The Last of Us Creator Says Piano Frog Became once a Mistake

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HBO and The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann absorb long gone to insanely meticulous lengths to develop the tv sequence resemble its supply field matter. For followers of the critically acclaimed game, The Last of Us is already the unusual gold popular for video game diversifications. Scarred viewers people could have in mind when Sonic the Hedgehog’s harrowing are living-action seek for first debuted. In preference to reinventing the wheel, HBO’s The Last of Us is giving us a intention body-by-body recreation—but what the sequence does add as window dressing has handiest pleased followers a ways more.

In a viral transition shot from The Last of Us’s 2nd episode, a miniature frog jumps on a piano as its hind legs by likelihood press some keys. Relate Looney Tunes’s Michigan J. Frog minus the ragtime singing. Or Loopy Frog minus the synths. After kicking some upsetting keys, the miniature inexperienced amphibian, now dubbed “Piano Frog” by followers, has won over the coronary heart of the Net. For a sequence about surviving a zombie apocalypse, the levity used to be absolutely appreciated. As one Twitter user wrote, “He stole the trace.”

In accordance with Druckmann, alternatively, we practically about by no formula met Piano Frog. Sharing a in the wait on of-the-scenes image on Twitter of a bird being placed in the wait on of a faux frog, Druckmann published, “Piano frog wouldn’t be a thing… if piano bird did its job!” The bird used to be supposed to devour the frog in the transition, but “it by no formula did!!!” he shared. “I bet everything occurs for a motive.”

This affirm is imported from twitter. That you simply’ll want to perhaps even be in a plan to search out the same affirm in a single more format, otherwise that you will seemingly be in a plan to search out more knowledge, at their web living.

Piano frog wouldn’t be a thing… if piano bird did its job! I bet everything occurs for a motive. #TheLastOfUs

(And earlier than somebody jumps to the inferior conclusion… that’s a faux frog for the bird to devour — which it by no formula did!!!)

— Neil Druckmann (@Neil_Druckmann) January 23, 2023

Followers will interact that having fun with guitar is on the total a exclusive side of The Last of Us’s extra gameplay—a surprisingly intimate and musical 2nd for the violent, dystopian sequence. Whereas I won’t knock Piano Chicken, I’m delighted that Piano Frog lived to tickle the ivories.

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