PepsiCo Beverages on checking out and studying its approach in a fragmented media panorama

By Kimeko McCoy  •  February 6, 2024  •  3 min read  •

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Preferrred one year, PepsiCo Beverages used to be taking a take a look at-and-learn means to a fragmented video panorama. This one year, with more ad-supported streaming platforms, most no longer too prolonged ago including Amazon High, the persevered creator economy allege and more, there are more areas than ever to promote. (A observe at how Amazon is promoting commercials on High Video to advertisers here.)

That truth is one in the total lot that retains Katie Haniffy, senior director of media approach and investment for PepsiCo Beverages, up at night, she stated.

“The project has changed,” Haniffy stated on the most modern episode of the Digiday Podcast. “For inch, there’s doubtlessly three things that are going, indirectly, to affect our project.” That’s the booming creator economy, the upward thrust of CTV and retail media. 

On this episode of the Digiday Podcast, we caught up with Haniffy to chat about changes within the media panorama, how PepsiCo Beverages is keeping up with them and, clearly, what measurement looks take care of in a fractured marketplace. 

Below are highlights from the conversation, which had been lightly edited and condensed for readability.

In-dwelling files amidst privateness regulations 

We want to be obvious that that we are 100% privateness compliant — keeping the patron privateness, the guidelines all on the uppity up. That just isn’t any 1 precedence. Keen enough, we now had been on this files journey over the final couple of years in preparation of in most cases all the pieces transitioning to over some form of digital ad tech platform. We now beget a sizable in-dwelling solution. We name it CDNA (Particular person DNA) which is a combination of first-get together and third-get together files, which contains shopper behavior your complete manner to behavioral insights, ardour parts. We can scale that files up and down. That files is in point of fact used to repeat how the emblem and ingenious goes to connect with the patron at the starting stage your complete manner all the draw in which down to the digital activation stage. Being ready to utilize this files to spark off our media buys has been very very environment pleasant and effective, riding more quick effectiveness for us with the diagram to bring the artistic message to the honest client attributable to all of us know a cramped bit bit more regarding the patron. 

The hot topic of AI

By manner of AI, and particularly for media — while there are completely utilize instances in artistic and a lot of areas within the group — but for media particularly, we’ve been checking out AI with a want of partners. OMD, particularly, who’s our agency of file, who’s an efficient attempting companion on the utilization of AI to truly optimize our digital buys in true time. So taking about a of the manual, hands-on-keyboards off of it, environment the KPI after which letting the machine studying truly optimize, procure the honest client at the honest time and bring the message. We’ve considered some early success with it in increasing viewability, increasing gross sales care for, completely. Even there’s some price efficiencies there. That’s something that we’re going to want to originate to lengthen because the aptitude grows within the walled gardens and originate air the walled gardens. 

Measurement melee 

[Unstandardized measurement] does get more challenges from the pale mix modeling. We assemble beget our have inner application known as ROI Engine, which is simply now, the one source of truth that we now beget, that truly measures holistically, all of our marketing process — particularly even media. It does get down at the granular stage for explicit platforms and campaigns so we can then survey what’s returning higher on investment versus something else. That is, honest now, the ideal source we now beget. Now, we’re completely going to complement that measurement with third-get together stories, model care for stories. Going relief to retail media, they all beget solutions as properly that we’ve been partnering with them to assemble a take a look at and learn draw to attain what’s riding incremental gross sales, what’s riding model affiliation.

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