‘Silly’ The Last of Us Tribute Snuck Its Manner Into The HBO Level to

Take care of is a gorgeous thing, namely in the grim world of The Last of Us. So it’s heartwarming to stumble on a loving tribute from the 2013 PlayStation queer manufacture its formula to Craig Mazin’s HBO drama—namely when it’s an Easter egg a developer admits is “silly.”

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HBO’s The Last of Us, which wrapped up its first season finale episode over the weekend, takes a couple of liberties with the game’s yarn. In situation of retreading the identical memoir beat-by-beat, the TV series fleshes Joel’s personality out, expands Bill and Frank’s relationship, and does Tess handsome dirty. Nonetheless while there are an excellent deal of variations between the game and the expose, loads has also stayed the identical, including a particular Easter egg frail Naughty Dogs clothier Peter Enviornment added to the distinctive The Last of Us. Spoilers for the game are factual beneath.

Good a list of the enduring Kotaku spoiler warning.

An gorgeous, ‘silly’ tribute in The Last of Us 

Enviornment, who now works at Media Molecule as a first-rate clothier on the creator game Targets, tweeted “a silly Easter egg” that became in the 2013 game that figured out its formula to the 2023 expose. The Easter egg is the title of a baseball field Joel and Ellie stumble throughout. Enviornment (fetch it?) named it “Bethany Clare Enviornment” after his wife, sneaking in a minute bit nod to his lover in a moderately inconsequential space.

It looks the other people in the help of the HBO series care loads about final factual to the distinctive game, as the sphere in request made its formula into the expose.

“I’m detached reeling from this,” Enviornment tweeted on March 13. “A silly Easter Egg I set apart in the distinctive The Last of Us game has by some potential likely per chance survived the transition to live-action TV. It’s blurry, but it’s positively there! I will’t think in regards to the HBO group knew the title of the baseball field became a tribute to my wife.”

The Last of Us field isn’t right, but the love is

The baseball field Enviornment is talking about is in Salt Lake City, the closing location all via Ellie and Joel’s skedaddle in The Last of Us game. After chasing the Fireflies help to Utah, the duo uncover themselves in the luxurious metropolitan metropolis that’s overrun with marsh, bushes, and vines. The two navigate via some rundown buildings sooner than coming up to a gorgeous clearing lined with a lively green field and a family of grazing giraffes. On the true facet is a scoreboard that, when zoomed in and enhanced, clearly reads “Bethany Clare Enviornment.”

Within the closing episode of The Last of Us season 1, titled “Eye for the Light,” Ellie and Joel tear back and forth via Salt Lake City in what’s, a lot esteem the game, the tip of their skedaddle. With out divulging too a lot, the duo stroll to a equally gorgeous clearing of grass and grazing giraffes. As Enviornment aspects out, the textual teach is blurry, but must you zoom in and beef up it, you might likely per chance furthermore take into yarn his wife’s title on the scoreboard.

Enviornment suggested Kotaku over Twitter DMs that for the reason that Naughty Dogs group didn’t must consult with true to assign Easter eggs into the game, builders “added an excellent deal of [them] help then.” On his allotment, he snuck in “album covers from photos of family and guests and their cats” that appear to dangle been a long way from the PS4 remaster “attributable to texture budgets.” The most productive reason he conception the baseball field’s title made it via became because his and his wife’s closing title is Enviornment, so naming a baseball field as such “felt accurately believable and hidden,” letting them chortle at any time when they caught a see of it. Nonetheless, Enviornment didn’t genuinely take into yarn the Easter egg himself. Though he’s viewed the HBO expose, it became someone else on Twitter that pointed the “minute detail” out.

“Seeing the Easter egg in the TV expose genuinely blows my tips,” Enviornment stated. “Of the total tiny particulars to dangle been preserved throughout two ports of the game, after which a TV expose, Beth’s baseball field, the one who likely formula basically the most to me but the least other people knew about, is the one who made it via. I became pointed to a Reddit thread by the VFX artist at WETA FX that worked on the shot. They mentioned they’d no thought it became a first-rate tribute. They factual desired to manufacture the space as decent to the distinctive game as possible, so they copied that right prop precisely. It looks esteem it might perchance perchance likely per chance well genuinely be the right prop from TLOU Segment I! After that, about a more other people that worked on the expose reached out to teach they had no thought, too! I love how this now likely no longer minute detail has managed to suffer and live on throughout a pair of mediums. So fucking cool!”

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Here is this kind of touching tribute. The Last of Us is a devastating game, an illustration of the lengths other people will infrequently tear to present protection to those they love. In honoring his wife with this Easter egg, I’d enlighten Enviornment resides up to that theme.

Change 03/15/23, 10:00 a.m. ET: This memoir became up to this level to encompass some quotes from frail Naughty Dogs clothier Peter Enviornment in regards to the Easter egg.

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