The Clippers’ Russell Westbrook experiment is off to a unpleasant start up

The Los Angeles Clippers’ Russell Westbrook experiment is off to a disastrous start up. The Clippers fell to 0-4 since signing Westbrook within the buyout market after a blowout loss to the Golden Relate Warriors on Thursday evening on TNT. Without Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins within the lineup, the Warriors devised a sport-opinion to totally ignore Westbrook when the Clippers had the ball, muck up LA’s spacing, and win their offense out of sync. It labored to perfection, and it came with some evil clips for Westbrook’s sake.

The Warriors decided before the game that they would possess Draymond “guard” Westbrook. We’re striking ‘guard’ in quotes there because Green wasn’t in actuality defending someone: he gave Westbrook on the least 15-toes of advise when he change into on the perimeter, and dared the aged point guard to beat him his soar shot. Westbrook shot 3-for-12 from the self-discipline and zero-for-5 from three-point range on the evening.

This clip today went viral for the length of the Warriors’ 115-91 take dangle of over the Clippers. Detect at how well-known advise Green selected to present Westbrook on this play.

Westbrook didn’t are attempting to shoot most frequently despite being left huge start. Right here’s a clip from silly within the fourth quarter when the Clippers had a gamble to create one closing bustle to retain the game aggressive. Westbrook change into unguarded as he brought the ball up the courtroom, and selected to envision out to create an entry journey to Paul George within the put up.

There were two complications: the further our bodies within the paint from the sagging defense made the journey extra intriguing, and Westbrook uncared for the designate. This change into one in all his four turnovers on the evening. Then he misplaced tune of Jordan Poole defensive on the next play for a aid-breaking three-pointer on the ensuing possession.

When Westbrook did shoot, he change into bricking all the pieces. Right here’s a clip from the fourth quarter when Westbrook change into given two huge start corner threes, every of which he uncared for.

Westbrook did have with six assists on the evening. Right here’s one good entry journey to George for a bucket. Total, although, this change into his worst sport as a Clipper.

Draymond Green talked in regards to the Warriors opinion to brush aside Westbrook on offense after the game.

Green showed admire for Westbrook in his feedback whereas moreover detailing precisely why this change into an efficient sport-opinion: basketball gamers are taught to shoot after they’re start, but while you’re left start every play, it starts to win in your head.

It might perhaps well probably probably perhaps well be unfair to totally pin all of the Clippers’ complications on Westbrook. Paul George finished 3-of-15 from the self-discipline and 1-of-8 from three-point range within the loss. Eric Gordon shot 2-of-10 from three. Norman Powell shot 0-of-7 from three. Westbrook might perhaps well well possess had lots extra than six assists if the Clippers’ shooters were making one thing else.

At the identical time, it’s changing into evident Westbrook is no longer a priceless participant except he’s surrounded by a ton of taking pictures. Westbrook has now misplaced his closing 14 games as a starter between his time with the Lakers and Clippers.

The Lakers are 5-3 since Westbrook change into traded despite no longer having LeBron James and Anthony Davis for some of these games. The Clippers are quiet shopping for his or her first take dangle of of the Westbrook abilities.

Westbrook is now taking pictures 29.5 percent from three and 67 percent from the free throw line this season across his time with every Los Angeles teams. It’s merely very sophisticated to suit a purpose participant precise into a team design if they’ll’t shoot at all within the stylish NBA. There’s a lengthy history of athletic NBA point guards bettering their jumper as they change into older and lose their explosiveness. Unfortunately, Westbrook handiest appears to be like to retain getting worse as a shooter.

The Clippers are actually handiest one sport over .500. They signed Westbrook because Paul George pushed them to have it. Be aware, the Lakers traded for Westbrook because LeBron James pushed them to have it. The Clippers are in championship-or-bust mode this season in Year 4 of the Kawhi Leonard-George pairing. Stunning now, this doesn’t sight love a championship team, and the hunch to signal Westbrook doesn’t appear to be helping them.

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