How IAB Tech Lab targets to accrued concerns around Google’s Privacy Sandbox 

By Ronan Shields  •  January 29, 2024  •  3 min be taught  •

Photograph of IAB Tech Lab's Anthony Katsur.

Marketers are on the precipice of a recent crack of break of day because the biggest company in media prepares to drag the dart on third-celebration cookies, the cornerstone of the $600 billion online media industry, in Google Chrome.  

Whereas here is no longer exactly “files” and right about every company in the field has spent the last four years trumpeting their diligent preparations, there’s a in trend (if muted) unease over ranges of preparedness ahead of the official year-live 2024 nick-off date.   

With Privacy Sandbox, it’s entirely unclear who your counterparty is

Talking with Digiday ahead of the IAB’s flagship Annual Leadership Meeting this week, Anthony Katsur, CEO of IAB Tech Lab, defined how the elements body intends to steward the field thru the trepidus year ahead.

IAB Tech Lab is on the point of submit its Privacy Sandbox prognosis, a project intriguing enter from larger than 60 corporations over numerous months, early next month with Katsur outlining a pair of of the anguish-aspects it hopes to address. 

“There are nonetheless quite numerous constituents that don’t know the plot it works with open questions around what essential exhaust cases the Privacy Sandbox helps,” he stated. “Because whenever you occur to imagine about it, it’s no longer right a replacement for cookies; what Google Chrome has built is effectively an SSP [supply-side platform] and an ad server into the browser.”

Foyer Google for greater documentation

It’s a giant paradigm shift that has left many in the field asking the most well-known questions, namely, “True how is it all purported to work?”  

“The documentation has been tough, to claim the least; it’s roughly all over the achieve the achieve to desire out how any train exhaust case could presumably presumably be happy,” defined Katsur, along with that it is far lobbying Google to make clear some key questions.  

“The bid has been that the technical specs are ceaselessly laborious to coach, incomplete in locations, and shortage essential significant aspects referring to things admire files limits, transmission guarantees, files-size limitations, latency, and the plot it’s going to diagram?”   

Constituents in the field need clarification over the achieve to glean such files with documentation over essential parts of Privacy Sandbox, akin to Safe Audiences (formerly identified as FLEDGE), MattersAttribution Reporting, and Privacy Advise Tokens, seemingly tough to glean. 

“One of the significant crucial suggestions we’re going to present Google is that the industry wants more complete documentation and now no more locations to pass for it,” added Katsur. “Honest now, it be significant to pass across the Sandbox Github repository,,; it’s all over the achieve the achieve.”

Within the interim, such a seismic shift in the field would require a reconstitution of the industry’s fee chain, a realignment IAB Tech Lab targets to make optimistic to members over the impending months.

“Historically, there’s been optimistic celebration and counterparty relationships, simply?” There’s a DSP which has a relationship with an SSP, and then the SSP has a relationship with the author,” defined Katsur, noting how corporations must realize how the continuing paradigm shift will alter how they interface with the the relaxation of the industry.

“Those relationships are governed by train contracts between DSP and SSP covering issues akin to sequential liability and discrepancy thresholds and files rights, but with Privacy Sandbox, it’s unclear as to who the counterparty is.”

Per Katsur’s evaluation, the reality that Privacy Sandbox truly bundles an ad server and an SSP into the Google Chrome browser, parties must reevaluate their liabilities. “Other folks must quiz themselves, ‘Who am I contracting with?’ and that’s right entirely unclear to the industry!”

IAB’s ALM takes achieve January 28-30; Digiday will likely be reporting from the point out floor.

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