ESL One Birmingham 2024 – All Teams That Will Abet The Match (Qualifiers Recap)

Right here’s a checklist of all groups that will wait on ESL One Birmingham 2024. The qualifiers are eventually over, so let’s detect what took place.


ESL One Birmingham 2024 will likely be some of the greatest Dota 2 tournaments of 2024. Taking palace in April, it’ll possess 12 groups that will fight for a $1M prize pool. Despite the indisputable fact that there would possibly perchance be aloof reasonably a pair of time till the match begins, we already know the groups that will earn share in it.

The ESL One Birmingham 2024 qualifiers are eventually over, and each put has “chosen” its contenders. We also know the names of the 4 squids that received a correct now invitation, so let’s detect the names of all ESL One Birmingham 2024 Teams

Relate Invitations

Technically, ESL One Birmingham 2024 does no longer possess direct invitations. On the opposite hand, 4 groups received a slot because they had been placed high on the EPT Leaderboard. These encompass:

  • Crew Liquid
  • Xtreme Gaming
  • Gaming Gladiators
  • BetBoom Crew

We gained’t wander into part about who’s the popular and what to quiz because there is aloof reasonably a pair of time till the match begins. As a substitute, let’s wander over the qualifiers in every put.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Qualifiers – North The US

The qualifiers in North The US for ESL One Birmingham 2024 incorporated 8 groups. Despite the indisputable fact that there possess been a pair of tantalizing names, it turned skedaddle that we can detect yet one other deadly fight between nouns and Shopify Insurgent.

The two had no factors within the major two rounds, and then they met within the Upper Bracket last. The sequence wasn’t easy for both squad, but within the stop, SR defeated their opponents and secured a slot for the Enormous Final. There, SR needed to play in opposition to nouns again for the reason that latter defeated BammySoy.

The last match used to be really legend because we saw 5 fat games. Each one equipped us non-stop motion and a whole bunch take hang of moments. Within the stop, though, Shopify Insurgent used to be above the relaxation, and the team gained the clash. This sort we can detect Arteezy, some of the stop-tier carries, within the UK.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Qualifiers – Eastern Europe

The qualifications in Eastern Europe had been more interesting than these in North The US for a pair of years. No longer like NA, the groups from EEU received 2 slots for ESL One Birmingham 2024, that plan as soon as Virtus.Decent had a right likelihood of succeeding. Sadly, this didn’t happen.

As anticipated, Crew Spirit used to be in a league of its beget any other time and ripped by its opponents. The team didn’t lose a single sequence and defeated VP within the last to procure some of the slots.

Many folks anticipated Virtus.Decent to earn the second ESL One Birmingham 2024 slot, however the team used to be unable to conquer Klim Sani4. The latter surprised all americans by defeating VP, as well to 3 enemies forward of that, in conjunction with Na’Vi and the opposite immense title in EEU – Yellow Submarine.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Qualifiers – China

If there is one put we’re impressed with, it has to be China. Besides the indisputable fact that we saw a whole bunch world-class names right here, the ESL One Birmingham 2024 Qualifiers had been correct on one other stage, in particular the Enormous Final. Talking of the devil, China had perfect 1 slot, so groups did every thing they can also to secure it.

LGD Gaming, G2.IG, Crew Aster, and Azure Ray had been the 4 immense names that all americans used to be having a thought forward to seeing in motion. LGD completed third after shedding the LB Final, whereas Crew Aster used to be eliminated early on from Azure Ray. Talking of the latter, AR and G2.iG had been the 2 names that played within the last match.

What made the last sequence so insane used to be the scale of the games. We had the prospect to detect two ESL One Birmingham 2024 Dota 2 suits that had been larger than 83 minutes long. In actuality. The 4th sport used to be larger than 103 minutes long, and it used to be insane, but within the stop, Azure Ray Received it.

Precise when we anticipated to detect one other 100+min deathmatch, G2.iG stepped up their sport within the Fifth and last plan and gained in 44 minutes. The team had the next draft and relied on its Magnus and Slark combo, which used to be ample to secure the game.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Qualifiers – Southeast  Asia

Reminiscent of China, NA, and SA, the SEA ESL One Birmingham 2024 qualifiers perfect gave this put 1 slot. The fight used to be intense because there possess been a pair of immense names that had been hoping to procure the slots for the match. Within the stop, the respect went to Talon Esports.

Blacklist World, Geek Fam, Execration, and Talon Esports went into an legend fight for the single SEA slot, but within the stop, Talon used to be above the relaxation. Despite the indisputable fact that the team misplaced the major round to Geek Fam, Talon rose from the ashes and defeated Bleed Esports, Execration, and Neon Esports, allowing them to achieve the last. Despite the indisputable fact that it used to be in opposition to Geek Fam again, this time Talon ripped by their opponents and received a immediate 0:3 victory.

Following the match, we can detect ChYuaN, Aakashi, Ws, Jhocam and ponyo in motion within the UK. This can also very nicely be the very first immense match for reasonably a pair of these gamers because Talon changed nearly all of its roster for the original season.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Qualifiers – MENA

The most up-to-date Dota 2 put is nothing rapid but spectacular and the the ESL One Birmingham 2024 Qualifiers proved it any other time. The entire immense names right here lived up to our expectations, but within the stop, Crew Falcons stole the victory and would possibly perchance perchance perchance perchance aloof be going to the UK.

Crew Falcons, PSG Quest and Nigma Galaxy took share in an legend fight for the single slot for the  ESL One Birmingham 2024. As anticipated, the three dominated and reached the Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket Final. To be factual, most folks anticipated Nigma to achieve the Enormous Final, however the squad used to be unable to defeat PSG Quest after shedding to it for the second time within the LB. This paved the plan for the Crew Falcons vs PSG Quest last, which resulted in need of Crew Falcons.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 – All Teams That Will Abet The Match (Qualifiers Recap)

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