Daniel Cormier scoffs at Jon Jones’ newest insults: ‘I’m not bitter’

Daniel Cormier isn’t letting Jon Jones occupy the final notice.

In the newest help-and-forth alternate between the longtime competitors, Cormier and Jones occupy chanced on themselves arguing about their reputations with the UFC and their respective legacies. Cormier instructed that Jones used to be a “injurious employee” after a as a lot as the moment unsealing of court docket paperwork revealed a series of 2014 text messages between dilapidated UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta and future UFC CEO Dana White at some stage in which they’d unkind phrases for Jones. At diversified parts, they consult with Jones as a “scumbag,” a “punk,” and a “douche.”

Jones fired help at Cormier, calling him “bitter” due to Jones beating him twice (the 2d judge used to be overturned to a no-contest when Jones failed a drug test) within the course of their careers. Cormier replied to Jones on his podcast, asserting that he wasn’t basically talking about Jones in whine, but even when he used to be, it had nothing to pause with any private red meat.

“ what the craziest part to me is set this total ache with Jones?” Cormier acknowledged. “If I could maybe perchance remark 100 issues about him positively, he hangs on to the adverse issues. Nonetheless I wasn’t talking about him right away. I used to be talking about in alternate, you would occupy workers in your businesses, steadily issues inch sideways with the workers and you remark injurious issues. Somebody’s being a injurious employee, you remark injurious issues. That used to be my argument.

“Then I procure endless notifications that Jones acknowledged, ‘By no blueprint let a ‘injurious employee’ beat you up and buy the entire lot from you twice. It’ll leave you bitter for a no doubt very long time evidently.’ Guys, even when he obtained every fights, in that 2d, it doesn’t alternate what I would remark. I’m paid to pause a job, I’m paid to discuss and strive to manufacture sense or give you guys the within seek for as to what’s going on in mixed martial arts. Even when he obtained every fights, it doesn’t alternate what took role with the fight with Dan Henderson. It doesn’t alternate the stuff that took role at UFC 200. It doesn’t alternate all these reasons why Dana went off.”

Cormier additional argued that feuding with Jones would be pointless since there would perchance also be no payoff to any rivalry. The 2 beforehand met in a pair of high-profile gentle heavyweight championship fights at UFC 182 and UFC 214.

Whereas Cormier retired in 2020, Jones stays an active competitor and currently holds the UFC’s heavyweight title. That’s a impress for Cormier that despite any headaches that Jones could maybe also give the UFC—Jones has had a mode of exterior-of-the-cage apt points—his in-cage efficiency trumps all.

“I also acknowledged a ton of good issues about him,” Cormier acknowledged. “I also acknowledged that while he did all these issues, the UFC couldn’t give you the money for to establish away with him because he’s too precious. He’s too crucial. So while even when at instances there would perchance also be bitterness, there would perchance also be anger, there would perchance also be all these issues, he’s consistently going to be stable because he’s so crucial. The keep used to be the response to that?”

Outside of not being in a region to beat Jones, Cormier has miniature to feel sorry about about his hang profession. He obtained UFC titles at gentle heavyweight and heavyweight, holds indispensable wins over Stipe Miocic, Anderson Silva, Anthony Johnson, Frank Mir, Dan Henderson, and Alexander Gustafsson, and is a staple of the UFC’s pay-per-seek for broadcast group.

Cormier doesn’t even begrudge Jones failing drug tests as he’s assured that he’s confronted diverse opponents who were the use of efficiency-bettering medication.

“I by no blueprint acknowledged that he’s a injurious employee with out a raze in sight,” Cormier acknowledged. “I acknowledged in these moments it used to be potentially injurious. Nonetheless then he responds in a manner adore I’m bitter.

“I’m not bitter. I’m fine with the entire lot. I’m fine with the entire lot. I’m the person that says, ‘Certain, you obtained the fight,’ because I don’t mediate he’s the most effective possible person in my life that I fought that used to be on steroids. I don’t take into consideration it. There’s potentially a ton of men that I fought over the course of my profession that did steroids. I exact variety didn’t beat him, I couldn’t beat him. Irrespective of what he used to be doing, I couldn’t beat him. That’s my fact and I’m OK with that.”

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