunchy-fledged superhero once more for a stint, bask in within the middle of Peter David’s neatly-received ’90s bustle (that inspired Tag Ruffalo’s most up-to-date ‘Professor Hulk’ persona) all the design in which thru which he performed successfully with the superhero crew the Pantheon.

As neatly as to being the crew’s smartest and most extremely efficient member, the Hulk’s inclusion would moreover be the first time his put within the MCU Avengers would be mirrored within the comic books as the opposite normal 2012 movie participants were.

Label us up for a mighty-natty, daring Hulk leading the crew he helped stumbled on …. at last finally these years.



Spider-Man (Image credit score: Shock Comics)

If Captain The US is to the Avengers what Superman is to the Justice League, then Spider-Man must aloof be its Batman.

The Avengers must aloof continuously dangle a put for Shock’s most standard and iconic superhero, and Spidey is no extra sick a fit on a crew than the Darkish Knight is. Essentially, the fish-out-of-water component is what makes the fit fun.

After years of flirting with the crew, Spider-Man at last joined in 2004’s seminal Contemporary Avengers, which Newsarama has prolonged argued paved the methodology for the MCU as everyone is conscious of it.

Obvious, Spider-Man served just a few years on the squad but was continuously low within the leadership pecking advise within the support of the mainstays.

It is a long way time Shock carved out a usual role for its most standard superhero on its most standard superhero crew that would no longer manufacture him feel bask in a short interloper. 

The Wasp/Janet Van Dyne

The Wasp/Janet Van Dyne

The Wasp/Janet Van Dyne (Image credit score: Shock Comics)

We are going to have the ability to be getting older ourselves here, but there was a time this founding member had risen to the ranks of Chairperson even whereas Cap, Thor, and Iron Man had been participants and came into her personal as a crew member and superhero and no longer fair correct the partner/sidekick of Hank Pym.

The Wasp has had handiest short flings with the crew and its off-shoots since that generation, on the opposite hand it is time for her to affix fellow founding member the Hulk within the hierarchy of the Avengers.

There are no longer one but two Wasps within the MCU and about to salvage the spotlight in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, so it is time for Janet Van Dyne to once more step out of Ant-Man and Hank Pym’s shadows and be embraced once more within the role she’s earned – as indubitably one of many perfect Avengers.

Monica Rambeau/Photon

Monica Rambeau/Photon

Monica Rambeau/Photon (Image credit score: Shock Comics)

The brand new/veteran Avengers logo might presumably presumably considerably lend itself to the advice Monica is returning to the crew anyway, bask in the Wasp she’s a extinct usual Avengers chairperson who’s been given diverse roles on other superhero teams bask in the Ultimates and Thunderbolts in extra most up-to-date years.

The star of a most up-to-date restricted series that is harkening support to her days on the Avengers, Monica will moreover roam paunchy-superhero for the first time within the MCU in July’s The Marvels, so it is the particular moment to let her shine once more where she’s shined the brightest, as a member and a pacesetter of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. 

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch (Image credit score: Shock Comics)

Wanda Maximoff is starring in her first-ever ongoing series, so her to return to the pages of the core Avengers title lines at ease up. Wanda had turn out to be extra of a mainstay of the West Float branch and extra as a lot as date off-shoots bask in the Uncanny Avengers over time, but her most irascible contemporary interaction with the crew was its destruction that led to the formation of the Contemporary Avengers.

Now we dangle argued that for a prolonged time, Wanda was extra villain, sufferer, and object of a admire triangle than the hero of her personal memoir, and now she at last seems in a put to claim a role within the leadership tier of the Shock Universe her historical previous and her energy diploma dictates.

It is a long way time the Avengers and Avengers readers salvage a Scarlet Witch to blame of her personal destiny and with paunchy agency for the first time of their historical previous with every other. 



Daredevil (Image credit score: Shock Comics)

Yeah, he is got his hands paunchy in creator Chip Zdarky’s solo title at ease now, and as chief of the Fist, his mission within the pages of his solo series wouldn’t be an attractive fit with a stint on the Avengers.

But bask in the Hulk and Spider-Man, he is a form of prolonged-time solo stars that the Avengers is presupposed to be a teaming of.

