Sumo Haru Basho: Day 5 results and prognosis

The 2023 Huge Occasion of Sumo rolls on this weekend with the Haru Basho (Spring or March Occasion), taking role from March 12 to March 26 on the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium in Osaka.

Bloody Elbow is your dwelling for the total files, highlights and updates as this Twelve months’s field of opponents face off for the principle time in an strive to tackle or better their role on the banzuke (rankings doc).

You’re going to be ready to movement this occasion via NHK World, both are residing and on demand of. This might be accomplished on their web web site via your web browser or the NHK World app on Apple and Android merchandise. The are residing reveals occur around 4:10 a.m. ET. Highlights are from time to time shown at 12:30 a.m and are then readily available on demand of.

Banzuke (Pre-occasion rankings):

Haru Banzuke

Terunofuji (MON) YOKOZUNA
OZEKI Takakeeisho (JPN)
Wakatakakage (JPN) SEKIWAKE Hoshoryu (MON)
Kiribayama (MON) SEKIWAKE
Wakamotoharu (JPN) KOMUSUBI Kotonowaka (JPN)
Daieisho (JPN) KOMUSUBI Tobizaru (JPN)
Tamawashi (MON) #1 Shodai (JPN)
Abi (JPN) #2 Ryuden (JPN)
Mitakeumi (JPN) #3 Nishikifuji (JPN)
Onosho (JPN) #4 Meisei (JPN)
Kotoshoho (JPN) #5 Midorifuji (JPN)
Endo (JPN) #6 Sadanoumi (JPN)
Hokutofuji (JPN) #7 Takayasu (JPN)
Ichiyamamoto (JPN) #8 Ura (JPN)
Aoiyama (BUL) #9 Hiradoumi (JPN)
Myogiryu (JPN) #10 Nishikigi (JPN)
Azumaryu (MON) #11 Takanosho (JPN)
Kagayaki (JPN) #12 Takarafuji (JPN)
Daishoho (MON) #13 Kotoeko (JPN)
Kinbozan (KAZ) #14 Bushozan (JPN)
Hokuseiho (JPN) #15 Oho (JPN)
Chiyoshoma (MON) #16 Tsurugisho (JPN)
Mitoryu (MON) #17

Allege: This article will supreme disguise the implications from the Makuuchi division. Results for all divisions will seemingly be came upon here.

Day 1

Corpulent Results

  • Asanoyama (J1, 1-0) def. Mitoryu (M17, 0-1) via yorikiri (frontal drive out)
  • Tsurugisho (M16, 1-0) def. Choyoshoma (M16, 0-1) via shitatedashinage (pulling underarm throw)
  • Hokuseiho (M15, 1-0) def. Oho (M15, 0-1) via yorikiri*
  • Kinbozan (M14, 1-0) def. Bushozan (M14, 0-1) via okuridashi (rear push out)
  • Daishoho (M13, 1-0) def. Kotoeko (M13, 0-1) via yorikiri
  • Takarafuji (M12, 1-0) def. Kagayaki (M12, 0-1) via oshidashi (frontal push out)*
  • Takanosho (M11, 1-0) def. Azumaryu (M11, 0-1) via oshidashi
  • Nishikifuji (M10, 1-0) def. Myogiryu (M10, 0-1) via oshidashi
  • Aoiyama (M9, 1-0) def. Hiradoumi (M9, 0-1) via kotenage (arm lock throw)
  • Ura (M8, 1-0) def. Ichyamamoto (M8, 0-1) via hatakikomi (slap down)*
  • Takayasu (M7, 1-0) def. Hokutofuji (M7, 0-1) via oshidashi
  • Endo (M6, 1-0) def. Sadanoumi (M6, 0-1) via oshidashi
  • Midorifuji (M5, 1-0) def. Kotoshoho (M5, 0-1) via oshidashi
  • Onosho (M4, 1-0) def. Meisei (M4, 0-1) via oshidashi
  • Daieisho (Okay, 1-0) def. Nishikigi (M3, 0-1) via oshidashi
  • Kotonowaka (Okay, 1-0) def. Mitakeumi (M3, 0-1) via yorikiri
  • Wakamotoharu (Okay, 1-0) def. Ryuden (M3, 0-1) via yorikiri
  • Kiribayama (S, 1-0) def. Abi (M2, 0-1) via oshidashi*
  • Shodai (M1, 1-0) def. Hoshoryu (S, 0-1) via oshidashi*
  • Tamawashi (M1, 1-0) def. Wakatakakage (S, 0-1) via tsukiotoshi (thrust down)*
  • Tobizaru (Okay, 1-0) def. Takakeisho (O, 0-1) via hatakikomi*

