How can challenge capital continue to exist a three-one year liquidity fall?

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Hey, and welcome reduction to Equity, the podcast concerning the swap of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance at the reduction of the headlines.

Here’s our interview unusual, where we sit down with fascinating, an expert folks and dive deep into their popular issues. For this weekend’s Special Equity Edition, we invited Gené Teare to attain reduction reduction on the podcast. Longtime listeners will interact that we’ve had Gené on a time or two to discuss challenge capital knowledge with us, and she or he’s reduction to kind the identical this week!

Yep, we’re reduction to dig into Q4 2023 challenge capital outcomes and what’s coming up this one year. For backing knowledge, right here’s Gené’s Crunchbase Recordsdata author archive, and right here are about a posts that I bask in do out on the identical aim of issues.

On the unusual we regarded into phases, sectors — including each AI and web3 — and where we are seeing each weak point and strength. Gené change into a treat to bask in on the unusual, and we’ll bask in her reduction this one year as 2024 comes into sharper focal point.

Equity is reduction on Monday, so explore you in a pair days!

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