Ducati “will by no methodology conclude” its MotoGP satellite tv for laptop teams beating manufacturing facility squad

The 2023 season seen the title battle trot all the system down to the wire between manufacturing facility team Ducati rider and eventual champion Francesco Bagnaia, and Pramac’s Jorge Martin.

Ducati riders locked out the tip three within the standings, with Bagnaia main Martin and VR46’s Marco Bezzecchi, with the logo scoring 17 grands prix victories out of 20 with six of its representatives.

In opposition to the tip of the season, Ducati over and over rejected suggestions it would want to speak up the title battle throughout the use of team orders and insists nothing will change within the map it treats all of its riders in 2024.

“It’s very sure. We have eight Ducatis who we treat in a superb-looking out map, in what they deserve and it’s written into the contract what they’ve,” Tardozzi told at the tip of the 2023 season.

“They’re able to search the total recordsdata of the the total varied riders. However we are able to by no methodology, by no methodology conclude one in all the assorted teams against the manufacturing facility team.

“They’ve the nice-looking out for to attain the handiest, they’ve the nice-looking out for to have the total recordsdata to beat us.

“Then it’s up to us to have handiest riders and the handiest performance. It’s up to the manufacturing facility team. Gigi [Dall’Igna, general manager] is Ducati and he has eight potentialities to rob.

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team, Jorge Martin, Pramac Racing

Photo by: MotoGP

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team, Jorge Martin, Pramac Racing

“I’m [sporting director at] Ducati Lenovo [team], I if truth be told have two potentialities to rob the trip. So, it’s up to this team to beat the others.

“However here is Gigi’s mentality, it’s Ducati mentality, so it’s something that pushes us to attain better and better and provide better things and provide to the riders the handiest bikes.

“Martin had no person less inch than us this year – he had exactly what we have and in only the identical time.

“We by no methodology brought a brand fresh share with no need the chance to offer the identical share to Pramac.”

Tardozzi added: “We are no longer skittish about our riders and the opponents internal Ducati teams, because otherwise we don’t provide manufacturing facility bikes to Pramac and winning bikes to the assorted two satellite tv for laptop teams.

“So, we share the suggestions and if we are skittish we wouldn’t share the suggestions.

“We give the total updates to the riders who deserve it. So, if we are skittish we wouldn’t attain this.

“We have a varied methodology. That methodology we speak that the opponents internal of Ducati, meaning between the Ducati teams, raises the extent internal Ducati.

“We are elated to have this map of interior opponents that lets us grow in recordsdata and our engineers are literally elated to have eight potentialities with eight riders to search what is going down on the bike.”

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