Struggle Between Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland and His Ex-Wife Now Involves … an Album Evaluation?

“This action is merely a tactic to bully, intimidate, and silence me,” Carré Callaway, who performs as Queen Kwong, says. “Right here is an strive to financially ruin me, utilize my physical properly-being and denigrate my credibility with the explicit intent of causing hurt to my career”

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, who cowrote the band’s “Rupture Stuff” and “Nookie” and also fronts his like community, Expansive Dreary Face, is the utilize of his ire at how an album review interpreted his ex-accomplice’s most novel sage as gasoline for a accurate action against her, accusing her of defamation. The filing also cites an interview that ex-accomplice Carré Callaway (aka indie rocker Queen Kwong) gave the same creator for another newsletter. Callaway rose to prominence the utilize of the Queen Kwong title a few decade within the past, after her morose, deepest music caught Trent Reznor’s ear; the community has toured with Nine Go Nails and its music has featured on Peaky Blinders. Borland’s filing, obtained by Rolling Stone, claims she attempted to income off his title by talking about him.

A judge for the third judicial circuit of Michigan’s Wayne County, the family division court, will hear Borland’s petition Tuesday morning. Borland namely asked for Callaway “to expose motive why she may maybe maybe maybe maybe merely silent no longer be held in contempt for her refusal to conform with this Court docket’s Judgment [the divorce decree].” The divorce agreement, signed by both parties in 2020, states that “neither get together may maybe maybe maybe maybe merely invent speeches, give interviews, or invent public statements that defame the different get together.”

A 2022 Bandcamp Every day article about Callaway, cited in Borland’s filing, claimed Borland gave Callaway three days to head away their Detroit-dwelling marital dwelling with various rescue cats after the marriage fell aside. She is quoted as saying that regarded as one of many cats, Daisy — whom she eulogized on her album’s “The Mourning Tune” — “died a week after he left because he modified into as soon as the no doubt one who may maybe maybe esteem her.” Borland’s filing also claims a review in Flood magazine of her 2022 album, Couples Simplest, by the same creator, Mischa Pearlman, repeated those claims and quick one song, “Emdr Atm” “itsy-bitsy print the extra or less purported ‘gaslighting’ Ms. Callaway claims she bought from Mr. Borland.”

The sage claims, “These statements intentionally assemble what Ms. Callaway modified into as soon as expressly prohibited from doing: They adversely have an affect on Mr. Borland’s public image and popularity that he has built over a twenty-plus–year career” and are an strive at “destroying Mr. Borland’s unheard of and exhausting-earned loyal popularity.” Borland is asking for $5,000 for “prices and attorney charges” and for the court to sanction Callaway.

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The review, which gives background information about Queen Kwong’s songwriting, states: “She’d been residing with him in Detroit, with a full host of cats they’d rescued, completely to be compelled out of the dwelling they’d made their dwelling. She modified into as soon as given three days to scurry out, to rehouse the entire cats, to claim goodbye to a life and a marriage and a husband she belief she knew. She modified into as soon as also ostracized by those within the music industry who felt they stood extra to construct by being associates with Borland than along with her.”

Callaway, who married Borland in Oct. 2016 and filed for divorce in Jan. 2019, stands by her feedback. “The TRUTH CANNOT BE DEFAMATORY,” she writes in a commentary to Rolling Stone. “This action is merely a tactic to bully, intimidate, and silence me. Right here is an strive to financially ruin me, utilize my physical properly-being and denigrate my credibility with the explicit intent of causing hurt to my career. Right here is an total assault on freedom of speech and ingenious expression. What does it imply for indie musicians fancy myself —who can’t give you the cash for to even tour within the meantime — to must grief about fighting frivolous complaints. What does it imply for women folk who are already vexed to repeat their reviews? What does it imply for journalists if their words may maybe maybe maybe maybe even be spun to silence the very women folk they’re making an strive to give a platform to?”

“Mr. Borland filed a submit-judgment motion asking that the Wayne County, Michigan Family Court docket put into effect teach Judgment of Divorce provisions that both parties agreed to abide by as allotment of their 2020 divorce settlement,” the guitarist’s attorney, B. Andrew Rifkin, tells Rolling Stone. “Mr. Borland’s submit-judgment motion has nothing to assemble with any concerns previous what every of the parties agreed to assemble as allotment of the finalization of their 2019 divorce case. The parties’ Judgment of Divorce requires both Mr. Borland and Ms. Callaway to refrain from ‘… mak[ing] speeches, giv[ing] interviews, or mak[ing] statements that defame the different get together.’ Mr. Borland has entirely complied with that provision, and he’s asking the Family Court docket to invent optimistic to Ms. Callaway that she has the same obligation to conform that Mr. Borland has.



“Mr. Borland wants Ms. Callaway the finest in her career,” Rifkin continues. “He does no longer fancy to limit her ingenious expression, but as allotment of their divorce settlement, both parties agreed to withhold their opinions about their divorce deepest and refrain from making negative public feedback referring to the different get together.”

At some stage in their marriage, Borland briefly performed guitar in a touring line up of Queen Kwong. It is miles unclear why he left the community, but in a 2017 NME interview he quick that he regretted attaching himself to her work. “[Being in Limp Bizkit has] no doubt been detrimental to my accomplice’s indie band, Queen Kwong,” he acknowledged. “Having me associated with it has worth her.”

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