The Morning After: TikTok loses Taylor Swift’s songs and the decision on the Galaxy S24 Extremely

Mat Smith

Following failed negotiations with TikTok, Contemporary tune has come exact on its chance to drag tune from the social media platform. Meaning no more TayTay, no more Drake and no more… the entire diverse artists that plunge below its corporate umbrella. In totally different places, the CEOs of the world’s most influential social media platforms obtained an (at instances) exact grilling from the US Senate. Whereas about a senators managed to encounter as, as soon as again, out of touch and out of their depth. X boss Linda Yaccarino might maybe presumably moreover need acknowledged the most weird thing, declaring that the as soon as-Twitter social network used to be a “trace new firm,” and that it used to be attempting into parental controls. Twitter used to be founded in 2006, Linda.

This week:

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Be taught this:

As mentioned, the CEOs of Meta, Snap, Discord, X and TikTok testified at a excessive-stakes Senate Judiciary Committee listening to on child exploitation on-line. Effect Zuckerberg, Evan Spiegel, Jason Citron, Linda Yaccarino, and Shou Chew spent practically four hours being grilled by lawmakers, nevertheless we have managed to condense the principle elements and the social media executives’ responses to them.

The listening to used to be the first time Spiegel, Citron and Yaccarino testified to Congress. Critically, per lawmakers, all three had been subpoenaed by the committee after refusing to seem voluntarily. Judiciary Committee Chair Senator Dick Durbin noteworthy that Citron “easiest permitted companies of his subpoena after US Marshals had been despatched to Discord’s headquarters at taxpayers’ expense.”

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