Yes, Matt Murdock had some restricted runs with Avengers teams within the aughts, but lately Daredevil has attain to realise he wants to avoid wasting the sphere and no longer fair correct defend the streets of Contemporary York’s Hell’s Kitchen safe from mobsters. As soon as his monumental showdown with the Hand and the Punisher is over, Daredevil must aloof ponder his new mission would be handiest served as indubitably one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

And DD’s most up-to-date introduction into the MCU which ends up in Disney Plus’ longest MCU streaming series in 2024 is candy but another design to consist of the Man With out Pain in Shock’s very top-profile crew title.

Dim Panther/Shuri

Dim Panther/Shuri

Dim Panther/Shuri (Image credit score: Shock Comics)

Shuri has only within the near previous embraced the role of Dim Panther within the MCU in Wakanda Forever, so it is time Shock Comics made room for her as Dim Panther (once more) within the comics. On the opposite hand it would no longer must be at the expense of T’Challa’s put in his solo title.

The Avengers would attain neatly to defend family members with Wakanda in valid standing as neatly as defend access to its sources. As Hippolyta has once in a while represented Themyscira on the Justice League as Shock Woman, Shuri can salvage away of T’Challa’s shadow as an Avenger no longer as his substitute but as a Dim Panther alongside him (as many Wakandan traditions as that can break.)

Shuri will nearly indubitably play a role as Dim Panther within the MCU’s upcoming Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and/or Secret Wars, so Shock Comics would fair correct be getting sooner than the game. 

Clea Uncommon

Clea Uncommon

Clea Uncommon (Image credit score: Shock Comics)

Clea is giving up her solo comic book series and title of Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme to the returning (from the ineffective) Doctor Stephen Uncommon within the next couple of months, but these Avengers might presumably presumably use some ride within the realm of magic, so probably Clea can stick across the Earthly airplane and be half of the squad.

We regarded as Doctor Uncommon himself but with the Hulk on the roster, it felt a itsy-bitsy bit too ‘Defenders.’

Clea is indubitably one of Shock’s oldest characters who nearly 60 years after her creation is candy coming into her personal within the comic books, and given Charlize Theron plays Clea in are living action, we suspect her MCU profile will moreover at last be notable, although for the moment we construct no longer know where or when. 

The wildcard/protégé

Avengers reinvented

(Image credit score: Shock Comics)

We had been going to cap our instructed Avengers roster at a pleasant round and manageable eight. Now no longer too few, no longer too many. But we moreover can’t fail to be conscious that the Avengers dangle something of a historical previous of adding younger, considerably out-of-left-field participants to mentor.

Assume Residing Lightning, Silver Claw, and Firebird.

For this role, we’re going with Mosaic. The superhero created in 2016 got his personal restricted series that year and has roughly disappeared since.

The extinct skilled basketball player is manufacture of DC’s Deadman meets Quantum Jump meets Shock’s personal Mountainous-Adaptoid, and his weird and wonderful Inhumans/Terrigen Mist-granted energy design and funky visuals fulfill the wildcard requirements. 

And oh yeah…

Avengers Mansion

Avengers Mansion (Image credit score: Shock Comics)

…we might presumably well carry support the Avengers Mansion.

DC and Shock both bask in to up the ante on superhero headquarters, and the Avengers dangle gone from the 5th Avenue townhouse to an island, a skyscraper, a mountain, and a Celestial corpse injurious of operations, and support to diverse iterations of the mansion in-between, which continuously seem to salvage destroyed by supervillains.

But as quaint as it could maybe maybe be, we aloof bask in the valid ‘ole three-memoir with its cool subterranean ranges illustrated within the veteran Shock Handbooks handiest. The juxtaposition of the cool tech, labs, and assembly rooms with a condo overseen by a butler might presumably presumably simply no longer ever be improved upon, with due apologies to Wayne Manor and Alfred. 

So these are our picks for a brand new Avengers roster, here is a stare at the handiest Avengers participants and the oddest Avengers ever. 

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I’m no longer fair correct the Newsarama founder and editor-in-chief, I’m moreover a reader. And that reference is candy a itsy-bitsy bit bit older than the initiating of my Newsarama chase. I founded what would turn out to be the comic book news net net page in 1996, and excluding for a short sojourn at Shock Comics as its marketing and communications manager in 2003, I have been writing about new comic book titles, ingenious changes, and once in a while offering my perspective on important industry events and developments for the 25 years since. No matter many changes to Newsarama, my ardour for the medium of comic books and the characters makes the last quarter-century (it is loopy to survey that in writing) time spent doing what I admire most.

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