*Must gaze bouts!

Swiftly prognosis

This occasion used to be all about ozeki Takakeisho and finishes day one with a loss to Tobizaru via slap down. Tobizaru rode out Takakeisho’s thrusting attack and previous the ozeki’s momentum in opposition to him for the hatakikomi. A graceful birth for the particular person who used to be hoping this basho will seemingly be where he sooner or later earns the harmful of yokozuna. One more upset used to be Shodai dispatching of Hoshoryu (who will seemingly be carrying an injury from January). Hakuho protege Hokuseiho got welcomed to the pinnacle division with a stiff arm to the throat from Oho, but he rallied and earned his first capture. Bout of the day for me is Tamawashi’s capture over Wakatakakakge. The ageless surprise started off with his patented attacks to the throat, however the athletic sekiwake used to be ready to uncover around these and almost despatched Tamawashi charging out of the ring. However, Tamawashi showed deft footwork to forestall in, strength to withstand the ensuing bustle after which craftiness to allege Wakatakakakge and send him out, appropriate sooner than he himself fell off the ring.

Day 2

Corpulent Results

  • Chiyoshoma (M16, 1-1) def. Mitoryu (M17, 0-2) via yorikiri (frontal drive out)
  • Tsurugisho (M16, 2-0) def. Tohakuryu (J1, 1-1) via yorikiri
  • Kinbozan (M14, 2-0) def. Oho (M15, 0-2) via tsukidashi (frontal thrust out)
  • Hokuseiho (M15, 2-0) def. Bushozan (M14, 0-2) via yorikiri
  • Kotoeko (M13, 1-1) def. Kagayaki (M12, 0-2) via yorikiri*
  • Daishoho (M13, 2-0) def. Takarafuji (M12, 1-1) via oshidashi (frontal push out)
  • Takanosho (M11, 2-0) def. Myogiryu (M10, 0-2) via oshidashi
  • Nishikifuji (M10, 2-0) def. Azumaryu (M11, 0-2) via oshidashi
  • Hiradoumi (M9, 1-1) def. Ichiyamamoto (M8, 0-2) via oshidashi*
  • Ura (M8, 2-0) def. Aoiyama (M9, 1-1) via oshidashi
  • Takayasu (M7, 2-0) def. Endo (M6, 1-1) via hikiotoshi (hand pull down)
  • Sadanoumi (M6, 1-1) def. Onosho (M4, 1-1) via hatakikomi (slap down)
  • Meisei (M4, 1-1) def. Kotoshoho (M5, 0-2) via yoritaoshi (frontal crush out)
  • Wakamotoharu (Okay, 2-0) def. Nishikigi (M3, 0-2) via yorikiri*
  • Tobizaru (Okay, 2-0) def. Mitakeumi (M3, 0-2) via yorikiri
  • Kotonowaka (Okay, 2-0) def. Ryuden (M2, 0-2) via katasukashi (under shoulder swing down)
  • Daiesho (Okay, 2-0) def. Wakatakakage (S, 0-2) via oshidashi
  • Shodai (M1, 2-0) def. Kiribayama (S, 1-1) via oshitaoshi (frontal push down)*
  • Abi (M2, 1-1) def. Hoshoryu (S, 0-2) via hikiotoshi
  • Takakeisho (O, 1-1) def. Tamawashi (M1, 1-1) via oshidashi

*Must gaze bouts.

