Fujitsu and YE Digital launch fresh distribution center companies to tackle labor shortages, present chain sustainability in Japan

Fujitsu and YE Digital launch fresh distribution center companies to tackle labor shortages, present chain sustainability in Japan

TOKYO, Jan 29, 2024 – (JCN Newswire) – Fujitsu Restricted and YE DIGITAL CORPORATION recently announced an agreement to work collectively to offer distribution center-linked companies to tackle societal disorders in the field of logistics to make a contribution to the elimination of labor shortages and the strengthening of sustainable present chains in Japan.

Below the agreement, the two companies will present Fujitsu’s WMS (1) companies, which toughen the total effectivity of distribution center operations, and YE DIGITAL’s WES (2) MMLogiStation, which automates warehouse operations, to customers in the logistics industry. Fujitsu will work to scale merit boundaries to the introduction of automatic companies in distribution center operations by offering planning improve for the event of distribution companies and planning for the transformation of operations inside of unusual companies. The 2 companies anticipate that integrated administration of companies will promote operational automation and effectivity development, improving distribution center performance.


Avid gamers in the logistics industry face rising stress to respond to diversifying market wants and place away with human resource shortages. Contemporary solutions focal point on measures to toughen productivity and work quality by the automation of operations inside of distribution companies, akin to personalization, digitalization of operations using paper slips, trusty-time work orders for visualization of diverse logistics info, and the introduction of automatic equipment akin to materials facing equipment and robots. Nonetheless, the complications confronted by distribution companies are multilayered, and even when particular person measures are regarded as, fundamental solutions are usually no longer reached. To maximize the effectiveness of these measures, you can have to amass measures that encompass your total operations inside of the distribution center.

Overview of collaboration

By combining the respective strengths of every and every company, collectively with distribution center-linked companies, automation technologies akin to robots, and industry ride, Fujitsu and YE Digital will produce a distribution center that offers a bird’s-look peep of your total present chain to resolve the multi-layered challenges confronted by customers in the logistics industry in step with Fujitsu’s WMS companies and YE Digital’s WES resolution.

1. Fujitsu’s WMS companies

These companies improve the industry administration of distribution companies in tons of industries, the administration of just a few areas, and present flexible, scalable WMS that enables visualization and diagnosis of amassed industry info. As a consulting carrier, we additionally improve customers in implementing adjustments in their logistics operations, akin to planning for the event of distribution companies, planning for reform and development of operations inside of the companies and present operations, and setting KPIs for operational funds.

2. YE DIGITAL’s WES MMLogiStation

It’s accountable for the protect an eye on and administration of distribution sites between WMS and WCS, which offers trusty-time protect an eye on of automation companies. By defending apart the protect an eye on and administration previously performed by WMS into WES, it’s miles that you just might perchance also imagine to respond rapidly to adjustments in industry operations, akin to the introduction of robots and automation companies and adjustments in work procedures.

WMS and WES successfully introduce automation equipment into distribution companies to toughen the effectivity of on-plan operations, and by integrating the administration operations of companies that require tons of protect an eye on instructions, akin to items to be delivered and shipped, workers, and equipment, it’s miles that you just might perchance also imagine to place away with labor shortages by properly allocating workers. As well, the effective and efficient operation of automation companies permits us to scale merit the waiting time for transportation autos, which is indubitably one of the most measures to place away with the inability of drivers. Fujitsu and YE DIGITAL will make a contribution to addressing the 2024 order in the logistics industry and strengthening sustainable present chains by improving the total performance of buyer distribution companies and strengthening the infrastructure in the logistics sector, starting up with distribution companies.

[1] WMS: Warehouse Administration Machine
[2] WES: Warehouse Execution Machine

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