Tyron Woodley sounds off on “disrespectful” Barstool Sports proprietor Dave Portnoy: “I don’t fancy him”

Woodley hits out at Portnoy

“We made so a lot of money on that then they had some company sponsors that had to be on our shorts, which I did no longer f—k with Barstool Sports. I invent no longer fancy that dude,” Woodley told Demetrious Johnson. “I cursed him out in the future of the faceoff. I used to be fancy, ‘Who the f—k is you? Who told you to voice that bulls—t?’ All the fans on Earth acknowledged they don’t are looking out for to listen to that bulls—t. That s—t’s angry disrespectful the vogue he announced me and Jake.

“I didn’t know who he used to be, whoever that dude that owns Barstool Sports, nevertheless f—k him, no subject his name is,” he continued. “I don’t fancy him. F—k him. F—k Dave. Dave acknowledged some s—tty s—t about some athletes as well, and he acknowledged some bulls—t after we fought. Of us think exact because you obtained money and clout that you just gotta like of us, nevertheless I don’t. Within the event you a billionaire or a bum, I’m gonna provide you the identical admire whenever you happen to wreck it. I constantly give admire, he disrespected me the first time I met him. He don’t derive a 2nd likelihood with me.”

Quotes through MMA Mania

What’s next for Tyron Woodley? Allow us to know, BJPENN Nation!

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