Swiftly prognosis

Takakeisho got here into day two with a sign demonstrate and made fast work of Tamawashi, rapidly pushing him to the threshold and out of the ring. He evened his file, but diversified upper ranked wrestlers persisted to fight. Hoshoryu dropped a bout to Abi, and didn’t survey unparalleled doing so. Kiribayama used to be overwhelmed by Shodai (who has regarded wonderful since his demotion from the upper ranks) and Wakatakakage is aloof to notch a capture after a loss to the surging Daiesho. Daiesho and the three diversified komosubi all went to 2-0 this day. Kotonowaka has regarded especially stable over the principle two days. Wakamotoharu had an moving match with Nishikigi where both regarded shut to throwing the diversified down. My match of the day has to head to Hiradoumi (who I believe is a Battling Spirit contender) vs. Ichiyamamoto. They placed on a fierce existing with Hiradoumi narrowly fending off a hatakikomi loss sooner than scoring the fight winning push out.

Day 3

Corpulent results

  • Tsurugisho (M16, 3-0) def. Mitoryu (M17, 0-3) via yorikiri (frontal drive out)
  • Chiyoshoma (M16, 2-1) def. Tochinoshin (J2, 0-3) via yorikiri
  • Bushozan (M14, 1-2) def. Oho (M15, 0-3) via oshidashi (frontal push out)*
  • Hokuseiho (M15, 3-0) def. Kinbozan (M14, 2-1) via yorikiri
  • Koteoko (M13, 2-1) def. Takarafuji (M12, 1-2) via yorikiri
  • Daishoho (M13, 3-0) def. Kagayaki (M12, 0-3) via kimedashi (arm barring drive out)
  • Nishikifuji (M10, 3-0) def. Takanosho (M11, 2-1) via yoritaoshi (frontal crush out)
  • Myogiryu (M10, 1-2) def. Azumaryu (M11, 0-3) via yorikiri
  • Ura (M8, 3-0) def. Hiradoumi (M9, 1-2) via oshidashi*
  • Aoiyama (M9, 2-1) def. Ichiyamamoto (M8, 0-3) via hatakikomi (slap down)
  • Takayasu (M7, 3-0) def. Sadanoumi (M6, 1-2) via oshidashi
  • Endo (M6, 2-1) def. Hokutofuji (M7, 0-3) via oshidashi
  • Midorifuji (M5, 3-0) def. Meisei (M4, 1-2) via oshidashi*
  • Onosho (M4, 2-1) def. Kotoshoho (M5, 0-3) via tsukiotoshi (thrust down)
  • Mitakeumi (M3, 1-2) def. Wakamotoharu (Okay, 2-1) via yoritaoshi
  • Tobizaru (Okay, 3-0) def. Nishikigi (M3, 0-3) via tsukiotoshi*
  • Daiesho (Okay, 3-0) def Ryuden (M2, 0-3) via oshidashi
  • Hoshoryu (S, 1-2) def. Kotonowaka (Okay, 2-1) via yorikiri*
  • Abi (M2, 2-1) def. Wakatakakage (S, 0-3) via hatakikomi*
  • Kiribayama (S, 2-1) def. Tamawashi (M1, 1-2) via sukuinage (beltless throw)
  • Takakeisho (O, 2-1) def. Shodai (M1, 2-1) via oshidashi

*Must gaze bouts!

Swiftly prognosis

Takakeisho constructed upon the day prior to this’s capture on Day 3, with a fast capture over the beforehand impressive having a survey Shodai. That moves the ozeki up to 2-1. A extinct ozeki, Takayasu, has regarded extremely dominate to this level, with out direct dispatching of Sadanoumi this day. Takayasu is ranked maegashira 7 supreme on account of an injury-pressured absence ruined his file within the closing occasion. It’s distinct that he’s a level above who he’s being matched up in opposition to at some level of the banzuke. These extra or less bouts will seemingly be appropriate what he wants, despite the indisputable fact that, as he creeps advantage to elephantine fitness sooner than taking on the big names of the division. Joining him on the pinnacle of the leader board with a 3-0 file are the lately promoted komusubi Daiesho and Tobizaru. Hoshoryu, a future yokozuna candidate to a pair of, got his first capture this day, beating Kotonowaka (who had steam-rolled his first two opponents). Hoshoryu regarded to purchase a extra affected person potential on this match, when put next with his flop in opposition to Abi on Day 2. After entering into on Kotonowaka’s belt he used to be ready to flee a yorikiri strive and establish an angle for a drive out of his get (that’s my bout of the day). Kotonowaka’s stable-mate Kotoshoho, who used to be the championship runner-up and Battling Spirit away winner in January, is struggling this month. He dropped to 0-3 after being face-planted by Onosho.

