set off auto scroll on TikTok

TikTok has been experimenting with an auto scrolling mechanic for months now, allowing you to see TikTok palms-free.

To employ the auto scroll feature, you defend down on a video on TikTok’s For You page – equivalent to if you happen to possess to repost a video – and click on on the auto scroll button. Your feed will now swipe thru movies independently without you having to lift a finger. For those who land on a photograph put up, nonetheless, the scrolling will rupture till you swipe thru your total photos.

To expose off the feature, defend down in your phone show conceal conceal all yet again and catch “Manual scroll.”

Since auto scrolling is quiet being tested, the feature is handiest on hand to a catch series of TikTok users. TikTok’s auto scroll has been highly requested amongst users, with many seeking hacks online to blueprint their day-to-day TikTok viewing abilities more efficient. For example, that which you will probably be succesful of lumber into your iPhone settings, set off Suppose Resolve watch over and blueprint a expose that will swipe up on the show conceal conceal if you whisper a phrase of your picking.

The aptitude follows in YouTube’s footsteps, which tested an autoplay feature in 2014.

New TikTok aspects coming rapidly 🔥

✨ Edit put up button
Repair typos in your caption… No possess to delete, re-upload

✨ Set movies without watermark
Supreme for repurposing state all over more than one platforms

✨ Auto scroll mode
For when your fingers are busy doing other issues?! 😆

— Matt Navarra – Exiting X… Be conscious me on Threads (@MattNavarra) February 7, 2023

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