Twitter Updates Bookmarks UI, Counts Bookmarks as Partial Likes

Twitter has as much as this level the expose of the ‘Bookmark’ chance in the app, which is one among lots of key fixes that Elon Musk had requested in recent weeks, as a system to encourage boost in-app engagement.

Twitter bookmarks UI

As chances are you’ll undercover agent, on this original structure, the Bookmark button has been added to the lower purpose expose while you lengthen a tweet. That, ideally, will select up more of us the usage of the chance, which Elon in my belief views as a ‘tranquil Like’, and one more measure of engagement with tweets.

Sight a Tweet you wish to receive to build for later? Will doubtless be straightforward!

Now on iOS, chances are you’ll Bookmark a Tweet from the Tweet info — no more faucet to share, faucet to build. And while you Bookmark a Tweet, chances are you’ll straight entry your complete saved Bookmarks. https://t.co/sX2O4sFbBq

— Twitter Toughen (@TwitterSupport) January 20, 2023

A pair of weeks relief, Musk tweeted that Twitter’s Bookmark functionality changed into hidden by ‘vague UI’, which supposed that many customers seemingly didn’t know that it even existed. The mark of Bookmarks is that it affords one more system to engage with a tweet that you just would possibly be drawn to, but would possibly honest no longer necessarily ‘Like’, as such.

There’s been worthy debate over the terminology of ‘Like’ and what it system in a tweet context, to boot because the exercise of the coronary heart icon for the chance. In lots of, if no longer most, situations, a coronary heart doubtless doesn’t signify the intent of why a particular person would possibly faucet on that button, which is why Elon is pushing Bookmarks as an different, and a system to mark and flag items for later reference.

Also this:

Optimistic, that shall be added in an upcoming delivery. Also, in case your tweet is bookmarked, this would possibly well also be handled as a “tranquil cherish” and increment your likes counter.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 20, 2023

So Bookmarks will also be counted as Likes. Roughly. I don’t know how that works.

Will that receive any proper influence on tweet engagement?

Doubtlessly no longer, but again, Elon looks to be of the realization that bookmarks – cherish Neighborhood Notes and verification ticks – are in actuality a ways more treasured than you or I realize.

Presumably he’s factual, and by updating this, and sharing recordsdata of that replace alongside with his 126 million followers, that’ll spark a original wave of customers taking part with tweets in all original programs – and produce Bookmarks a more relevant metric consideration for marketers transferring forward, as a result of its influence on tweet reach (given they’re counted as Likes).

Or it doesn’t. Both system, doubtless no longer a first-rate expenditure of time and energy from Twitter’s dev team to are attempting it out – though given the amount of smaller errors and points that are filtering through Twitter’s programs factual now, it doesn’t precisely imbue believe that Musk’s ‘hardcore’ management style finally ends up producing the particular work.

I mean, Twitter’s absolutely pumping things out, and getting updates to market sooner than ever. But most are no longer 100%.

Not certain I’d feel cosy if that identical plot changed into being utilized to, assert, self-using vehicles. Or rockets. 

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