Day 4

Corpulent results

  • Hokuseiho (M15, 4-0) def. Mitoryu (M17, 0-4) via yorikiri (frontal drive out)
  • Oho (M15, 1-3) def. Chiyonokuni (J2, 0-4) via oshidashi (frontal push out)
  • Chiyoshoma (M16, 3-1) def. Daishoho (M13, 3-1) via yorikiri
  • Kotoeko (M13, 3-1) def. Tsurugisho (M16, 3-1) via yorikiri
  • Kagayaki (M12, 1-3) def. Bushozan (M14, 1-3) via oshidashi
  • Kinbozan (M14, 3-1) def. Takarafuji (M12, 1-3) via oshidashi
  • Takanosho (M11, 3-1) def. Aoiyama (M8, 2-2) via oshidashi
  • Hiradoumi (M9, 2-2) def. Azumaryu (M11, 0-4) via yorikiri
  • Nishikifuji (M10, 4-0) def. Ichiyamamoto (M8, 0-4) via yoritaoshi (frontal crush out)*
  • Myogiryu (M10, 2-2) def. Ura (M8, 3-1) via hatakikomi (slap down)
  • Takayasu (M7, 4-0) def. Kotoshoho (M5, 0-4) via tsukidashi (thrust down)*
  • Midorifuji (M5, 4-0) def. Hokutofuji (M7, 0-4) via yorikiri
  • Onosho (M4, 3-1) def. Sadanoumi (M6, 1-3) via oshidashi
  • Endo (M6, 3-1) def. Meisei (M4, 1-3) via oshidashi
  • Daiesho (Okay, 4-0) def. Mitakeumi (M3, 1-3) via tsukidashi
  • Kotonowaka (Okay, 3-1) def. Nishikigi (M3, 0-4) via katasukashi (under shoulder swing down)*
  • Ryuden (M2, 1-3) def. Tobizaru (Okay, 3-1) via uwatedashinage (pulling over armthrow)*
  • Kiribayama (S, 3-1) def. Wakamotoharu (Okay, 2-2) via okuridashi (rear push out)*
  • Hoshoryu (S, 2-2) def. Tamawashi (M1, 1-3) via oshidashi*
  • Shodai (M1, 3-1) def. Wakatakakage (S, 0-4) via oshidashi
  • Abi (M2, 3-1) def. Takakeisho (O, 2-2) via hatakikomi*

*Must gaze bouts!

Swiftly prognosis

Atrocious files Takakeisho fans. The ozeki went into his bout with Abi with strapping on his knee and after he used to be slapped down, he jogged off the dohyo in considered wretchedness. He limped his manner advantage up onto the clay after which backstage. It’s aloof early within the occasion so a 2-2 file can be became into a ambitious yokozuna earning efficiency, but that’s unlikely to occur if he’s combating on one leg. We’ll must reduction and gaze if he makes it out to face Ryuden the following day.

Three wrestlers who are standing out at this stage are Hokuseiho, Takayasu and Daiesho. All are 4-0 and all regarded wonderful this day. To borrow a western term, despite the indisputable fact that, you should survey on the strength of schedule. Hokusieho is proving his prodigious talent is better than the lower ranks of the maegashira, Takayasu is exhibiting his is better than the center of the rankings (which he’s pressured to compete in opposition to supreme resulting from an injury closing time out), but Daiesho is getting his wins in opposition to great more sturdy opposition. He used to be my lift to capture this occasion after I noticed him capture the Fuji TV occasion in February. All these guys will seemingly be getting a huge take a look at the following day, so we’ll gaze which of them can dwell undefeated. Hokuseiho has been dealt extinct ozeki Ichinojo (who is equally huge and is surroundings up from juryo for the day). Takayasu will purchase on Ura, whose chaotic spontaneity is a direct for any individual, and Daiesho will meet extinct ozeki Shodai; who is having a survey extra motivated now than he did in present tournies.

Bout of the day for me is Hoshoryu defeating Tamawashi with a deliver of like a flash toes after which wonderful strength to uncover the oshidashi.

Day 5

Corpulent results

  • Ichinojo (J3, 5-0) def. Hokuseiho (M15, 4-1) via yorikiri (frontal drive out)
  • Mitoryu (M17, 1-4) def. Bushozan (M14, 1-4) via uwatenage (over arm throw)
  • Kinbozan (M14, 4-1) def. Tsurugisho (M16, 3-2) via yorikiri
  • Kotoeko (M13, 4-1) def. Chiyoshoma (M16, 3-2) via sukuinage (beltless arm throw)*
  • Oho (M15, 2-3) def. Daishoho (M13, 3-2) via hikiotoshi (hand pull down)
  • Takanosho (M11, 4-1) def. Takarafuji (M12, 1-4) via oshidashi (frontal push out)
  • Kagayaki (M12, 2-3) def. Azumaryu (M11, 0-5) via oshidashi
  • Nishikifuji (M10, 5-0) def. Hiradoumi (M9, 2-3) via uwatenage
  • Aoiyama (M9, 3-2) def. Myogiryu (M10, 2-3) via oshitaoshi (frontal push down)
  • Takayasu (M7, 5-0) def. Ura (M8, 3-2) via tsukiotoshi (thrust down)*
  • Hokutofuji (M7, 1-4) def. Ichiyamamoto (M8, 0-5) via oshidashi
  • Midorifuji (M5, 5-0) def. Sadanoumi (M6, 1-4) via yorikiri*
  • Endo (M6, 4-1) def. Kotoshoho (M5, 0-5) via tsukiotoshi
  • Abi (M2, 4-1) def. Meisei (M4, 1-4) via oshidashi
  • Daiesho (Okay, 5-0) def. Shodai (M1, 3-2) via oshidashi*
  • Kotonowaka (Okay, 4-1) def. Tobizaru (Okay, 3-2) via oshidashi*
  • Wakamotoharu (Okay, 3-2) def. Tamawashi (M1, 1-4) via hatakikomi (slap down)
  • Mitakeumi (M3, 2-3) def. Wakatakakage (S, 0-5) via tsukihiza (knee touch down)
  • Onosho (M4, 4-1) def. Kiribayama (S, 3-2) via tsukiotoshi
  • Nishikigi (M3, 1-4) def. Hoshoryu (2-3) via kotenage (arm lock throw)
  • Takakeisho (O, 3-2) def. Ryuden (M2, 1-4) via oshidashi

Swiftly prognosis

If Takakeisho is hurting, he didn’t existing it this day. He blasted thru Ryuden to toughen his file to a pair of-2. The pool of undefeated rikishi used to be lowered to four this day, after Hokuseiho took an admirable loss to extinct ozeki Ichinojo (who out-conception after which out-muscled his great youthful opponent).

Your 5-0 wrestlers are Daiesho, Takayasu, Midorifuji and Nishikifuji. Daiesho and Takayasu get regarded especially impressive. Right this moment Daiesho smashed Shodai and Takayasu won a extremely stress-free bout over Ura. Midorifuji persisted to establish forcing out great bigger males survey easy this day, wrapping up after which bunny hopping Sadanoumi out of the ring.

Bout of the day for me is Endo vs. Kotoshoho. An aggressive thrusting trade between the two used to be halted by a nifty pivot from Endo, which noticed Kotoshoho (closing occasion’s runner-up sailing head first out of the ring).

I moreover deserve to existing what number of diversified finishes we had this day. It’ll be a shut opponents for the Approach Prize this month. I believe Kotonowaka will seemingly be main the price of that one, albeit at this early stage.

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